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Richard Dolan Nuclear Tampering CHD 4-30

Richard Dolan
Citizen’s Hearing Panel. Nuclear Interest by UFOS ­ 1

From the beginning of the atomic age, there have been good reports of unknown objects with extraordinary capabilities being in the vicinity of our most advanced nuclear facilities. They certainly appear to be interested.

We are fortunate in having obtained a few items of interest via the Freedom of Information Act. It is obvious that much remains beyond our reach, but what we have is certainly of interest. I’m going to describe a few of these documents for you, but first I want to describe an event that is not in a declassified document, but a written account from a credible witness that really is quite fascinating.

This is from a U.S. Navy officer named Byron D. Varner, who wrote a privately published book called

Living on the Edge: An American war hero’s daring feats as a Navy fighter pilot, civilian test pilot, and CIA mercenary.

This book includes a UFO encounter by another Navy Pilot, Rolan Powell. Both of these gentlemen was interviewed at length by the then­head of the Mutual UFO Network, Mr. Walter Andruss.

Here’s what happened:

In July 1945, near the close of the Pacific War, the Hanford Atomic Facility, located in the State of Washington, was one of the key elements of America’s new nuclear infrastructure. Although by now no one thought the Japanese could threaten it, there were still standby aircraft, armed and ready at all times, just in case.

At noon, an alert was sounded. Radar had detected a fast­moving object that was now in a holding pattern directly above the Hanford plant. It was extremely high, and no one can see it at first. Six pilots, flying Grumman F­6F Hellcats, were sent up. Finally, they saw it and flew to intercept it. It was estimated to be at 65,000 feet. Extremely high.

No one can recognize it. It had what the book described as “a saucer­like appearance,” bright, extremely fast, and very high. The pilot Rolan Powell later described the object to be as large as “three aircraft carriers side by side, oval shaped, very streamlined like a stretched­out egg and pinkish in color.” It emitted a kind of vapor, he said, around the outside edges, from portholes or vents. He speculated that the vapor was being discharged to form a cloud for disguise.


The pilots are baffled and told to go higher. They reply, “if we go much higher we can ruin these engines.” The answer comes back: “Blow the engines if you have to, but use full military power, full throttle injection, maximum, continuous. Go for it!”

They are told that if the engines quite, they are to “glide back towards the airport and hope that you make it.”

Even so, no one can get close enough to the object. It didn’t seem to do anything. It merely hovered there as if observing, staying well enough out of reach. The pilots could not believe its ability to hover like this. Finally, some of the engines did begin to fail, fuel consumption got critical, and the planes returned to base. After this, the strange craft disappeared as quickly as it came. It did not return.

The pilots had pushed their aircraft up to 42,000 feet, well above their maximum ceiling of 37,000 feet. A rather serious event.

There was no press coverage of any of this, not surprisingly.

Now, some might quibble that this is just a story, unconfirmed by any government or military document. But this was a detailed story from an experienced WWII pilot, and you can take from it what you will. We do, however, have a number of declassified government documents that describe UFOs being seen over America’s nuclear facilities in the early atomic era.

Several from the FBI describe a series of events over and near Los Alamos, a central component of America’s nuclear program.

One document, from January 31, 1949, and other from a year and a half later, August 1950, describe

what can only be called invasions of sensitive airspace by unknown and very extraordinary objects.

The first document gives specific dates for the initial sightings when they began in December 1948. In that month, they occurred on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 20th, and 28th. The witnesses were nearly all of very high calibler: Special Agents of OSI, Airline Pilots; Military Pilots, and Los Alamos Security Inspectors. There was some speculation that the objects were Soviet, but no reasons or evidence were offered. Meteorites were ruled out.

The provisional conclusion was that this was either a previously unknown natural phenomena or


something man made. Except that no one seemed to know of any project anywhere that could have caused the sightings. After more than 60 years, we still don’t.

The later document said that a total of roughly 150 observations had been made. It noted that there had been three types of objects. First, the type known as Green Fireballs, which were “objects moving at high speed in shapes resembling half­moons, circles, and discs emitting green light.” The second type were a bit more of the in­your­face variety, that is, “Discs, round flat shaped objects or phenomena moving at fast velocity and emitting a brilliant white light or reflected light.” Third the author writes “Meteors,” at which the reader might breathe a sigh of relief. Except that he then writes: “aerial phenomena resembling meteoric material moving at high velocity and varying in color.” Colors noted were white, amber, red, and green. Quite a range.

Another key place where the U.S. developed its atomic technology was at Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Here is where the Manhattan Project had established a pilot plant for the production of plutonium. UFOs were reported from here, as well. A declassified teletype from October 13, 1950 stated that, the night before, an Air Force radar installation picked up eleven unknown objects or perhaps more, traveling across Oak Ridge. These were slow moving, and at low altitude, from 1000 to 5000 feet. Fighters were scrambled but the pilots saw nothing. The teletype stated that “no reasonable explanation for radar readings yet developed although operators are experienced reliable personnel and radar set is in perfect operating condition.”

