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Stanton Friedman Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan Role in UFOs CHD 5-01

Documents Panel

Documents.. 10 minutes for CHD Panel 2, Wednesday, May 4,10:45 AM

I must admit that I am a document hound and have visited 20 different Archives.including many visits to the Truman,, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan Presidential Archives, the National Archives, The Library of Congress Manuscript Division. There have been special sites such as the Harvard Archives (Papers of Donald Menzel), The Princeton Archives (papers of James Forrestal), MIT Archives (Papers of Vannevar Bush), The American Philosophical Society Library (Which has some papers of Edward Condon, Donald Menzel, Philip Klass.), Boston University Archives (John Fuller, Ben Simon) etc

There have been surprises and I have seen many phony documents (not at archives) especially ones supposedly dealing with the Majestic 12 group. I am fortunate in that having worked under security for 14 years, I dealt often with classified documents and learned the rules of the game.

I have found that there are many misconceptions about documents these include: A. Documents are periodically reviewed for declassification and must be declassified after a certain number of years (NOT SO). B. People working on classified projects (such as Majestic 12) would of course talk to a spouse about what they were doing. (I had a clearance for 14 years and never talked to my wife about classified work). Van Bush’s secretary told me she worried about saying something classified in her sleep, because her husband did not have a clearance.

C Having a certain level clearance, such as TOP SECRET, gives one access to all TOP SECRET Documents (False .One needs a need to know.)I couldn’t get access to US Nuclear Submarine radiation shielding information though I had the appropriate security clearance, but no need to know for access for my aircraft nuclear propulsion program shielding work.

D.Higher security documents can be referenced in lower security ones.NO

E. That all documents have been scanned and are easily accessed from a home computer . Would that it were so.There are various technical archives for which this may be true. For example, in 1970, at McDonnell Douglas I had a search done of Government Contract reports using the keyword Magnetoaerodynamics. They found 900 documents of which 90% were classified. I suspect some were for black projects. And maybe even dealing with plasmas and UFOs.

I have spent a great deal of effort on the question of legitimacy of the Majestic 12 documents and have reported my findings in my Book “TOP SECRET/MAJIC”, in an update Chapter in my book “Flying Saucers and Science”, and in my “Final Report on Operation Majestic 12”. I have dealt with all the anti arguments about “The Eisenhower Briefing Document” , “The Truman Forrestal Memo”, “ The Cutler Twining Memo”. All three stand up to the attacks. That includes proving that Donald Menzel did loads of very classified work though unknown to the outside world. I showed that Phil Klass’ false claim that the Pica typeface on the Cutler Twining memo proved it was a phony, by providing many documents using the same size and style type. He paid me $1000. for proving him wrong. It has been claimed that the use of generic ranks (such as Admiral instead of rear admiral for officers such as Roscoe Hillenkoetter) proves the document is false. It was standard practice in many situations as I demonstrated . I have also shown that there are dozens of phony documents prepared to try to confuse the Issue. One called

deuterium Light hydrogen. It is Heavy hydrogen. One instructed general Twining “ to proceed to New Mexico when you are finished at Sandia”. But Sandia is in New Mexico. One claimed General Spaatz met with General Twining on a certain date and location. Their flight logs and desk calendars showed that wasn’t true.

I have had lots of help from Archivists. Two stated that they each had TOP SECRET Documents without Top Secret control numbers. Two debunkers had claimed that all TS documents had to have TS control numbers. NOT SO.. I asked an archivist at the Marshall Archives if he could see any reason why General Wedemeyer, a China expert, would have been involved in Majestic 12. He couldn’t think of any, but referred me to Wedemeyer’s book. It was at the University of New Brunswick Library a mile from my home and contained 3 documents that some faker had retyped with a few changes. They were clearly emulations. Other books provided originals served as genuine when they weren’t.

There are some important questions that need attention. Because some documents are fraudulent does NOT mean that all are. The fact that more than 99% of naturally occurring isotopes are not fissionable doesn’t mean none are. Because about 80% of UFO sightings can be explained as relatively conventional phenomena, doesn’t mean the other 20% can also be explained. The Basketball coach knows that most people aren’t seven feet tall. He is happy to find one person who is.

Also there can be gaps. Phil Klass’papers at the American Philosophical Library are extensive, but contain no Friedman file, though we corresponded for more than 20 years. I suspect he didn’t want anybody to know that he paid me that $1000. for proving him wrong or that I had pointed out that other of his claims were also nonsense

One debunker claimed that all the Documents in the AF Headquarters files of Record Group 341 were TOP SECRET and that all had control numbers and I was well aware of that. I pointed out that the Finders Aid showed that there were over 8000‘ of shelf space(About 1000 4 drawer file cabinets.), for RG 341. Less than 10% of the documents were TS.

One must also be wary that a widely distributed SECRET Document might have to have some lies about no crash retrieval if not everybody on the distribution list had a Top Secret Code word clearance. This applies to a memo from General Twining to attendees at a general briefing session.

Stanton T. Friedman www.stantonfriedman.com fsphys@rogers.com


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