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Dr Roger Lier has performed 16 surgeries for the removal of foreign objects from those individuals who allege Alien Abduction CHD 5-03

I, with my surgical team of medical specialists have performed 16 surgeries for the removal of foreign objects from those individuals who allege Alien Abduction. The sixteen cases involved the removal of 17 separate and distinct objects. One of these objects turned out to be a small run of ceramic like glass which was manufactured by Dow Corning Industries. In my almost 50 years of Podiatric Surgical practice, I have removed hundreds of numerous objects from the human foot including, paper, glass, metal, stones, hair, corral and many other objects.
The individuals involved in this study all presented with no noted portal of entry for any of the objects we removed. There was no noted visible scar formation or other interruptions of the integrity of the skin even when examination was performed with a magnifying loop.
All the individuals in the study presented with positive x-rays or CT scans showing metallic or lesser dense foreign bodies. Prior to any surgical procedure performed the areas of interest were examined by use of a gauss meter for magnetic or electromagnetic emissions. Ten of them were found to be producing readings on the gauss meter of 6 to 10 Mil Gauss. In addition several frequencies of Ultraviolet light were used to detect
fluorescence in the area of the foreign object. About 60 percent presented with positive UV Light fluorescence with color ranges from pink to green and yellow. One of our last surgical patients displayed a large Chevron appearing insignia on is right arm near the shoulder. He had no prior knowledge of it being there. We have also found that the removal of this fluorescent material with ordinary solvents only makes them disappear for intervals up to one hour and when re-examined they appear again with the use of the Ultraviolet light.
In addition by use of a Radio Wave Frequency detector we were able to detect certain radio frequencies in the FM band both in the megahertz and kilohertz ranges being emitted from the object. It was determined that in one case these detected frequencies were noted fixed or mobile deep space frequencies. Unfortunately our limited budget for performing this research has not allowed us to obtain a radio frequency analyzer so that a radio wave can be captured and analyzed.
All the surgeries we performed have been documented with eyewitnesses, video and still photography. We have established criteria and protocols for a forensic like chain of custody. All the objects are placed in a sterile container containing the patients own blood serum. The containers are then signed and are not opened again until they reach the laboratory where the analysis begins. This also requires the signatures of those working in the laboratory.
When these procedures are performed, small sections of the surrounding tissue is also removed and sent out for pathological studies. It has repeatedly come to our attention that there are no inflammatory reactions by the body to these objects. In addition there are also no rejection reactions. According to our exhaustive research there is no known human science that can totally prevent the human body from reacting to foreign objects placed within it. In addition to these repeatable findings we also find large amounts specialized nerve cells called proprioceptors in the area of the implant. These are all in areas where these cells would normally have no function.
Once the pathology laboratories have completed their examinations, we send the specimens out to material science laboratories. Some of these include Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, University of California at San Diego, Southwest Laboratories in San Antonio, Texas, as well as other numerous local Southern California Labs. In addition, our own organization, A&S Research has numerous scientists on our Science Board which enables us to do some of our own scientific studies on these objects.
The metallic objects themselves measure from approximately 6 to 10 mm in length and are the approximate circumference of a pencil lead. All the objects are coated with a ceramic and organic like coating. With the use of the electron microscope we can see the organic material originating in the solid metallic object. We believe there is an actual

phase in which inorganic metallic materials become organic. Our research demonstrates that no known academic science is capable of creating this mechanism. The following findings are consistent with all the metallic objects. Their predominate element is Meteoric Iron which can be determined from the Nichol-Iron ratio. They all contain Carbon Nano structures which compose Carbon Nano Bundles and finally Carbon Nano Strands, much like the cabling for electronic circuitry. These cables or strands end at various rectangular crystals of varying size. These crystals are composed of Sodium Chloride which appears in nature as random crystalline structures of no particular shape or size. In addition we have found Non Terrestrial Isotopic ratios which indicate these objects don’t come from earth. This is also demonstrated with rare earth elements and on occasion one single isotope of Uranium which can not exist alone in Earth’s natural environment. There are also numerous other structures which we don’t understand such as gold spheres, ovoids and tunnels in the structure that are only as wide as one Atom.
It is my opinion that more research should be encouraged and funded as the benefits for mankind would be numerous. If we were only able to understand and back engineer the ability of these objects to prevent inflammation or rejection, we could transplant any vital organ without the patient having to consume anti-rejection medications. This would become the standard of organ transplantation for the entire world but would also produce a cost saving factor for the entire medical delivery system. If devices such as Pins, Screws or other orthopedic metallic instillations could be coated with this material there would be no inflammatory reaction caused by any of these devices used today. In
reference to understanding the nano-electronics, the benefits to mankind would be immeasurable.

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