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Lt. Col. Richard French UFOs Underwater in Germany CHD 5-03

I am Lt. Col. Richard French
A fighter pilot in both Korea and Vietnam.
During a number of flights of mine, and flying partners, we witnessed the sighting of a number of UFOs.
I am going to point out first, the ones that stand out most in my mind.
I was in Spangdahalen, Germany, when I received a telephone call from the OSI District Office Commander to go and investigate a report of UFOs in the water in Nufaland. Approximately 4 hours later, I arrived to find a crowd standing in the warf. There were divers in the water using scuba equipment, and was only able to go about 50’ down. The water was very clear, and we cold see 2 UFO’s approximately 100’ down.
At first I did not see any motion around them. They were disc shaped and suddenly on of them came out of the water at a speed estimated at 100 miles per hour, leaving a big splash and accelerated to a speed of approximately 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
I did not keep exact time, but estimated to be going about 1 hour to 1 1⁄2 hours before returning. When it returned, it entered the water at about 100 miles per hour, and joined up with the one left behind.
It appeared they were working on the one left behind. About 15 minutes leter, they both came to surface at about 100 miles per hour, and accelerated to 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
Speeds were estimated by triangulation to be in excess of 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
After they departed, I returned to Spain and made my report to Col. Rayner.
I was on my way to Libya, just short of reaching the northern extreme of the Mediterranean Sea. I looked to my left and approximately 5 miles away was a lighted UFO. It went down in to the center of Mt. Blance. That was the first to me that I had ever seen a UFO enter a volcano, and come back, and it was undamaged. Since then, I have witnessed a number of times when UFO’s did this.
The next time was Hawaii. Then in the Philippine Islands; Mount Pinetibo.
On my arrival in Libya was the beginning of the America’s Co. problems, being nationalized by King Idris of Libya. (Reuben – NOT SURE WHAT HE’S SAYING HERE.)
In 1997, I was at the home of a friend in the Boulders of Carefree, AZ. We were on the back patio overlooking the valley, grilling steaks when we noticed a series of lights on Luke Air Force Base gunnery range. I called Luke Command Post, and discovered that there were unidentified flying objets from Nevada to Buckeye, AZ.
I explained to my friends that they could not be gunnery flashes – The reason being that they 1 minute and 21 seconds and they were 5 to 10 minutes and were stationary. (Again, not sure what he’s saying here.)
Shortly thereafter, an object appeared about 50 yards from the house. The unit was cigar shaped, and 3 or 4 hundred yards long, headed towards Tucson. When the unit dropped down in to a ????. It had lights on the top, which we had never seen before. They were red and green.
All the other lights we were seeing went out, except smaller ones such as a running light. There joined up with the larger ship, and accelerated to a quick speed towards Tucson, where they were reported as being seen.
The morning channel 10 news reported the next day, however, there was no other newscast.
The last UFO that I personally witnessed was in Sedona, AZ in March 2012. I was on my back patio looking out over the golf course, when this object passed by at a high rate of speed; moving south down the golf course.
I thought it was a meteorite; however, it slowed, di a 180 degree turn and came back up the course and then away. A meteorite just does not do that.
Sedona is a place where UFO’s are seen often. There is a jeep tour in Sedona that takes visitors out at night to see them, and they are almost never disappointed seeing 50 to 60 in one night.
Thank you.

George Filer Pilot e
Richard Dolan Disclo
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