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Grant Cameron The Canadian flying saucer investigation CHD 5-02

My name is Grant Robert Cameron. I am a private UFO investigator. For the past 38 years I have attempted to focus on what the highest levels of the US Government, military, and intelligence agencies know about the UFO phenomena. I am the Director of the Presidents UFO Website and the co-author of the recently released book “UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants.”
I would like to testify to evidence from Canadian documents and statements that show clearly that the Obama White House statement claiming there is no credible evidence of am ET presence or cover-up of evidence is not true. The main part of my testimony deals with the official Canadian government investigation into flying saucer that ran from December 1950 to August 1954.
The records for the Canadian investigations are on line in Canada and the Canadian government has never disputed the validity of any of these documents.
My testimony is also based on the personal files of Wilbert B. Smith, the Superintendent of Radio Regulations for the Department of Transport, who was the head of the government investigations.
The Canadian story provides some of the most conclusive evidence to indicate extraterrestrials have visited the Earth and that American and Canadian officials have known this since at least 1950. It all centers on a Top Secret memo that National Research Council officials had planned to destroy, but accidently released.
Curious as to the truth of the flying saucer stories, the Canadians, led by Wilbert Smith, arranged through Arnault Wright, the Canadian military attaché in Washington D.C., to contact officials at the Research and Development Board in the United States. Officials there were asked about the true of the flying saucer mystery.
The answers to the questions were gathered up and summarized in a November 1950 Top Secret memo, written by Wilbert Smith to his superiors in the Canadian government. This document remained classified until 1978. In his report Smith reported that information gathered from American officials indicated that;
1) Flying saucers were real.
2) It was the most highly classified subject in the United States rated two points higher that the
hydrogen bomb which would not be tested till two years after the memo was written.
3) A small group headed by President Roosevelt’s former science advisor Dr. Vannevar Bush was in
charge of the investigation.
4) That American officials considered the matter to be of utmost significance.
5) That American officials were notifying the Canadians that other things might be associated with
the saucer such as mental phenomena. This “mental phenomena” aspect was later confirmed by two high level Americans.
Records left by Smith in his personal files show that at least one paper on UFO propulsion was given to the head of the American program, Dr. Vannevar Bush, for review.
The Canadian flying saucer investigation shows that besides tracking sighting reports, a flying saucer detection station had been set up at Shirley’s Bay outside the Canadian capitol. In 1954 the highly secure
Top Secret Army base at Suffield, Alberta had been opened for UFOs to land at. This was made public by the Minister of National Defense in a 1967 speech. The Canadian government does not deny any of this.
On August 8, 1954, the flying saucer observatory recorded an unknown object flying over. When this was written up by the press, the public flying saucer investigation was quickly shut down.
After Smith’s personal files were made public in 1982 more details related to the United States / Canada joint flying saucer investigations were made public. Smith’s letters showed that he was receiving UFO hardware from the US authorities to analyze. When I asked his metallurgist Arthur Bridge how much material they had actually handed he replied “tons of it.” In interviews with Smith shortly before his death he told a group of visiting researchers from Ohio “that united states military intelligence has tons of hardware” and “they also had much film.” Smith spelled out to researchers that the hardware was controlled by “government officials” and not the USAF.
Finally, Smith’s oldest son James has testified on record at least twice that his father confirmed just before he died that he had been shown a downed flying saucer and bodies by American officials.
Smith’s files identified two of the American sources. 1) Dr. Vannevar Bush who was headed up the United States classified flying saucer program and 2) Dr. Robert Sarbacher, who was a consultant to the various military services in Washington.
When Dr. Sarbacher was tracked down the 1983 he detailed on audioi and in writing that in 1950 he had been invited to series of briefing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base held to brief top military scientists about a UFO crash and bodies. Although Sarbacher couldn’t go, he had spoken to many of the scientists and engineers who did. Sarbacher identified many of the engineers and scientists who attended including one who was still alive.
That engineer, Dr. Eric Walker, confirmed to researcher Bill Steinman that he had attended the briefings. Walker held many top jobs such as 15 years as President of Penn State University, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Defense Analysis (the top military think tank used by the Department of Defense), Chairman of the National Science Foundation, Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board, and head of the Navy’s Applied Research Lab at State College Pennsylvania. In discussions with more than a half dozen researchers over 8 years, Dr. Walker tried not to talk about the subject but did confirm there had been ET recoveries, communication with aliens, and that there was a secret control group that was overseeing the entire ET subject.
After Dr. Walker’s death, his son Dr. Brian Walker confirmed that there had been a file that contained a number of official government documents but he claims he did not read them. He recalls that there were drawings but does not mention of what ie disks, bodies etc. He claims the file contained information on an event in Pennsylvania and one in the southwestern US. He thinks his father destroyed it before his death as it was no longer around when Brian moved the remaining files from the house to Penn State University.
Most of the UFO sighting reports from the various agencies are now sent to a UFO private researcher in Winnipeg, who researches and files them. He receives no Secret or Top Secret files.
i http://www.presidentialufo.com/the-canadian-cover-up/144-stanton-friedman-robert-sarbacher-interview-1983 Possible questions
What evidence later surfaced which backed up the statement in the Top Secret memo that “mental phenomena” was associated with the flying saucers?
How do we know that the Canadians had planned to destroy the Top Secret memo?

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