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Donald Schmitt Roswell 1947 CHD 5-01


By Donald R Schmitt

Distinguished Congresswomen and Congressmen – Good afternoon. I personally would like to thank you for this opportunity to speak out on behalf of the many now passed through the portals of history, unable to speak for themselves. Men and women who have served this country selflessly and with honor, who were witnesses to something extraordinary…something beyond the human condition. Most would maintain their sworn silence for a lifetime. Others would eventually confide to their immediate loved ones or us the truth of the matter. Moreover, to these, who this panel represents today, who so valiantly fought for freedom during WW2, who saved the world from Nazi domination, the fates were not finished with such devotion to their country. Within two years of the surrender of Germany and Japan, they would be called on again to lead us into an unprecedented awareness that there may be another threat…another invader. However, this time, not from any distant nation, but conceivably, from across the vast distance of space.

Prior to the summer of 1947, visitors from other planets were strictly the fancy of science fiction writers. For lack of outside influence, spaceships were rockets and spacemen looked like our neighbors down the street. All of which were portrayed in popular TV series such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers during that time period. Nevertheless, the summer of 1947 would forever change that perception. Among others, highly skilled and professional people such as college professors, astronomers, and commercial pilots were observing “flying discs” and military fighters were scrambled on these reported unknown aerial objects. From all accounts, they outperformed and outmaneuvered the best we could throw at the newly arrived phenomenon. The very words “flying saucer” would forever become part of our vernacular. Many assumed they were of American design, many believed Soviet, but then something happened in the high desert of New Mexico, which would alter the course of history.

Ironically, the first atomic bomb wing, the 509th Bomb Group, was stationed at Roswell in 1947. This was a composite group assigned in the final months of the war comprised of the best officers, pilots and their crews, doctors, nurses…all under one unit…all with top security clearances…the elite within the U.S. military. Their mission; to drop one and if necessary,

additional atomic bombs on Japan. Two years later, they would have another mission…unlike the first; this was an assignment to retrieve something, which “dropped” out of the sky. In addition, for those involved, who knew the truth, the stars would beckon with even greater brightness.

On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field announced to the world they had captured a flying saucer on a ranch north of town. This is a matter of historic fact. Detractors would suggest that other UFO accounts are based on a faulty premise…that the phenomenon exists. The Roswell Incident of 1947 does not suffer any preconceived misinterpretation of the event. It entirely rests on the premise that the U.S. Army Air Corps recovered a crashed flying saucer. Historically, the first explanation lasted for all of five hours as it slowly evolved from something other-worldly into a very common, “off the shelf” weather balloon device.

Please allow me to propound a consideration for everyone here present. Would any of us have any difficulty identifying materials such as rubber, wooden sticks, reflective foil, masking tape and string? No need to raise your hands. As a continuing insult to the integrity and intelligence of the very personnel who were in charge of the atomic bomb at Roswell, officialdom, after 65 years of ridicule and defamation of eyewitnesses, insists that this “elite” military squadron would all raise their hands. The balloon that was assembled and launched daily by these same personnel, somehow morphed into wreckage that even by today’s standards, defied conventional explanation. Dozens of witnesses have described to us paper- thin metal-like material that could not be damaged by any standard means. Yet, you could crumble it up; crush it into a ball, release your grip and it would open up and flow like water over your hands. Weather balloon? … Not a single witness to that alternative-explanation.

Since that time, due to eyewitness pressure, along with the assistance of one of your esteemed colleagues, the late congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico has caused the Pentagon to issue two additional solutions to what was recovered back in 1947. The third being Project Mogul which was the exact same balloon contraption with the inclusion of an acoustic device. The fourth and most baseless of all, “time traveling” wooden crash dummies parachuted five years later in 1952. Even Jay Leno made jest about such fodder after the Pentagon disclosed its fourth version. Editorial writers and newspaper cartoonists lampooned the very suggestion and indicted the proponents as the “real dummies.”

To think, we now have four official versions to one historic event. Even politicians can’t get away with that. However, which is the consensus of the eyewitnesses. Which of the four would provide sufficient evidence, albeit circumstantial, in any court of law? Former U.S. Attorney General Joseph diGenova has stated, “Circumstantial evidence is often stronger than eyewitness testimony, because it’s based on the facts. When you have footprints in the snow, it proves someone was there.”

The Roswell Incident has produced hundreds of footprints, not in snow, but rather the desert soil of New Mexico. Sworn affidavits and a growing list of deathbed confessions all stating that the first press release about the recovery of the flying saucer was the correct one. As attorneys, you all know that deathbeds are admissible. If we were to dismiss the Roswell witnesses, then we would have to deny all such end-of-life declarations. There should be no discrimination just because we do not like their testimony.

The proponents of new theory and ideas are rightfully pressed for answers. Yet, whether one is able to offer evidence either pro or con should not be the issue, rather the situation, where after years of inquiry and investigation there still remain questions. The mystery continues. That alone should generate further doubt and speculation. To do otherwise and persist in ignoring one of the most significant discovers of all time may be one of the greatest mistakes in the history of humanity. To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are in your dreams.”

Thank you.

Denice Marcel Recoun
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