This was only the beginning at Oak Ridge. An FBI teletype of December 5, 1950 writes of six unidentified objects over Oak Ridge from the previous day. It’s clear that people were scratching their heads, and some wondered if there was a possible weather phenomenon going on. Yet yet another teletype from the FBI’s Richmond Office, dated December 8, 1950, stated: “This office very confidentially advised by Army Intelligence, Richmond, that they have been put on immediate high alert for any data whatsoever concerning flying saucers.”

Violations of air space there occurred on the 15th and 16th of December 1950, and quite a few over the next few months.

Recall that this was during the Korean War. A major crisis was occurring on the other side of the world, monopolizing the new and the efforts of the U.S. military, and yet we have this statement.

Odd craft were seen for quite some time over Oak Ridge. A fascinating document from late 1953 describes a visual sighting of a UFO seen over the facility. An F­86 fighter aircraft had just flown by, after


which a black object was seen to appear out of a high white cloud, about 12000 to 15000 feet altitude. It began to travel in large circles very rapidly for at least five minutes. Sometimes it looked cigar shaped, sometimes round. Now, in the words of the report:

“Object was extremely black in color, having an appearance of a deep black metal exterior with a fine gloss. It did not leave a vapor trail …. No sound was heard. The object flew east at a tremendous speed for what appeared to be three miles where it stopped. The object was then joined by two more of these same objects. A formation similar to a spread “V” was formed and the objects, at a tremendous speed flew in an eastward direction.”

Rather extraordinary.

Incidentally, there is one more document describing a UFO over the Hanford Nuclear Plant, which came up at the beginning of my statement. Well, We have an Air Force memo from August 8, 1950, which shows us that Hanford continued to be a place of interest. Listen to this brief statement:

“Since 30 July 1950 objects, round in form, have been sighted over the Hanford AEC Plant…. Air Force jets attempted interception with negative results. All units including the anti­aircraft battalion, radar units, Air Force fighter squadrons, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been alerted for further observation. The Atomic Energy Commission states that the investigation is continuing …”

All I can say is, good grief. Do you think they were taking this seriously? Yes, I think they were.

These are more than mere accident or coincidence. Anyone charged with security over these vital installations would have to take these events very seriously. Indeed, not to do so would be a grave violation of one’s sworn duty to protect and defend such installations. And it would not be hard to see why deep secrecy would dominate the subject of UFOs.

There are other incidents regarding UFOs and Nuclear installations that occurred in later years. I will discuss some of those in the next panel shortly. There is even evidence that these types of events have continued to occur much more recently, although they are harder to confirm. And yet, the events which took place so long ago not only demand a scientific analysis, but also cry out to be understood for what they were: a key component in the implementation of secrecy so profound, so serious, that they contributed to the creation of a state within a state, not bound by the traditional American goals of public openness and responsiveness to the people.


One might argue that such events are so serious that the public really doesn’t have a need to know. Well, I beg your pardon, but I do think that citizens in a free republic, if they are to govern, which is the basic idea, do have a need to know the important things in their world.

