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Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center CHD 5-01

FROM: Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center
Washington State
The question of whether human beings are alone in the Universe is the most important scientific question that has ever confronted mankind.
In point of fact, the question is not limited just to our study of science. If it is indeed the case that other intelligent civilizations are present in our galaxy, that discovery by man cuts to almost every other facet of his existence…to our religions, to our understanding of history, and to many other fundamental questions that are related to our presence here on Earth.
Were we suddenly to awaken to the fact that we have sentient neighbors in our galaxy, and, therefore, probably in other parts of the Universe as well, that discovery certainly would challenge virtually every one of our self-perceptions. The realization that we are not alone would compel us to re-evaluate such fundamental questions as who we are, where we have come from, what our purpose is here on Earth, what the origin of consciousness is, and whether that consciousness can somehow survive our corporeal death.

There are many, many other equally profound questions that could be cited here, of course.
As a result of the profound importance of the question of whether we are alone, the study of ufology is justified. Some skeptics might say that those of us who pursue the UFO question do not have any tangible evidence to show for our work…evidence which would be accepted in all venues as “proof.” However, that very same statement could be made for many other scientific or academic pursuits, which nevertheless are accepted by those selfsame skeptics as being “legitimate.” Those who study “black holes,” for example, don’t yet have a piece of one, and yet a myriad of conferences are held annually on precisely that subject! Those who pursue an explanation of gravity can’t yet describe it satisfactorily, although we know that such a force exists everywhere around us. Those who seek to unravel the mysteries of “dark” matter and “dark” energy, which appear to constitute most of the Universe we live in, are at only just the outset of their pursuit.
Hence, just because ufologists have not yet been able to place on a laboratory bench, for all to see, a craft of demonstrably extra-terrestrial origin, that fact does not mean that our pursuit of the subject is not justified. The history of science is replete with examples of how the focus of an investigator’s pursuit remained tantalizingly just out of reach of its pursuer, waiting for just the right fact, just the right revelation, or just the right epiphany, to suddenly allow a thorough understanding of a complex, and hitherto, unexplained phenomenon.
I am confident that our day in ufology will arrive, and perhaps arrive sooner than we might guess. Strong evidence is mounting that we in that field of endeavor are correct in believing that Earth is being visited, and being visited frequently by alien craft, and by their presumed occupants.
From my vantage point on the subject, and based on the UFO evidence available to me, it appears that it is only a matter of time before man awakens to the fact that we have “neighbors,” and that his civilization on Earth is probably only but one of what, in the final analysis, we will discover are many!
Peter B. Davenport
Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center since July 1994, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where he lived to the age of 14. As a boy, he attended high school in St. Louis, Ethiopia, and New Hampshire.
Peter received his undergraduate education at Stanford University in California, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in both Russian and biology, and a translator’s certificate in Russian.
His graduate education was completed at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he earned an M.S. degree in the genetics and biochemistry of fish from the College of Fisheries, as well as an M.B.A. degree in finance and international business from the Graduate School of Business.
Peter has worked as a college instructor, a commercial fisherman, a Russian translator in the Soviet Union, a fisheries observer aboard Soviet fishing vessels, a flight instructor (gliders), and a businessman. Peter was the founding president of a Seattle-based biotechnology company, which, at one time, employed over 300 scientists and technicians.
In 1986, Peter was a candidate for the Washington State legislature, and in 1992, he was a declared candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives (District 1) from that state.
Peter has had an active interest in the UFO phenomenon from his early boyhood. He experienced his first UFO sighting over the St. Louis municipal airport in the summer of 1954, and he investigated his first UFO case during the summer of 1965 in Exeter, New Hampshire.
Peter has been witness to several anomalous events, possibly UFO related, including a dramatic sighting over Baja California in February 1990, and several nighttime sightings over Washington State during 1992.
In addition to being the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, Peter is a current member of MUFON, and is a former Co-State Section Director (King County), and former Director of Investigation, for the Washington State chapter of MUFON.

Peter B. Davenport
Director, National UFO Reporting Center
Hosted by:
CITIZENS HEARING FOR DISCLOSURE National Press Club Washington, D.C.
April 29-May 03rd, 2013
Summaries of a few interesting cases reported to the National UFO Reporting Center:
–Eklutna, AK October 1936 Evening
Description: Two men hitchhiking to Anchorage witness a very bright light approaching their location at high speed. The object hovers above them, causing them to dive into a snow bank to escape from it.
–Fontana, CA Late 1930’s Night
Description: Three young boys, returning from the local movie theatre, are suddenly illuminated from above by a very bright shaft of light. They run to a nearby orange grove to take cover.
