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Shili Sun President of World Chinese UFO Federation CHD 5-02

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon
I’m Shili Sun, president of World Chinese UFO Federation, which serves as a communication platform for the global Chinese on all aspects of UFO.
Although my career is in international affairs and international economics, and had been a diplomat and university professor; since the mid-1970s, I started to spend time on the subject of UFO and the study of the mysteries of the universe. Since the establishment of China UFO Research Institute in 1980, I’ve been actively involved in the leadership of this largest UFO organization in the world, and later of the World Chinese UFO Federation. I’m in a way become a witness to the history of China UFO research, also its advocate.
Since 1990s, I participated in a series of international conferences in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Oceania for the most widely UFO international academic exchanges;
I have had interviews on China UFO research development and results with world medias including the Associated Press, AFP, BBC, CNN, NBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Times Magazine, and the most prestigious science and technology channel—discovery; we’ve also had interviews with Chinese State Xinhua News Agency and CCTV.
Chinese UFO scholars engaged in the study with the most stringent scientific spirit, over the past 33 years of long and arduous journey, they have made fruitful scientific achievements, which are reflected in several aspects:
1, everyone on this planet has a “cosmic roots” nature; they have a right to explore and to know the mysteries of the universe and the alien world. The mission of Chinese UFO scholars is to help each of our citizens to find the truth of the universe, any attempt to cover up the truth is unacceptable.
2, Statistics of the China UFO groups showed that people involve in the subject of UFO in an overwhelming scale; according to statistics, in china, out of 1.3 billion population, there are 3 million UFO enthusiasts; and those who are interested in UFO subject or believe to varied extent the existence of UFO and aliens takes up roughly half of the country’s intellectual population, or about 500 million people.
Senior scholars at China UFO Research Institute come from scientific research agencies including aerospace, aviation, aircraft manufacturing, astronomy, meteorology, geology, basic science research, and National Defense Science and Industry; some of them are well known figures who not only concerned with UFO but have been working closely with research organizations; these are Xuesen Qian, Ganchang Wang, mathematician Jingrun Chen, astronomers, the president of University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and many others. China UFO Research Institute has more than 100,000 members consisted of scientists, inventors and senior engineers, all contributing to the study of UFO and extraterrestrial civilizations.
3. After years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself are convinced of the authenticity of UFO, the existence of UFO and aliens. To testify the existence of the UFO and aliens, we’ll show everyone many of the most classic of the Third Kind cases; they include the Phoenix Mountain event, Feixiang Trapeze event, Beijing Tso Kung event, River Forest event, and Mayang alien research station event. In addition, there are those UFO encounter event by civil aviation and military aircraft; in those cases, we had interaction with the national civil aviation system and the military.
4. China has the earliest and most recorded cases of the Third Kind in the world’s record of UFO case. The earliest records can be traced back to 12000 years ago, prehistoric records carved in ancient stone plate. According to studies, up to 5000 years of written history, there is a wealth of suspected mysterious UFO-related data and files, including the ancient dynasties of local governments County, official documents, history, ancient scientific literature, and even in civil literary works, where a large number of UFO sightings and the Third Kind magical record very similar to the modern UFO cases can be found. This may be the most objective and powerful evidence that prove the real existence of the UFO and the long interaction of humans and an alien civilization.
5. Physical evidence of an alien civilization. Ancient Aliens statue may be the powerful evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. We have a number of jade statues of ancient aliens, which closely resemble the aliens, judging from the statues and the formation of water crystals grew out from the crevice, experts appraisal indicates that these statues should have
been in existence for at least 100 million years. This may also be the earliest evidence of alien civilization’s communication with the Earth.
6. Special study channel of extraterrestrial civilization. In China, there are thousands of “alien psychic” who claim to be receiving information from the outer planets, some of these information has a high scientific and practical value. A few individual alien psychics also claimed that they have communicated with the universe repository, and have even obtained core secrets of the universe. These claims have always been viewed as controversial. We have organized a group of experts with special experience to conduct in-depth research and verification tests; so far they have made encouraging initial results.
7. Chinese UFO scholars worked independently or cooperatively with scientists and inventors in the design, manufacture and experimentation of dozens of high-performance disc shaped aircraft with all new power systems, aerospace new materials and new process. At the same time, we have conducted R&D on many other state-of-the-art technology including new energy, environmental protection, pollution treatment, disaster prevention and mitigation, medicine and health engineering, biological engineering, genetic engineering, and have participated in solution finding for a series of universal problems, which have achieved remarkable results. Chinese UFO scholars recognize that the study of the sky is for the benefit of the ground; research of the outer planets is for the benefit of the planet we live in. We are not from outer planet, but we are concerned with it; we are not savior, yet our study is for finding the salvation; the salvation of humanity living environment, of this blue planet; we are no Einstein, but our mission is to transcend in order to fulfill his wishes—to solve the unified field theory of the universe, and to create an all new time and space.
Let’s work together to uncover the truth of the universe, and to meet a new era of interstellar civilization.

Nick Pope The UK MoD
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