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Major Milton John Torres by Geoffrey Dean Torres CHD 5-03

Good day,
My name is Geoffrey Dean Torres. I am the son of Major Milton John Torres. My father served in the USAF from 1951 to 1971. Regrettably my father cannot attend this hearing as he now is suffering from ill health directly related to combat from the Vietnam War. I told him I was coming on his behalf and he let me know he was happy and he expressed his approval that I could come to tell his story.
First of all I would like to give you a brief history of my father and his accomplishments. Dad earned a Bachelor’s Degree in General engineering with a minor in Chemistry, and he completed his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1961. His military career was spent over the span of 20 years.
Dad served as a fighter pilot flying the F86 D, as well as the F100. He was a decorated pilot achieving the title of USAF command pilot. Dad flew over 300 combat missions in Vietnam. Serving as a FAC pilot he was decorated with 13 air medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross.
My Father attained the rank of Major as well during his career he also worked with NASA, as the Chief of Range control for the Gemini and Apollo moon missions. After Dad retired from the
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GD Torres’ Testimony
United States Airforce, Dad worked for PAN AM Airlines as an engineer, and later acquired his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami. My father’s last job was as a professor at Florida International University (FIU) teaching engineering.
During his tenure at FIU he invented a chemical and coating process using a polymer to prevent catastrophic metal fatigue on aircraft and received a patent for that process. Dad retired from FIU in 2004.
So now to Dad’s story and the event that happened. I will go into some details that he shared with our family. But before I do, I want to point out that my father kept this secret well over 50 years. He held this secret as an honorable man who deeply loved this country.
Sadly my father kept this secret from all of his family. Not even telling his father this story of whom he was very close. It wasn’t until much later that the events that unfolded became public knowledge. He would never have discussed this event if not for it being declassified by Nick Pope from the United Kingdom minister of Defense. After the event was declassified Dad shared this story often with our family.
It was on May 20, 1957, Page 2 of 7
GD Torres’ Testimony
Dad was stationed at RAF Manston England. Dad was working on intercept standby. Of course this was cycled between the pilots. This particular event, it was Dad’s turn. Dad was flying the F86 D, this Aircraft was a D model which meant it was an all weather fighter.
Dad told me that RAF Manston was a main intercept squadron during the cold war. Well, Dad was on alert with his wingman and some of the ground crew in the ready room. That night was a typical English night with the weather being poor and foggy. The notification came to the ready room indicating a scramble Dad ran for his plane.
“The scramble was initiated”
Dad jumped into his cockpit. Upon getting the authentication code to fire he then realized this was no drill. This would be a “hot” mission!
He had orders to shoot this thing down. Dad told me he thought that he may be starting WW III if he were to shoot down a Russian Aircraft. All kinds of thoughts were in his head. The intercept Controller ordered Dad to fire a full salvo of all 24 rockets at this object. Whatever this object was, they wanted it down.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
Dad told me later that he knew full well of how serious an event this was. Dad was now in his aircraft as his aircraft came to life. He was given the order to “Go Gate” which meant full afterburners were to be used. After getting airborne, Dad was told to vector over the North Sea.
The object had been sighted hovering over east Ipswich. Dad told me he had confirmation of the target acquisition from the ground radar. His jet flying with full afterburners was now flying towards the North Sea. Dad was flying 32000 feet in full afterburner in heavy cloud cover with zero visibility.
However his radar was painting a target as big as an aircraft carrier at that altitude. Dad was fast approaching the target at full afterburner. The object kept pulling in front of him just beyond range. Finally he was able to lock his radar on the object.
Dad said this thing was huge, and the blip was so big that it was easy to get a target acquisition. Right before he got the instruction to fire from radar control set.
The target then made an erratic side to side movement and moved beyond range causing Dad to lose his lock on the target.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
The object then accelerated from 0 to mach 10 in seconds. Dad was unable to fire as a result. Dad told me his radar, his wingman’s radar and ground radar confirmed it as well, all saw the same object. Then the object accelerated outside of his range. The ground radar confirmed the same and all lost contact. Dad told me everybody was wondering what the hell happened?
The most compelling thing Dad said was that this thing was doing things no ordinary aircraft could do. It was defying the laws of physics he said. Not only did it defy the laws of physics but it flew at incredible speeds flying at well over mach 10. There was nothing in the Air Force at that time that could come close to that. The F86 D could barely achieve Mach 1.
My father confided in me that this Aircraft had to be of alien origin, and he was convinced of it. Upon landing his Aircraft Dad was contacted by the Intercept officer on a secure phone. The person on the line told him that what happened was considered classified and not to discuss this with anyone, from his wingman, to his commander. He would be debriefed in the morning from someone from the National Security Agency.
Dad told me, he realized how lucky he was, as if he did manage to fire at this object it probably would have vaporized him. The following day, Dad reported for duty. A call came in that a man
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GD Torres’ Testimony
from the NSA was coming to brief him. An enlisted man that brought a “spook” to meet him, as Dad called him.
The man from the NSA showed Dad his credentials and then went on to tell Dad that if this story was to be told to anyone Dad would lose his wings, or worse. That was enough of a threat to a fighter pilot, to tell him he would never fly again.
Later, after these events became declassified, Dad was contacted by a letter from the enlisted man who brought the “spook” to brief Dad. Also he received a letter from a gentleman who reported he was on the ground radar on that particular event and there were several other sightings during that time.
Our family was impacted by this event and the disclosure effected Dad in a profound way. Our family even faced ridicule and skepticism from strangers. My brother received phone calls from strangers that accessed his number from the phone book, trying to discredit Dad’s testimony and say things like Dad was delusional, making our a mockery of our Father. I myself received demeaning notes on my work locker making a mockery of Dad’s newspaper account.
Our father did the honorable thing, and had no agenda, only to do the right thing. And yet people mocked his good name for giving a clear account of what he experienced.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
For us it is much more personal to have a great man like our Father to be dragged in the mud for keeping a secret. But we believe in his testimony and his report shows with clarity, what that event was, and his record speaks for itself.
I ask that the veil of secrecy be lifted, to show us the truth so others won’t be ridiculed in the same way.
I ask that you open up the files so the world can see that these things are real and that our government is not afraid to be truthful to her citizens.
I ask that in the name of my father and men and women like him who have seen these Unidentified Flying Objects to be given a voice and to be heard.
Least of all, I ask that all of these efforts and sacrifices to not be in vain.
Thank you
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GD Torres’ Testimony

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