–Exeter/Kensington, NH September 03, 1965 Morning
Description: Many people in south-eastern New Hampshire witness a peculiar disc-shaped object. Later, a young man and two police officers witness the disc up quite close, and it moves very quickly.
–Northern California September 09, 1994 Early morning
Description: Multiple dramatic reports of objects streaking across the morning sky. A young school girl reports to school nurse being approached at a bus stop by a strange, diminutive grey creature.
–Palouse, WA December 29, 1994 Evening
Description: A woman decides to take a short-cut home through a wheat field. Three wedge-shaped objects, with lights on their leading edge, pass in front of her car. Event frightened her badly.
–McMinnville, TN January 07, 1995 Evening
Description: Multiple witnesses on the ground report a “fleet” of peculiar looking objects allegedly seen descending slowly and vertically. One of objects appears to blow up. TEMA activated.
–Eastern United States March 15, 1995 Evening
Description: Multiple sightings reported from the eastern United States of a bizarre blue-green, egg- shaped object that streaked across the night sky, hovered, and then streaked across the horizon.
–Cordova, AK March 28, 1995 Midnight
Woman sees object fly in front of her car several times in heavy fog. Suddenly, it stops and hovers just above her right fender. Several miles further along highway, she witnesses two discs on ground.
–Western Pennsylvania/Canada August 25, 1995 00:40 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: An extremely bright, perfectly round blue spherical object streaked south across Ontario, Canada, and then western Pennsylvania. Bizarre interaction with driver on Pennsylvania Turnpike.
–New England/Eastern Seaboard November 17, 1995 21:00 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: An extremely bright, yellow and blue disc streaks down the coast of Maine, over New England; rendezvous with six brightly lighted objects over New Jersey. Multiple reports to FAA.
–Doylestown, PA February 25, 1996 02:30 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: A young man was driving his van along Rte. 313, when he witnesses three peculiar “meteors” in the sky. His van stops suddenly, and he experiences several anomalous sensations.
–Phoenix, Arizona March 13, 1997 1955 hrs. (Mountain) Description: Multiple objects, estimated to be 1-2 miles in width, pass over the states of Nevada and Arizona. The objects hovered motionless in several locations. Very dramatic sighting by thousands.
–Eastern seaboard March 17, 1997 19:00 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: An FAA Air Traffic Controller telephones NUFORC to report multiple sighting reports by airline pilots of “metallic cigar tubes” tracking their aircraft for several seconds.
–Pacific Northwest November 14, 1997 21:20 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A bizarre cluster of lights moves across the night sky, generating thousands of reports. Some reports suggest significant magnetic anomalies occurred. Other reports in OR, CA, Mexico.
–Pacific Northwest April 22, 1998 2120 hrs. (Pacific) Description: A former Canadian CF-104 pilot in Whistler, B.C., is stunned to see a green ball of light streaking to the S; many witnesses. Obj. stops, flies directly over Bangor Sub Base nuclear weapons.
–Longview, WA February 25, 1999 1159 hrs. (Pacific) Description: Fourteen forestry workers witness a horseshoe shaped object lift an adult elk out of the forest and fly off with the apparently dead, or unconscious, animal.
–Southwest U. S. August 15, 1999 2318 hrs. (Mountain) Description: Observers throughout NM and CO are witness to an immense flash of intensely bright light, which illuminated up to 12,000 square miles like daylight. Occurs 2nd time in NV 22 min. later.
–Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX October 26, 1999 0236 hrs. (Central)
Description: Two airline pilots, both former military pilots, are shocked to see 3 gigantic lights approach their a/c at cruise altitude. Object executes sudden turn to east, streaks off. FAA audio report.
–St. Clair County, IL January 05, 2000 0410 hrs. (Central)
Description: Officers from eight police departments witness, pursue, and photograph a huge, triangular object. Object “jumps” an estimate 20 miles in seconds. Scott AFB claims they did not see object.
–Rockford, IL; Prescott, AZ February 2000 Evenings
Description: Multiple sightings of clusters of yellow lights appear over Prescott, AZ, and Rockford, IL. No explanation for the events. (See similar event over Carteret, NJ, for July 15, 2001.)
–Washington & B.C. April 28, 2000 2200 hrs. (Pacific) Description: Multiple witnesses to an extremely bright object streaking over Puget Sound from south to north. Looked like a silver disc. Stops over Aldergrove, B.C., descends, and streaks off.
–Rhode Island June 22, 2000 2115 hrs. (Eastern) Description: A commercial pilot, flying from Nantucket Island, MA, sees a charcoal-black, egg-shaped object streaking toward his airliner. The object is seen on radar to reverse its course and track the a/c!
