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Richard Dolan The Truth Embargo CHD 5-03

Richard Dolan Citizens’ Hearing Truth Embargo
One of the striking thing about UFOs is the discrepancy between the quantity of astonishing sightings on the one hand, and the lack of responsible treatment of it by our major media, our academic and scientific institutions, and our political system.
This is a shame, because there is very good research is being done every day. Many of those researchers have been here this week. Others are out there, too, such as the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), which collects and analyzes encounters that the aviation industry has with unknown objects. There are thousands of such cases. Another group is Project 1947, which has done documented UFO phenomena during the early cold war years. There are outstanding research websites, such as UFOevidence.org. There are also many excellent research groups in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
None of them get any love from America’s dumdum media, which prefers to lump the whole subject into a big tin foil hat and instead write about the latest escapes of Kim Kardashian.
But this is a symptom of a deeper problem. To understand why there is a truth embargo we need to come to terms with the fact that America’s major media groups lost their independence a long time ago. We all know about media consolidation, we all know about the intimate relationships that have existed for years between the elite members in the corporate media empire and the political leadership, and particular with the military and intelligence community.
Last year — one example only — it was learned that the Pentagon spends some $4 billion a year to sway public opinion. Aside from asking just why Americans ought to be paying their own government to brainwash them — I mean, talk about getting shafted both ways — this is simply one facet of many that highlights a revolving door through which passes the military-industrial complex, the media, the academic community, and more. National Security money, which is our nation’s greatest and most egregious waste of all, has infiltrated everything, and that certainly means the once-upon-a-time integrity of our journalists and media corporations.
This is repugnant to any freedom loving people. But those individuals benefitting from this system are not freedom loving — unless they mean their own freedom.
The bottom line is that, because UFOs are a definite matter of national security, those national security decision makers have made it certain that this subject

remains out of sight as much as possible. Is this not obvious, by now? Why would they do this? Well, many reasons.
Let’s touch on the matter of oil. Because even a child can understand that that these objects do not need oil to travel from Point A to Point B. Whatever powers flying saucers is something different, something better. So if the President were to announce the reality of these things, how long do you think it would be before scientists openly begin to study the nature of the propulsion and power system of UFOs? This would immediately challenge oil, not simply as the world’s leading source of power. But it would severely threaten the entire global financial system, which is based on oil. Probably 90 percent of the value of any product you can think of is determined by the energy that went into making and transporting it. In most cases, that means oil. To say nothing of the millions of jobs that rely on the petroleum industry. We’re talking One. Big. Overhaul. Of everything that matters in the global economy.
Can we think for an instant that those individuals “in the know” haven’t thought about this?
Especially if there is that holy grail involved: some form of free energy. What if this new form of energy can’t easily be monetized? What if? Could the global financial structure afford free energy? A perverse question, to be sure, but one that has to be important to those individuals at the top of the human power structure.
And of course, there is the political nightmare. Any announcement of this reality would come at the cost of worldwide public anger. No one wants to learn they have been lied to for an entire human lifetime. They would want to know just how this secret was kept. That’s a big key right there. That would lead inevitably to questions about why Congress was kept out of the loop, why our major institutions missed the boat, and just who has been managing the secret.
That would lead, obviously, to a wholesale investigation of Black Budget America. Shining sunlight into a very dark place.
What might we find? Well, consider, just consider, that Roswell was indeed what the researchers here two days ago discussed so eloquently and cogently. That it was the retrieval of alien technology, and perhaps bodies. In fact, there are a number of well researched UFO crash events. Suppose for a moment that it happened.
That would mean that the coverup involves much more than mere knowledge of other beings here on Planet Earth. It would mean there is possession of such advanced technology as to be nearly incomprehensible, at least at first. Hard to consider, right? And yet, an inevitable conclusion.
So, what happens when teams of brilliant scientists, with total secrecy, and nearly limitless black budget funds, are able to study recovered alien technology for many years, and even decades?
Could it not be that, given enough time and effort, even if they couldn’t replicate what they found, they might have learned a few things. Such claims have been made, and it is reasonable to suppose that breakthroughs would have been made. Breakthroughs such as solid-state electronics, fiber optics, high-tensile fibers, lasers, and an array of other money-making opportunities for the defense and other industries. None of this has been proven, but it is also true that the private research undertaken in classified environments is not easy for outside researchers to observe. In fact, it would be be very easy to hide the Roswell connection in the historical treatment of these and other technologies.
Another relevant consideration of such breakthroughs is that they would reduce to zero any incentive to reveal the secret to the public. Why give up the goose that lays golden eggs?
But now matters become even more interesting. Because what if some of the breakthroughs were even more significant? What if they included secrets to what is known as field propulsion or electrogravitics? What if they led to a new source of energy, something that could replace petroleum?
To those managing these Special Access Programs, they could never allow such breakthroughs to see the light of day. Of course, those scientists doing the research would need to continue and learn everything they could about electrogravitics, antigravity, new sources of energy, and any related topics.
Consider also, what happens when such breakthroughs become classified? We know it happens, all too frequently, that public science has become hostage to national security. What we are looking at is a situation in which the classified, black budget world — at least part of it — has gone so far ahead of the rest of us, that we may with justice almost look upon them as a separate society. Something I have sometimes called “a breakaway civilization.”
How far ahead might some of that classified world be? Those of us on the outside, trying to peek in, can only make educated guesses — or investigate occasional leaks. My own conclusion, at least for now, is that they are very far ahead indeed, with the ability even to enter and leave Earth orbit with much greater ease than people suspect, perhaps a clandestine space fleet, most likely a significant built infrastructure, a large portion of which is deep underground. And even — why not? — interactions or encounters with non-human intelligences. Why would that be so impossible?
To what extent would such a group even answer to the President of the United
States? Do they, rather, answer to private international financial powers, which is basically how the entire world already operates?
I had a long conversation once with a retired senior intelligence official. He had given briefings to President Reagan. This man knows a very great deal about UFOs. He told me that he has spoken to 18 former Presidents, CIA Directors, and DoD Secretaries about UFOs. Their attitudes fell into three categories. One group, of roughly 3 or 4 of them, said essentially, “what’s wrong with you? why wasted your time with that nonsense?” Another equally small group made it clear that they had been briefed on the matter and knew this was very serious. But the largest group, at least half of these individuals, who had been at the pinnacle of power, said, “you know about UFOs? I would love to know about that but got nowhere. Can you share what you know?”
In other words, our top political leadership, with a few exceptions, is locked out of this subject. Because they come and go, but the programs managers are lifers. They seem to answer to someone else.
Recall the words of the late Senator Daniel Inouye from 1987.
“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”
He was onto something.
The things that are real are the things that are denied to us. The things that we see in our dumdum media are the most illusory. This is no accident.
But not everyone can sit passively, avoiding the difficult questions. It is up to those people who care enough to become warriors for truth. I don’t pretend this is easy. It can be maddeningly difficult. In so doing, we find ourselves at odds with a formidable structure of power.
Still, in the context of something as brief and ephemeral as a human life, what can be more rewarding, what more worthy, than an unswerving dedication to the fight for Truth?

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