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Dr Robert Wood the role of leaked Documents and Extraterrestrial Technology CHD 5-03

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure Dr. Robert M. Wood
Dr. Wood received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Colorado in 1949, a PhD in Physics from Cornell in 1953, worked for General Electric Aeronautics and Ordnance, served in the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground for two years, and then completed 43 years with Douglas Aircraft and its successors until he retired to work full time on his avocation of UFO research. A long-time Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a Councilor for the Society for Scientific Exploration, and member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 1947, he has garnered a reputation for integrity and scholarship in this field over the last 15 years. (Bob’s photo optional)
Science and Technology Panel
In 1966, I had been working about 13 years for one company and was doing well as a young engineering executive at Douglas Aircraft. That was the year the Air Force decided to have a symposium dedicated to important developments in space ten years hence, and my boss, Ray Hallet, had been selected to speak for our Missiles and Space part of the Company about how better to get things to orbit and back. He asked, “What do you think we should talk about?” and I said, partly as a jest, “Why don’t we just tell them how the alleged UFOs do it?” He actually liked the idea, and asked me to work on it. That was when I read my first UFO book…actually one by Don Menzel, a science arch-skeptic, and I saw clearly that he was ignoring the reported data. I immediately read a dozen books on the subject.
A year later, Douglas had been bought by McDonnell and we were now McDonnell Douglas, and had just won the Air Force satellite program call Manned Orbiting Laboratory. My regular job was to manage our company research and development funds so that we would win small technology contracts. One day, after I reported to a couple of VPs on how we were doing, one of them asked me personally if I was doing anything interesting outside of my job. I said, “Well, you’re not going to believe this, but I have read about 50 books on UFOs. And the amazing conclusion I’ve come to is that they are very real, extraterrestrial craft and the ONLY thing that’s uncertain is whether we find out how they work before or after our competitor Lockheed.” After a moment of silence, one of them said, “How much would it cost to take a look at that question?” Therefore, we started a little project, kept quite low key, to study the question of how they work. Everyone who worked on this project knew that when the project was over, each would go back to his other job or be laid off. This was when we needed to find someone to study the sightings and reports in detail to see if we could get clues to how they worked, and we hired Stan Friedman. (Old photo of Stan) We did a lot of interesting projects, such as measure the effects of a huge magnetic field on the speed of light (there was none), interview an abductee, try to invent a physics that would permit travel faster than the speed of light, developed an instrumented van to observe craft sightings anywhere, anytime, and spun magnets in space to try to change their weight (it didn’t change). I also became friends with James E. McDonald, a physicist who was making a lot of noise and giving lectures about the details of highly credible sightings.
Jim McDonald was very pushy to have my group get more exposure. He urged me to visit the Air Force UFO Condon Committee in 1967 before their report was complete, and talked someone into inviting me to testify at a House Science and Astronautics Committee “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects.” I asked my management about this, and they said, “Do what you want, but good things rarely happen to people who testify to Congress.” I decided not to testify, largely since I did not have any breakthroughs to even hint at, and if I did, they would have been the property of McDonnell Douglas. Then the military orbiting program was cancelled in 1969, dozens of people were being laid off, we were not making fantastic progress, and I was assigned in 1970 to learn everything I could about radar and ballistic missile defense. We cancelled the UFO project and moved on. This project’s history was written up in both the International UFO Reporter in 1993 (detailing the results of my visit to the Condon Committee) and the MUFON Journal in 2008. (elaborating on the details of what who did what, and what we concluded).
I followed the topic of ufology from 1970 to my retirement in 1993 as an avocation, but remained actively absorbing results and reports from the MUFON, the Center for UFO Studies and subscribed to the “Flying Saucer Review,” published in Britain. The consistency of alien reports occurring psychically caused me to be aware of other anomalous literature, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dean Bob Jahn of Princeton University, who was initiating a consciousness research project. At the same time, my knowledge of radar put me in a position to manage a classified program with top-secret access to various subjects. I had read an article by Dr. Hal Puthoff, currently then at Stanford Research Institute, reporting on some amazing results in remote viewing. We used our CIA contacts to work out a test project on coordinate remote viewing, where the subject is allegedly able to describe what is at a specific Earth coordinate. This sensitive remote viewing project wound up being funded by James S. McDonnell, CEO, who was
subsequently told by his lawyers that he should not have used Foundation money to accomplish work in his profit- making firm. The results of our one test of six targets were interesting, but not spectacular. We speculated that the viewer might have gone to the coordinate at a TIME when the most emotional events were happening at that location.
This project also provided access to anything to do with ballistic missile defense, and I used a nice classified library at another facility to see what there was on the defense against UFOs. There were quite a few intriguing reports available (such as a classified version of the Iranian Air Force’s F-4 Phantom Jet pilot attempting to fire a missile at a UFO only to have his controls shut down as soon as he thought about doing it). Then, after I had borrowed and read quite a few of these anomalous reports, the whole library system was changed so that it was no longer clear where to look for reports.
I also stayed aware of anomalies in science in general, and when the so-call cold fusion results of Pons/Fleischman were announced in 1989, I was aware that our company attempted a quick covert test to replicate the results. I was told we were not successful, but by then I was working on advanced technology for NASA International Space Station and not involved in proprietary activity.
After retirement in 1993, my UFO focus became the authentication of leaked documents. If these documents are valid, they are consistent in telling the story of exposure to the alien technology, attempts to understand it, and many specific tales of successfully understanding the principles and building devices that have become the technology breakthroughs we all enjoy today. There is a case to be made that the three crash recoveries of Missouri in April 1941 and LA in February 1942 (1430 rounds fired during the famous L.A. ‘air raid’) resulted in a specific contract to study how germanium and silicon might be used as a diode solid-state rectifier. Those individuals receiving reports and samples included Edward Condon at Westinghouse, Bell Laboratories, Hans Bethe of MIT Radiation Lab, and Shockley of Bell Telephone Labs in 1945, who is given credit for inventing the transistor in 1947. These leaked documents, taken as a whole, visualize and speculate on the impact of alien technology on our society in a diverse array of fields of science and technology.
So, what is Dr. Bob’s opinion of what’s required to understand how they work and to build one? The simple answer is “I don’t know”, but beyond that I could say that I would look for the following:
• A way to cross the light years to stars without actually physically speeding past and through the space and space debris that separates us;
• A way to interact with time in a reliable fashion, through the equivalent of a so-called “wormhole” so that journeys that would take years wind up taking minutes;
• A way to permit a person’s mind to interact with matter so reliably that all you have to do is to think clearly, and equipment will do what you want it to, if it’s designed right;
• Finally, expect that the breakthroughs will come from unknown scientists, probably pretty young, who are looking outside of the establishment’s perspective of the solution.
In the last decade, I have presented lectures in coordination with my son Ryan S. Wood, author of Majic: Eyes Only (photo of book) identifying 74 UFO crash recoveries) on the authenticity and content of the documents.
I will leave you with this thought, that Arthur Clarke’s famous quote is highly applicable, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think that the millions of years that may separate us from alien civilizations are not significant because logic does not change with time. I expect that the laws of physics, which we have yet to understand, will be the same…and so will be the equations. We just have to find them. Does some black program already have this knowledge?
Robert M. Wood 14 April 2013

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