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Dr Robert Wood Majic-12 Document on Extraterrestrial Craft and Living Beings from Space CHD 5-01

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Citizens Hearing on Disclosure
Dr. Robert M. Wood
Dr. Wood received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Colorado in 1949, a PhD in Physics from Cornell in 1953, worked for General Electric Aeronautics and Ordnance, served in the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground for two years, and then completed 43 years with Douglas Aircraft and its successors until he retired to work full time on his avocation of UFO research. A long-time Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a Councilor for the Society for Scientific Exploration, and member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 1947, he has

garnered a reputation for integrity and scholarship in this field over the last 15 years. (Bob’s photo optional)

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“I got a PhD in physics so I could become a better engineer, and it turned out very well for me. I wound up working continuously for 43 years at one company, the Douglas Aircraft Company, becoming McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing. My normal career there had me involved in the thermodynamics of keeping missiles cool; managing and selling the independent research and development projects of a couple of dozen scientists and engineers; designing radars to discriminate between Soviet ballistic missiles and their decoys; applying advanced technology to make the Space Station cheaper, better, and sooner; and finally helping to sell the Delta launch vehicle as the workhorse for NASA orbital payloads. In addition, I ran one project in the late 60s to find out how UFOs work (we did not find out) and one project on Remote Viewing, both proprietary.

My involvement with questioned documents came shortly after I had retired from McDonnell Douglas in 1993. It was about the end of 1994 when my former colleague (Stan Friedman) from our old UFO research project called me up and said that he had received a fax copy of an alleged War Office training manual entitled, “Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology – Recovery and Disposal.” (Photo of cover page) Was I interested in trying to dig deeper? The answer was yes, and I called the possessor of the 35mm film from which this copy had been made, Don Berliner. Don was also interested in determining whether they might be genuine or fake, and he and I took the negatives to his local photo shop, where we both monitored the process of reproduction and printing. Don was further helpful in lending me the box in which the film was mailed. (Photo of box). It had been mailed from a drug store in La Crosse, WI on March 7, 1994.

The manual itself consists of 28 numbered pages plus the cover and one document control page i. There were six chapters and four Appendices listed, but only the first appendix was shown. The manual was a simple summary of the project and a detailed set of instructions of how to handle the recovery and removal of extraterrestrial craft and living organisms (or EBEs, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), where to ship the parts, how to do all this and how to deceive the public with security measures. It was stamped with a security caveat of TOP SECRET / MAJIC EYES ONLY on every page. Of particular interest is a table that specifies where to send the parts or bodies, noting “Area 51 S-4” and “Blue Lab WP-61,” both of which have been claimed by others to involve Government UFO storage facilities. Also of authentication interest is the page i, documenting removal and replacement pages and the initials of the Majic-12 Operations Officer involved. The two sets of initials are EWL and JRT. Neither person has been identified.

After I had a high quality copy available, I was able to make an appointment with a public relations person from the Government Printing Office. A long-time employee of the Public Printer, Mr. McArtor was knowledgeable and helpful. He read the entire document while I waited, stopped several times to look more carefully, and then said something like, “Well, based on only the content of the manual, I would say it was probably a fake, but there is something remarkable that makes me think twice about it. If you look closely, you will see that some of the “z”s are slightly raised. This was happening with this type font in the 1950’s time, because the less-used letters, especially the z, would get some debris on the bottom of the lead, and when they dropped down, they sometimes would not fully seat. This is so unusual that I would say there is no doubt at all that they were printed on one of the presses in use at that time. We had one in this building and one in the basement of the Pentagon, and they were set up to handle top secret jobs with all of the security controls in place.” Because of the subtleties of the shape of the f and the g letters, we identified the type font exactly, Monotype Modern, a popular one in heavy use at that time. Our conclusion: this document was authentically printed by the Government for some reason in 1954.

The success of this evaluation caused Stan Friedman to call me again and say that he had someone writing to him that he had received many “leaked” documents from various sources, and that he lived in Big Bear Lake, a lot closer to me than he in eastern Canada did. Therefore, with proper introduction, my wife and I visited Tim Cooper at his home there. He said he was willing to share these documents because he wanted to determine their authenticity. He had become interested in the topic because his father had told him a story about his own involvement in covertly printing a

UFO retrieval report, and had told Len Stringfield about this experience. Tim Cooper shared copies of several of his documents from several different sources that were included in an October 1998 presentation to a UFO symposium jointly with my son and colleague Ryan. This was the first time that significant authentication reports had been presented to the UFO community, and the word spread, resulting in a sponsor asking to further authenticate these documents and publish them widely. The sponsor also wanted Ryan and me to make a television documentary on their authenticity, and it was produced and shown on the Sci-Fi channel as “The Secret.” We decided that there was interest by other researchers, and so Ryan created the website www.majesticdocuments.com for easy access to all the documents we possessed.

Many of the documents we have were received from multiple different sources to Tim Cooper. We have established beyond any doubt in our minds that he was not the “author” of any of these documents several ways. We have the original envelopes used to mail the documents. More importantly, we have used some forensic linguistics (including spelling errors, word and sentence length and syntax) to show that Cooper’s writing (of which we have a huge sample about the history of White Sands Missile Range) is inconsistent with ANY of the questioned documents.

It is clear that if there were secret projects studying UFOs, there would be written records. In the days of carbon copies, leaks would be expected to happen, so plans would be made to deal with them. Such plans would involve controlling the media as much as possible, while denigrating and discouraging reality reporting, and maximizing the idea that it’s easy to fake anything these days with computers. This is not true when you have original paper and ink, and recognizing that many of the documents were leaked well before 2000.

Authentication of documents is a very orderly process. First, you establish provenance if possible – usually unlikely for illegally leaked documents. There are two kinds of tests that can be performed: physical and intellectual. The physical ones involve dating the ink, watermark or paper, identifying the typewriter make or model, matching the type font and press, and comparing signatures, other notation, and handwriting. The intellectual tests look for anachronisms, comparing the language use, and comparing with known, authentic documents. More recently, the use of computerized forensic linguistics techniques permit one to make an estimate that a specific person was or was not the author of a questioned document. Signatures can be nearly identical if created with a polygraph device that permitted Truman to sign five letters at a time.

The identification of one aspect of a questioned documents as being anomalous often results in a skeptic accepting none of the rest of the document, even though it might be filled with accurate information. It seems to be accepted in the intelligence community that fake documents usually if not often, contain much valid information to help get it accepted as genuine throughout. Each part of a questioned document should be evaluated for its specific information and appearance and background.

In the last decade, I have presented lectures in coordination with my son Ryan, author of Majic: Eyes Only identifying 74 UFO crash recoveries) on the authenticity of the documents and the influence of their alien presence in our society.

So, where next for Dr. Bob Wood? For me, the leaked documents, the synthesis with the literature and papers of the ufology community have provided extra insight into how we got to where we are. The conclusion I have come to is incredibly wild: those “in charge” have been successful in keeping secret the greatest story of mankind while covertly spending staggering sums to create hidden underground resources. Until we can quantify the alien threat, how can we know whether these actions are “good” or “bad?” I am generally against evil, and in favor of good. Let us hope (maybe with the help of aliens) that God will make the right thing happen.

Here in the Beltway, I’m told everyone has an agenda. Very few really want, ‘The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.’ I think the American people deserve most of it – we paid for it!”

Robert M. Wood, 14 April 2013


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