–Oklahoma August 11, 2000 0200 hrs. (Central) Description: Law enforcement officer becomes lost at night on a rural road in Oklahoma. Is approached by strange creatures, and he fires his service revolver. Witness found by police in roadway.
–Victoria, B.C. August 12, 2000 0001 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A group of people at a wedding celebration witness a cluster of lights in the night sky, which form a symmetrical pattern, and hover for 5-10 minutes. The lights then streak off to the east.
–North Texas September 01, 2000 0230 hrs. (Central) Description: A young woman is driving alone through northern Texas, when a very large and strange light approaches her vehicle. She experiences missing time, and later returns to the site.
–Houston, TX September 08, 2000 0800 hrs. (Central) Description: A man driving to work on the outer ring road witnesses a very bizarre object moving slowly to the south over heavy traffic. He appears to be the only witness.
–Challis, Idaho (rural) September 27, 2000 2130 hrs. (Mountain) Description: Four hunters, all experienced outdoorsmen, witness a gigantic, unlighted triangular craft pass over their campsite. Two men drive to town. Two USAF F-16’s fly over camp. FAA report.
–Cygnet, OH October 31, 2000 1915 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: Two young men, driving from Florida to Detroit, witness a “fireball” streaking in front of their car, from east to west. The object stops, and they see that it is a black, egg-shaped object. Hovers.
–OR, WA, & B.C. March 13, 2001 Evening (3 hrs.)
Description: Multiple sightings of yellow lights in night sky over Oregon. Later, three yellow lights seen by many witnesses streaking in formation from south to north over Puget Sound.
–Mahnomen, MN March 28, 2001 0130 hrs. (Central)
Description: A Canadian truck driver witnesses a disc-shaped object hovering low over the local airport. The disc suddenly accelerates and shoots across the airport, where it hovers above trees.
–Bellevue, ID April 24, 2001 1235 hrs. (Mountain)
Description: A local businessman sees some movement in the western sky, and sees a disc-shaped object hovering against the mountains. Other discs streak up to the first, and then the cluster departs.
–Carteret, NJ July 15, 2001 00:30 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: Two clusters of yellow spheres move across New Jersey very rapidly, then slow and hover in the vicinity of Newark Airport. Multiple witnesses stop on New Jersey Turnpike to view.
–Rock River, WY August 17, 2001 2220 hrs. (Mountain)
Description: Multiple reports from Wyoming of a fireball streaking across the sky very rapidly. Railroad conductor witnesses a large, flaming ball of light hovering over an empty field.
–Roswell, NM January 07, 2002 2107 hrs. (Mountain)
Description: A man and his son see a dramatically bright fireball overhead, moving from south to north very rapidly. They could hear (!!) the meteor as they watched it pass overhead.
–Cape Girardeau, MO January 26, 2002 2145 hrs. (Central)
Description: A radar patrol officer witnesses an unlighted, disc-shaped object, move across the highway. He points his radar gun at the object, but gets no return. He pursues it, but it disappears.
–California Desert January 31, 2002 0530 hrs. (Pacific) Description: A senior INS Border Patrol officer and his dog witness a disc pass over their patrol vehicle very rapidly. Peculiar sound emanates from it. Seconds later, another dozen are witnessed.
–Salem, OR March 29, 2002 1920 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: Three teenagers witness several extremely bright lights in the evening sky above an empty field. The object is a triangular, solid craft. It suddenly changes color, turns, and streaks off.
–Bakersfield, CA March 29, 2002 2130 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A young couple, driving south on Interstate 5 approximately 100 miles north of Bakersfield, witness a triangular shaped craft moving slowly above nearby houses, illuminating them.
–Yuma, AZ March 30, 2002 1430 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A group of boaters on the Colorado River, approximately 30 miles north of Yuma, witness three, bright, disc-shaped objects in the sky. Two more suddenly appear. All streak north.
–Andrews AFB/Waldorf, MD July 26, 2002 01:30 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: Many people awakened by multiple launches of F-16 fighters, on afterburner, out of Andrews AFB. Witnesses observe two F-16’s in high-speed, low-altitude pursuit of “red ball of light.”
–Meriwether Co., GA April 13, 2003 19:45 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: Three adults are driving in a rural area of Georgia, when all three become aware of flashing lights behind their vehicle. Suddenly, the vehicle is filled with small spheres of red light.
–Rochester, IN April 8, 2004 22:00 hrs. (Central) Description: Multiple witnesses in northern Indiana witness a very large, disc-shaped object near their respective residences. Analysis suggests that the object was approximately 200 feet in width.
