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Jim Courant Airline Pilot Sightings CHD 5-03

Jim Courant –
Airline pilot Captain – 31 years Flying for 46 years
Rated as Captain in 747, 767, AirBus, and other jets. Flight time over 32,000 hours
Began research in to UFO subject in 1962, after all of major Kehoe’s books were read.
My first sighting – Feb. 1995, at dusk, just past 6PM. 33,000 ft. in a 737. It was large blue/green, moving very fast off left wing. We asked air traffic control if they had anything in area military or civilian, they said, “no”. Three other airliners saw it as it shot up at a 90 degree angle. Neither my co-pilot, nor the other carriers would not report it.
Years later, I had sightings over Montana and South Carolina. Middle of nith at over 35,000 ft. they looked like bright orbs in formation. These sighting were a week apart. Both times, air traffic control showed nothing on radar.
The sad part, since WWII pilots, civilian and military have been afraid to come forward.
Twenty years ago, for talking about this subject to 2-co-pilots, I was given 4 days of line check flying. Later, because of how my case was treated, I began a live 5-day per week TV show on UFO’s and other unexplained things.
Through my research, it has been a real education of what’s really going on. We all want the truth – unless the price is too high to pay. The proof, after all these years, is the real problem with this subject.

John J Callahan FAA
George Filer Pilot e
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