Richard Dolan
Citizen’s Hearing Panel. Nuclear Interest by UFOS ­ 2
Earlier, I spoke about the appearance of unknown and extraordinary objects engaging in what appeared to be some sort of monitoring or observation of key American nuclear facilities during the very early Cold War. I need not point out that this is a serious development, and one would think that academic historians would find this to be something noteworthy of study. And yet, to this day, there is not one single academic monograph or book length study on any of this. There are a few serious works on the matter, including my own, but none that come from a university setting.
This, despite the fact that the accounts of such events are right there in the public record, courtesy of the declassification process, and can easily be obtained not merely by going to the National Archives repository in College Park, Maryland, but simply by going online and hunting them down. It’s not hard to do.
One of these reports describes an extraordinary event at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, on August 24, 1966.
This base was a major Strategic Air Command (SAC) base at the time, with nuclear­tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as manned bombers and aerial refueling aircraft.
That night, an airman radioed to the base about a multicolored light, very high in the sky. A team went to the location, confirmed the original unknown, then saw a second, white object pass in front of clouds. The base radar tracked the object, which was as high as 100,000 feet (almost twenty miles). The object rose and descended several times; each time it descended, an air force officer in charge of a missile crew found his radio transmission interrupted by static, even though he was sixty feet below the ground. The object eventually descended to ground level ten to fifteen miles south of the area. The Air Force sent a strike team to check. Apparently, they saw the object either on the ground or hovering very low. According to the official report:
“When the team was about ten miles from the landing site, static disrupted radio contact with them. Five to eight minutes later, the glow diminished, and the UFO took off. Another UFO was visually sighted and confirmed by radar. The one that was first sighted passed beneath the second. Radar also confirmed this. The first made for altitude toward the north, and the second seemed to disappear with the glow of red.”
The incident lasted nearly four hours and was confirmed by three different missile sites.
As with all good UFO reports, there are some serious questions here. What kind of object could make the dramatic changes in altitude that were noted? What was the mission involved in these unknown objects? That is, what were they doing? And ­­ a real puzzler ­­ who could have been manufacturing them? The Russians? Really? Of course, in nearly 50 years, nothing has turned up to point to such a conclusion, but the real question is, what kind of technology could have done that. In particular with the ability to jam the radio transmissions? Certainly what it looks like is that some agency with tremendous technology was snooping around one of America’s key ICBM sites. Then it just … left.
We have a few more nuggets, legacies of the Glory Era of the American Freedom of Information Act.
On the evening of October 27, 1975, a low­hovering object invaded the airspace of Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine. This object penetrated the perimeter just 300 feet above the ground. Personnel inside the base said it had a white strobe light and what appeared to be a red navigation light. It circled inside the base and came to within 300 yards of the nuclear weapons area, By that time it was only 150 feet above the ground. For about an hour, while the object was being observed, the base was on high alert status. All attempts to identify the object failed. It then left and went north toward Canada.
Twenty­four hours later, the scene was repeated. Security personnel saw an object approaching from the north at an altitude of 3,000 feet. It had flashing white lights and a solid amber light. Even though it was under constant radar and visual observation, it somehow disappeared several times. On the previous night, the base commander had been denied air support; this time he received permission for a National Guard helicopter to be dispatched.
Before the helicopter arrived, however, this object did something rather impressive. It had been keeping a distance of at least three miles from the base all the while; now, somehow, it penetrated the base perimeter and appeared over the end of the runway, not more than 150 feet off the ground. Personnel nearby described it as red and orange, and resembling a stretched out football. The object hovered in mid­air, then turned out its lights and seemingly disappeared. Its lights went on and off several times. When, on one occasion, the lights turned back on, the object had gotten very close to the weapons storage area. By now, it was 1 a.m., which means the encounter had been going on for more than five hours. there is a record stating that the National Guard helicopter unsuccessfully attempted to contact and identify the object at this time. Then, for another two hours, the object remained inside or very close to the base, as it was seen over the weapons storage area once again at 3 a.m., completely unlit but visible to ground personnel.
Consider how ominous and provocative this action was. When the helicopter again arrived to investigate, its crew members could not see the object, even though the frustrated ground personnel plainly saw both objects. Shortly after, the unknown craft flew off. It had been inside the base for seven hours.
Those who insist upon conventional explanations to this event might consider the possibility of the intruder being a helicopter. The problem is that no one heard any sounds from the object, despite its low altitude. Moreover, several times, personnel could see its shape, yet none described it as a helicopter. As with the other incursions of this period, the identity of this intruder has never been confirmed.
Equally fascinating were the events of November 7 and 8, 1975 at Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base. The base contained ICBMs over a very large area. At 3 p.m., electronic sensors detected an intrusion at one of the missile sites. A Sabotage Alert Team was ordered to investigate, and when the members came to within a mile of the site, they reported by radio that they could see a bright glowing orange disk as large as a football field. It was simply hovering there, over the missile site. It was apparently an unsettling sight to behold, because when they were ordered to proceed to the site, the men refused to go any further.
The object soon began to rise, whereupon it was registered on NORAD radar. F­106 interceptors were scrambled, but the object continued to rise to the incredible altitude of 200,000 feet. This is more than double the ceiling of the ultra­high flying U­2 spy plane, and the intercepting jets never saw the object. Upon inspection, a missile at the site showed indications that its computerized targeting system had been tampered with, and it had to be removed. It would appear that the UFO was responsible.
More UFOs reported the following night at the base. Once again, two F­106s were scrambled, whereupon ground personnel observed a cat­and­mouse game during which the UFOs turned off their lights each time the jets approached. When the jets departed, the objects would turn their lights back on. Clearly, these objects were able to outclass American intercepting jets with ease.
There are other stories indicating UFO interest in nuclear technology and weapons. The problem is that many are unconfirmed. They may well be true, and the people describing the events often have high credibility. But again, our efforts are hampered, frankly, by an excess of restrictions that have been placed upon the public’s legitimate right to know. It has been over thirty years since FOIA was truly convenient to UFO researchers, in which new and fresh information could be obtained.
We are so busy congratulating ourselves on being a free society, that many people forgotten actually to 3
look long and hard at what kind of system has been evolving over the years. Former President Eisenhower warned, many years ago, of the dangers posed by the growing Military­Industrial complex. Indeed, our nation and world have transformed so radically since that time, but yet we still use the same terminology as before: we talk about democracy and republican institutions. But these are meaningless words today, if citizens are shut out from what they need to know in order to govern. By removing such key information, the result is that citizens become infantilized, ignorant, dulled, distracted, and no longer able to fulfill the critical role they need to in order to maintain a free society.
The appearance of unknown craft and highly advanced technology is something that affects not merely national security interests, but the entire world and everyone in it. We are not served by dealing with this in an atomized, isolated manner. We need to organize, we need to share data, we need to share ideas, and mostly we need to act intelligently in a coordinated fashion. And yet, every step of the way, there has been a silent yet overpowering player, embedded somewhere in the U.S. national security structure, that is immune to public inquiry, and certainly does not support the public’s legitimate interest in learning the full truth of what I believe to be the most important existential development of our time. The appearance of … let us call them “Others,” here on planet Earth, interacting in some manner with humanity.
Thank you.

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