–Omaha, NE March 25, 2004 19:00 hrs. (Central)
Description: The crew of an airliner report seeing four disc-shaped objects, which remain visible ahead of the aircraft for 10-15 minutes. Objects did not appear on FAA radar during the entire sighting.
–Orlando, FL April 15, 2004 06:00 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: A woman awakens and walks to her screened bedroom window, sees a self-luminous spherical object hovering. Her housecat notices object, which suddenly streaks away.
–Port Clements, B.C. April 21, 2004 06:05 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A young woman walks out of her place of work and sees a contrail in the sky. Upon further observation, she observes tiny object near aircraft. Object suddenly disappears.
–McFall, MO May 04, 2004 03:45 hrs. (Central)
Description: A young woman on a newspaper delivery route witnesses a perfectly spherical, self- luminous “fireball” streak through the sky on the near side of nearby trees. Very fast object.
–Seattle, WA June 20, 2004 23:15 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: An adult male was standing outside in the University District, looking to the west, when he observed a bizarre, triangular craft streak from north to south in the clear, cloudless sky.
–Twin Cities, MN August 19, 2004 09:00-20:00 hrs. (Central)
Description: A very large, unidentified white object hovered over the Twin Cities area for approximately ten hours. No one, including the FAA or NWS, could identify the object.
–Tinley Park, IL August 21, 2004 22:30 hrs. (Central)
Description: Multiple witnesses report seeing three, or more, distinctly red lights hovering in the night sky. The lights moved, relative to one another, and moved off to the south.
–Tinley Park, IL October 31, 2004 23:00 hrs. (Central)
Description: Multiple, bright-red lights witnessed by hundreds of observers. Lights seen to manoeuvre as a group, move above the cloud layer, then slowly move to the west.
–Exeter, NH July 20, 2005-07-30 15:15 hrs. (Eastern)
Description: A former U. S. Navy Chief is mowing his lawn, looks up to the west, and reports witnessing a huge, cigar-shaped craft with multiple “windows” along its side.
–Tinley Park, IL September 30, 2005 23:15 hrs. (Central)
Description: Three red lights return to Tinley Park. Multiple witnesses over a wide area observe three red lights hover and manoeuvre in the night sky.
–O’Hare Airport, Chicago, IL November 07, 2006 16:00 hrs. (Central)
Description: Dozens of airline and FAA (?) personnel at O’Hare Airport observe a disc-shaped object hovering above Gate C-17. Object suddenly accelerates straight up, and disappears through overcast.
–Stephenville, TX January 08, 2008 18:07 hrs. (Central)
Description: Dozens, or hundreds, of witnesses observe an immense object streak across sky, then stop directly above town. Minutes later, object is seen being chased by F-16 fighters.
–O’Hare Airport, Chicago, IL August 04, 2008 19:01 hrs. (Central)
Description: A husband and wife, probably qualified witnesses, observe from Gate K-7 a dull-gray disc fly over the airport area.
–Chicago, IL November 04, 2008 21:30 hrs. (Central)
Description: A young woman, driving her small car on a three-lane road, is suddenly “shoved” into the right lane no apparent reason. Strange damage seen done to left side of car. No explanation.
–St. Louis, MO June 01, 2012 21:00 hrs. (Central)
Description: A St. Louis law enforcement officer and his wife and daughter witness 20-30 orange- colored “fireballs” move from west to east over I-55. The spectacle caused an auto collision.
–Beacon Rock State Park, WA June 02, 2012 20:30 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: Several groups of campers witness approximately 20 orange “fireballs,” apparently at very high altitude, which approached their campsite from the west, then turned to the north.
–Castle Rock, WA November 10, 2012 18:28 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A retired airline pilot, while driving east on Hwy. 504, witnessed three orange “fireballs” approaching, and descending, from the south. The witness turned around on highway, departed.
–Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2012 19:40 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A retired U. S. Marine Corps officer and his wife witness three orange “fireballs” in the nighttime sky.
–Spokane Valley, WA December 08, 2012 20:45 hrs. (Pacific)
Description: A group of approximately nine adults witness approximately 6-8 red/orange “fireballs” in the western sky.
–U.S. & Worldwide June 2012 to present All hours
Description: Several thousands of reports of red, orange, and yellow luminous objects, reported from across the U. S., Canada, and from other nations, as well. No ready explanation for what the objects are is apparent. Please see www.UFOCenter.com for original witness sighting reports.

David C. Scott Nucle
Gary Heseltine UK PO
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