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Jesse Marcel Jr Eyewitness to Roswell 1947 CHD 5-01


I am the son of Major Jesse Marcel. who was the intelligence officer for the
509th Composite Bomb Group based out Roswell Army Air Field in 1947.
The 509th you may remember was the squadren who ended the war with the
atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  My dad's credentials are impressive
in that during the course of his career in that he not only was one of the few
officers selected for the 509th but he also went to radar school and was a staff
member of the Air Force Intelligence school.  I myself followed a career in medicine
and in the military finally retiring as an  army Colonel in Dec. of 2005 after a 13
month deployment to Iraq as a flight surgeon.
My story began in the wee hours of morning in early July 1947 when I was
awakened by my dad who was returning from an assignment to collect debris of
unknown origin from a ranch out off Roswell.  Apparently a rancher by the name
of Mac Brazil notified a local sheriff about the downing of some sort of aircraft on
his land who in turn then contacted Col. Blanchard who commanded the  air base.
Col. Blanchard sent my dad and another gentleman to the ranch to ascertain the
nature of the craft and gather portions for for further study.  As it turns out our house
in Roswell was on the way to the base and since this had not yet been classified
my dad stopped by to show myself and my mother what was found.  Needless to
say my dad was quite excited over the material and he said in so many words this
was debris from a flying saucer.  The material was indeed strange with a foil component
as well as small beams with a peculiar writing on one surface.  There were no electronic
components such as batteries, vacuum tubes or wiring.  My dad and I gathered the
material up and he brought it to the base for Col Blanchards inspection.  He was then
ordered to fly the material in a B-29 under armed guard to Gen'l Ramey' office at the
Ft. Worth Army Air field.  That is where the cover up began and the rest is history.


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