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Steve Allen Stephanville Texas Sightings CHD 5-03

Good Morning Distinguished Members of the Panel. Greetings from the Lone Star State. Thank you for taking time to investigate. I hope it will be rewarding.
My name is Steve Allen. Please forgive me but I am NOT a public speaker so I will do the best I can. In fact I am just an ole county boy so bear with me. I live near Stephenville, Texas. I am an Owner of a transportation company. I am pilot of private aircraft. Been flying most of my life. I am a witness to what I feel and others have said could very well be the most significant sighting in history! Why you ask? Several reasons. Multiple witnesses, including citizens, business owners, former FAA air traffic controller, ranchers and Law Enforcement. There have been multiple witnesses of events in the past but this time….Well….You know, people may not remember all details, distort the facts and even lie to you! BUT! This time there is a very comprehensive radar report compiled from several government radars! The radars have no hidden agenda and no emotion! It simply reports what it sees. Here is MY story.
On the evening of January 8, 2008 at 6:15 pm in Seldon, Texas just outside of Stephenville, Texas at my friend’s home Mike Odom. I witnessed a set of 4 VERY bright, high intensity lights flying extremely fast and at very low altitude. What seemed to be coming directly at us flying from East to West. I knew immediately that it is nothing I had ever seen. I paid very close attention to all details. I had the feeling this would be a historic event. The object appeared to be very large. About 1⁄2 mile wide and close to a mile long. The lights came past us at approximately 3000 feet agl (above ground level). It was up close and personal! This was NOT something WAY out in the heavens but it was right there before our eyes! It was totally silent. Made no wind nose, no engine noise. Nothing! As the craft traveled past us I had a strange feeling they were aware we were watching them and they were aware of us as well! Never had that feeling. Also as the object passed by us you could see 7 extremely bright lights in the rear of the craft all in a horizontal fashion, blinking in no particular order. The object came to a complete stop over Stephenville Texas about 3 to 4 miles away. The 7 lights reconfigured into a arch shape like the top of a football then to a vertical shape, then in a split second they duplicated with 2 sets of 7 lights. Then in a brief moment they burst into light colored flames almost white in color, which looked to be contained in a large box or a rectangle shape. Then about 3 or 4 seconds later they simply disappeared. Did not streak off in the distance but simply disappeared. I was y amazed!
One of the members of our party, a rural mail carrier Lance Jones abruptly left the scene after the event. All to our disbelief we ran in my friends home Mike Odom, which had witnessed the event as well and told his wife Claudette. She doubted us and wanted to call Lance Jones the mail carrier to verify our story. We invited her to do so. Claudette telephone Mr. Jones and he instructed us to run back outside as it was coming back. We bolted out the door. Sure enough this time the object was traveling from West to East and a very high rate of speed! BUT! This time I could hear the roar of jets in the immediate distance. Then a moment later Sure enough the object had 2 F-16’s in HOT pursuits! Full afterburner. The flames were pertruding from the aft of the aircrafts! They were down on the deck, very close to us! They shook the ground and rattled the windows! The object was much closer than the first sighting moments before. We stood there silently, in amazement and watched the object with the jets chasing; speed off into the distance over the horizon.
The next morning I reported the event to my local airport where I hangar my aircraft. After they made several calls they were unable to find out anything. Then I contacted the local newspaper. Like opening a Pandora’s box. That is when the world found out about the event. I made the dire mistake of putting my telephone number in the article. I received MANY phone calls daily with no less than 60 calls per day from actual witnesses. All of people that had witnessed the event! Some were willing to come forward with their story and some would not! In the next few days we were on ALL the local news channels. CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox. Then 4 days after the event, The Larry King Show, then several days later O’Rilley Factor, Good Morning America, Prime Time, Peter Jennings just to name a few. National Geographic, History channel, Discovery Channel to name just a few made productions centered around the event. In the early stages Anglia Joiner from the local newspaper Empire Tribune, E.T. for short (how ironic) contacted Major Carl Lewis @ the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Ft Worth. He consistently denied any of their aircraft in the area and attempted to explain it away. He offered several possible scenarios. But non-were plausible. Ten days later, low and behold a press release stating they did in fact have 10 F-16’s in the area.
Then came Robert Powell and Glen Schulze. They filed several Freedom of Information Act Documents. They complied the radar data hits (in the millions) and…..The Schulze- Powell Report. Sure enough a very detailed comprehensive report emerged. There it was! An unidentified aircraft with NO TRANSPONDER traveling from East to West at 1900- 2100 mph. Then in less than 10 seconds slowing to less than 50 mph over Stephenville,Texas. What could do this? THEN the object reversed course and traveling from West to East with the 2– F-16’s in pursuit! What else did the report show? Well, 8 additional F-16’s. 4 F-16s on either side of the craft attempting to flank the object. ……Also AWACS (Airborne Warning Command System) That’s the aircraft with giant Frisbee like radar on its rear, at 41,000 foot circling the area for over 4 hours. Powell and Schulze also received copies of the F-16 logbooks. Many had been redacted to cover up? The craft ended up 10 miles from the Former President Bush’s “Western White House” Crawford, Texas. Then we had no more radar info. We do not know.
All I know do is what I observed. This event, well you did not need to be a trailed observer, a pilot or anything else to describe it. A first grader could have reported this.
To me. All this is very concerning! It has forever been etched into my brain! Has affected my life in many ways! Mostly for the good. More questions than answers. What could of out performed out best aircraft? Why were we chasing it with vengeance? Is it a danger to others or myself while flying? Do they mean us harm? I think we all have more questions than answers. My self and the public respectfully demands answers. Hopefully you will be able to help.
Thank you again for taking time to hear the testimonies from everyone.

Shili Sun President
John J Callahan FAA
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