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Denice Marcel Recounts her Grandfather’s Life

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First of all I want to thank the committee for taking the time to listen to our family’s history.

My name is Denice Marcel; I am the granddaughter of Major Jesse Marcel Sr. and the daughter of Retired Colonel Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

My grandfather was the first military officer at a UFO crash site in Roswell New Mexico. While there, he collected some of the crash site debris.

He was so amazed by the characteristics of the debris he decided he had to show it to my father and grandmother.

And whatever it was they were looking at, has had a great impact on our ENTIRE family.

When we moved to Clancy, Montana, in the early 70’s, my father built a telescope in our backyard, now this was not one of your ordinary telescopes.

To start, he dug a hole in our backyard the size of a small room. For months I remember my Mother and us kids helping him polish this very large mirror. From there he began constructing the entire telescope, including building a rotating dome. This was a telescope that was later loaned to Helena Astronomy association.

This was a man who had witnessed something and wanted to know the truth. This was a man who was driven.

That telescope opened up a whole new world to our family. It was around the age of 9 that I first became aware of UFO’s not only because of the telescope, but also because there were times my Father and us kids would camp out all night specifically looking for movement in the skies hoping to catch a glimpse of a UFO.

One has to remember that we didn’t have the internet then, and UFO’s were not discussed like they are today. So the only way we would have

learned about them was from my father and grandfather

I do not think that my parents would lead us to believe at such a young age that UFO’s existed if my father and grandfather had not witnessed something extraordinary.

In January of 1997 I accompanied my father and Kent Jeffries for a hypnosis session that Dr. Neil Hibler would conduct over the course of three days. Dr. Hibler was one of the world’s leading experts who used hypnotic regressions for forensic purposes. I had been very fortunate to be able to participate because I had just been certified as a hypnotherapist. The sessions were successful. While under hypnosis my father said he couldn’t believe how vividly he could see his dad. I saw the emotion in his face and how it touched his heart seeing his father so clearly that day. During the session’s my father recalls being woken up by my grandfather telling him: “to come look at pieces of a

FLYING SAUCER”… a term in which most people including himself was not familiar with. When asked about the materials my father’s descriptions did not waiver from what he had been describing throughout the years.

One of the more interesting facets of the debris descriptions are the symbols, or hieroglyphics, that my father had seen on an I-beam. While under hypnosis the facts remained the same. Just like when he was a child, He motioned grabbing the I-beam and holding it above of his head to get a better look at the purple reflecting symbols.

The military claimed that these symbols were merely Christmas wrap tape, but it is very unlikely and does not seem possible that 3 people did not recognize simple holiday decorations on some scotch tape.

Another interesting fact my father recalled was that soon after the incident his father told the family “NEVER to talk about it again” that it was a “NON-

EVENT”….why would they have to remain silent about a weather balloon?

It has been said that since my father did not remember anything new, and did not remember seeing any exotic debris, electronic components or nothing that resembled motors, which they were specifically looking for….this material could not have been from a UFO, the material was just too mundane.

This argument works against itself because if it had been some radar device there should have been some very basic electronic components and it would have been mundane, therefore my grandfather would have never brought it home to show his family. The only explanation that he brought this home was because he was very excited about what he had found.

My grandfather and father were both very dedicated military men and always followed through with their orders. They both remained

silent to the public about the incident until my grandfather had been approached by Stanton Friedman nearly 30 years after the event.

During interviews when my grandfather was asked about the materials, he would say “IT WAS NOT ANYTHING FROM THIS EARTH, THAT I AM QUITE SURE OF!” these words would change the course of the Marcel family forever.

The reason he was ordered to go to the site was because he was an intelligence officer familiar with almost all of the materials used in aircraft, and air travel. HE was very qualified to make an assessment of the crash site debris.

And for the record…my grandfather had nothing to gain when he spoke to Stanton Friedman, he just felt the way I do….the world should know the truth!

It has affected my family’s life in so many ways, some good, some bad. But because of this I was also given the greatest gift of all and that is to have

an open mind. I feel that sometimes agendas are put in front of our rights of being citizens and not everything that the government has told us is the truth

…because when it comes to the Roswell incident…I believe my father and grandfather!


Jesse Marcel III Rec
Donald Schmitt Roswe
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