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29 APRIL-3 MAY 2013

Good morning/afternoon

My name is Gary Heseltine and I am a recently retired police detective having served almost 24 years with the British Transport police in England.

I am here on behalf of police officers worldwide who have witnessed UFOs.

In January 2002 I created the POLICE REPORTING UFO SIGHTINGS website otherwise known as the PRUFOS Database. (www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk), a facility catering for on and off duty British police officer UFO sightings.

When I began my research I did so with a handful of reports involving a dozen officers. 11 years later I can reveal that I have over 425 cases involving in excess of 935 British police officers.

These sightings have taken place the length and breadth of Britain and have been reported at all times of the day.

Analysis of the cases on the database reveals that over 70% are multiple officer reports thus offering significant corroboration to a sighting event.

Several cases involve corroboration by 6 officers or more with many of those events being witnessed by officers in multiple geographical locations.

In one particular case over 24 officers were involved in tracking at least one object over at least six county areas of Britain on the night of March 30-31st 1993. This case is referred at the Cosford Incident.

Many of the cases on the database are truly extraordinary.

For example many officers have observed structured craft of huge size at close proximity to their positions on the ground.

These craft range in shape and dimensions from tens of feet to many hundreds of feet in size.

For example in October 1984 near RAF NORTHHOLT in Middlesex a silent black triangular craft seen at low altitude by two uniformed officers on mobile patrol which was described as the being the size of three football fields. When I sought to clarify the estimate of the size the officer told me that the size was accurate because when it was observed it was seen directly over three football fields.

The source of this report is Police Constable (ret) ROBIN PERRY- a copy of his report has been supplied to you for your perusal.

On another occasion in October 1978 three uniformed police officers in a rural area of Buckinghamshire observed a huge object (described as the size of a football field) which suddenly and silently materialised in front of them in the blink of an eye at relative close proximity to their position. A number of smaller objects were seen flying around the larger main craft. The object then sent down a wide beam of light down to the ground as it slowly traversed the landscape for several minutes before suddenly disappearing in the blink of an eye. The manner of its appearance and disappearance was described as like switching a light bulb on and off.

The source of this report is Police Constable (ret) ERIC RAYMENT- a copy of his report has been supplied to you for your perusal.

Many officers have seen objects that appear to move in ways that seem to defy the known laws of aerodynamics.

For example in May of 1981 or 82 two firearms officers were involved in the close protection of a then prominent Conservative Minister at a secret location in North Yorkshire. At approximately 0530 hours as they were walking around outside in the grounds of the residence they suddenly became aware that the sky had darkened. When they looked up to establish the cause of the change of light they saw a huge dark purple cylindrical object with a pronounced undercarriage underneath that was described as being the length of a football field hovering silently above

the house at an altitude of 200/300 feet. The object remained motionless above the house for 5-10 minutes before it suddenly and silently accelerated toward the horizon at a tremendous speed. There it remained stationary for a short time before quickly accelerating out of sight.

The source of this report was Police Sergeant (ret) John Pawson – a copy of his report has been supplied to you for your perusal.

In my introduction I mentioned that I would refer to police officer sightings worldwide and in the time permitted I would like to draw your attention to two particular countries where numerous police officer sightings have taken place.

Namely I refer to the United States and Belgium.
Many of the US cases are outstanding. I will highlight two of them.

Just after midnight on December 14 1994 15 police officers of Trumball County, Ohio, observed multiple circular UFOs from different geographical positions. In one particular sighting the police vehicle driven by Sergeant Toby Maloro suddenly cut out. After alighting the vehicle he observed the UFO directly above him. As soon as the object moved silently away the car the engine started and he tried to pursue it.

A summary report is submitted for your perusal.

On January 5th 2000 in Illinois multiple officers observed a large triangular craft from many different geographical locations and sometimes at close proximity to their ground positions. A summary report is submitted for your perusal.

Broadly speaking all the officers involved in those two events describe objects that moved in silence and that were able to make incredible high speed manoeuvres.

Finally in the skies above Belgium between 1989-1991 hundreds of police officers observed large triangular objects all over the country. Many of these sightings involved multiple officer witnesses and numerous cases were observed at relative close proximity to their ground locations. In addition many of these sightings were also confirmed on radar by civilian and military authorities. A summary report is submitted for your perusal.

In the allotted 10 minutes given to brief you I want to say on behalf of all police officers worldwide that what many of them have observed were craft, physical in nature and that moved in ways in which the officers involved have never witnessed before or since their encounters.

In closing I urge this panel to accept their testimonies as genuine and that collectively they offer compelling circumstantial evidence that many of these sightings represent extraterrestrial objects flying in our airspace.

In closing and on a personal note I believe the time is now to lift the veil of secrecy that has shrouded this subject for over 60 years and that the subject of UFOs be openly accepted in the mass media and in doing so would allow people from around the world to come forward without fear of ridicule.

As a police detective of many years service I believe the collective testimonial and documentary evidence obtained in over sixty years of UFO research overwhelmingly confirms that some UFO sightings represent an ongoing extraterrestrial interaction with planet Earth.

I am deeply honoured to have given testimony before this panel and I submit it to your on behalf of police officers worldwide.

Thank you. Gary Heseltine


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