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George Filer Pilot encounters UFO on radar and FAA diverted all traffic CHD 5-03

Major Filer’s Cylinder Intercept DC
I’m a retired Air Force Major with 5000 flying hours. I am currently the Eastern Regional Director of Mutual UFO Network and editor of Filer’s Files.
When flying for the US Air Force 420th Air Refueling Squadron stationed at Sculthorpe RAF Base, England in January of 1962? We were in orbit for refueling fighter aircraft over the North Sea at 30,000 feet in our KB-50 J tanker aircraft just after sunset on a clear night.
London Control excitedly notified us that they had an unidentified object hovering on their radar near Oxford and Stonehenge at around 1,000 feet altitude. We were asked if we were willing to intercept. Our refueling mission was over, so we quickly agreed to chase their UFO. We were given an intercept heading and started to dive toward the UFO. This was really exciting compared to a standard mission. I never could recall such speed and power as we advanced our six engines to full military power as we dove toward the target.
London Control was diverting all aircraft out of our way to clear our path for the intercept. Then we realized we were above our red lined maximum speed and had trouble slowing down our aircraft, and had to pull back the power. London Control started giving our distance to the hovering UFO. They called
out your miles apart, 60, and 40.
At about 30 miles my APS-23 Radar picked up the hovering UFO directly ahead. It was an exceptionally large radar return reminding me of a large bridge or ship. This craft was bigger than anything I had seen in the air before. It reminded me of the radar return from the Brooklyn Bridge 6000 feet or the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland (8300) feet over a mile long.
The return was sharp and solid as compared to the fuzziness of a rain cloud. I felt this craft must be made of steel or strong metal. We were doing around 425 mph as we approached to about ten miles, when the UFO apparently realized we were intercepting.
It was a dark night; we could only see a series of dim lights directly ahead similar to a cruise ship at sea. Now only five miles separated us. Suddenly the UFO seemed to come alive, the lights brightened immensely and the UFO accelerated in a launch similar to the Space Shuttle taking off at night.
We saw much brighter lights and fantastic acceleration as it climbed almost straight up and suddenly it was gone. These huge craft I learned are called Motherships, because like an aircraft carrier they carry smaller disc craft.
We asked London Control, “If they had any rocket launches in the area?” London Control seemed as disappointed as we were. The controller said, “There are no rocket launches in that area, thank you for the intercept, you are now cleared to return to your mission.”
Our mission was no longer a priority.
The incident was recorded in my navigator’s log and was mentioned the next day in operations.
A few weeks later, we were invited to a Dining Inn with Prince Phillip who wished to speak with the aircrews who had chased UFOs. About seven of us sat around a table discussing UFOs. Prince Phillip was very personable and friendly. He was very interested in our intercept and we assume he had also been briefed by London Control because the US Air Force had no apparent interest.
I asked Prince Phillip, “Why he was interested in UFOs?” He answered. “My uncle who raised me, Earl Mountbatten had seen UFOs close up while in the Navy.”“ Prince Phillip indicated he and
his aid have debriefed numerous aircrews who have intercepted UFOs.
These craft have been seen by other pilots and witnesses through the years. Here are a few examples.
This photo was taken over Japan, and shows a cylinder shaped Mothership launching disc craft.
I was able to obtain a NASA satellite photo of an apparent Mothership from space over the Atlantic Ocean.
This cylinder craft was taken over Burnham on the Sea, England on February 11, 2011.
Stonehenge Cursus
Throughout England there are archeological structures similar to the Mothership carved in the soil, that are similar in size and shape known as cursus. Early British archaeologists called them Cursus because the large parallel lengths of banks with external ditches reminded them of early Roman athletic courses, hence the Latin name cursus
Many are over a mile long and the distance between the parallel earthworks can be up to 100 meters.
These Neolithic structures represent some of the oldest prehistoric structures in the British Isles and were actually constructed about 6000 years ago.
They are built over rough terrain and seem to mark the position of the ancient craft. My theory is these Neolithic structures are similar in size and shape to UFOs.
This complex at Stonehenge and Silbury Hill in England, may in fact represent visitation by an alien race in the distant past.
Even recently natives has tried to copy and built replicas of WW 2 aircraft on the ground as was done in the South Pacific
Rhode Island
The image is a colorized version with windows inserted of July 3, 1967, Cumberland, Rode Island Mothership photo by Joe Ferriere to . Thanks to August Roberts UFO Photographs Vol. 2. and is a similar craft the stories
New Hampshire huge UFO sighting
EXETER — David a Navy chief petty officer flight engineer with 10,000 flying hours said, “On a sunny day at 3 p.m., he saw a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky with windows equally spaced around the object on July 20, 2005. The object was enormous, about the size of two aircraft carriers and was not a Blimp.
The object moved east, at about 100 knots and began changing colors and stretched out like a rubber band. It grew to twice its original size, and then it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport

English Channel — On April 23, 2007, two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney above the English Channel.
Jersey radar picked up the object, and an air traffic controller said “He received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny (eri ni) and Blue Islands pilots.
Aurigny’s Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, said he saw the massive strange object bright-yellow during a flight from Southampton ten miles west of Alderney.
It was a very sharp, thin yellow object 2,000 feet up and stationary,’ he said. ‘I later realized it was about 40 miles from us and could have been as much as a mile across.
Captain Bowyer saw a second identical object further to the west. ‘It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away and closer to Guernsey.’
These space craft occasionally roam our skies and my theory is they been coming here for thousands of years and our ancestors made structures on the ground to honor them.
I’ve been interested in UFOs ever since. George Filer

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