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Table of Contents Beyond the horizon of events In search of the fundamental motive Point A View of the Mind At the heart of the theory of great unification In simple terms The potential About Gravity The external and the internal Is the void infinite? Imagine A law of scale On the biological scale From the microcosm to the macrocosm By observing Nature The vector isotopic matrix The agroglyphs The gyroscopic dynamics Considering the spin In the center The galactic halos Cycles in the cosmos 4
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Everything is a “everything” black Beginning Moving in space Supernovas with atomic structure Pyramids The Sphinx The Temple of Osirion The submerged pyramid Coded messages Learning from the past Ancient traditions Walking forward Free the mystery The future rests in our hands The tetragrammaton The vortex Energy source The Separation of Waters The ambition of power Discoveries Emmanuel’s grave 144 faces Ten areas A stunning journey 5
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Beyond the horizon of Events: the equation arises In search of the fundamental motive I am very happy to share my knowledge. This Enthusiasm, because I have a lot of new stuff to tell. So you will accompany me on the trails Which led to the development of my theory and the How it appeared to me, in short my journey Logic and the route I have taken. If you follow the Same route, you will see that it is very simple: the Reasoning is easy to understand. The axioms of This theory are truly fundamental and simple; they Require only a few modifications in accordance with Our current knowledge of physics, science In general, to draw even a fragment Of a different representation of the reality that Paves the way to a whole new way of apprehending The existence. While this theory may seem complex, Is in fact accessible to everyone; Besides I To seven-year-old children as well as People of seventy-seven years, and everyone Include. So keep your minds and hearts open And we can start. The beginning dates back to The time of my nine years, maybe ten, but I 6
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Remember this first lesson well in school. I will I realized that many people, a number of Surprising in fact, had the same start when they Lived the same episode: their first lesson in geometry. Point The teacher went to the board and said, “Today, We’re going to do geometry. And the first lesson of Geometry deals with the notion of dimension. ” I am Become very attentive, because in my head a world Unbelievable was moving. Not to mention the interactions with All these other dimensions inside me. And I Am said, “Oh! my God! This teacher will tell us about it. For The first time in my life, an adult will tell me about everything it. And that made me very enthusiastic. But I was so disappointed. It was not At all what I expected. The teacher Went to the board and drew a point; And he wrote next: “Dimension 0: 0D”. And he said, “This is a Representing a dimension that does not exist not. So I was a little mixed, and I thought, ” My God, it does not smell good. I will certainly Not be able to validate this course “, because I could see The point and I was told that it did not exist. So I had A problem with a fundamental axiom. And Really, it’s so crucial to our Understanding of reality. This fundamental axiom Dimensions has repercussions in physics Basic mathematics, and All kinds of sciences. Do not accept it change 7
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Our perception of the universe. I did not know All that, but I said to myself, “Well, I can see the point, But you say it does not exist. OK, I’m just going Accept it. ” Then he added: “Anything that does not admit Of volume does not exist. So if you Put a set of points Side of the others to make a line, You still have no volume, and We will call this the dimension 1, Which does not exist any more. “I just continued to consider these As principles, but I could see that the Other children in the class were a little bit Perplexed. After a while, he drew four Lines to make a plan and called Dimension 2. And he reiterated that Did not exist, and had no Volume as a 2D plane devoid of Of thickness. He illustrated that by saying that The drawings in our books did not exist. A lot Of students were very disappointed. Then he did something extra- Miraculous, who made me Ask even more questions. He took Six plans, put them together to make A cube, called it 3D and said, “This Dimension exists because it admits a volume. Everybody found that there was a Logical problem. I realized a lot 8
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Later that Richard Buckminster Fuller had Exactly the same problem during his instruction, During his first lesson in geometry. There was a logical flaw, because if you Have a point that does not exist, that you Make a line that does not exist, then a A plan that does not exist, then how Of existence from six planes Non-existent? All you can do is An unknown figure that can only be called non- Existence at power 4; But not Existence. It The question, since it relates to our Understanding of the emergence of reality: how Are the dimensions, from which origin the existence, from whence Come atoms and objects in space. And How the equations that describe the state of These things and their evolution in space. All this is certainly fundamental. I did not know Much at that time, but I knew that the principle of Which was exposed to me was not entirely correct. We Could certainly improve. I really felt that I did not want to spend another day of my life without Know what a dimension was, and I tried to this issue. I had to take a long bus ride to To go home, about an hour and a half. In I was fired from all the So I had to go to school more and more far. A physicist once told me that I was pushing My education more and more away. He was right, because I had plenty of time to think along the way. So, I was on the bus to think about this problem as I 9
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Promised to resolve before going down. I did not know Many philosophers had discussed and debated it, Had examined it at all times, from school Pythagorean. I just wanted to solve this question here and now. So I was thinking again and again, while In addition to people were getting on the bus; I had more and more Warmer, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable. A View of the Mind I closed my eyes and I mentally escaped This place in order to feel more at ease. I imagined that I Lifted me above the bus, and as I climbed up I would end up seeing it as a point. I Always ran higher: I saw the Earth, then the Solar system and finally the galaxy become points. And then I made the opposite path of the Galaxy at solar system; Then, back on the ground, I located the Bus in which I was and finally my own body. I opened my eyes, I looked at my hand and “Maybe I could travel to the heart of my hand. So I closed my eyes and I Concentrated on my hand, and I saw that it was constituted Other points called cells, which are themselves composed of Millions and millions of other points called atoms (I Did not know what an atom was at the time). I have Continued, and I saw that the nucleus of an atom consisted of Smaller dots, then small dots, and so on. after. It was clear. A moment of great enlightenment. I Cried out, “Oh yes! “The only solution to this 10
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Enigma, the only way it can be solved, the only Means of understanding and visualizing the dimensions, Is to take the opposite of the original axiom: the Only thing that exists is the point. Inside the point Are confined all dimensions. The item contains The whole structure of space-time. In him, all Other possible dimensions find their existence. That was how I saw things. By that I mean That if one continues to divide the point, one will find moreover In addition to small points that will allow us to Conceptualize different dimension scales. The scale at which the dimensions are observed depends on Our perspective. It was a point of view completely different. I thought, “If the point Dimension, is in fact all the Dimensions at a time, then it means that All the people I observe in the Buses have access to all these dimensions, The entire space-time structure compacted in each point. I did not think from the point of view of space- Time, but of the fractal dimension. I did not know Not fractals, but I had made a picture of it in my spirit. I was so happy. I was walking on a Cloud, I got up on the bus and I did not know what to do. I was excited. ” Oh! I think I put the Finger on: everything is point, each point contains The infinite, and everything divides into the infinite. And there are points to be The infinite, infinitely great, infinitely small. We live In a large dot composed of small dots themselves Composed of small dots. I could see points everywhere. 11
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It was absolutely awesome. By the time you Interesting, you want to pass it on to the Everybody, right? But I did not know who to talk about. I was not going to see the driver anyway. So I ran home as soon as I got out of the bus and Because Mom comes home from work. And when she Crossed the door, I rushed to her crying: ” Mummy mummy ! I discovered something at school today. It’s incredible! And Mom was happy For me, because she thought: “That’s it, you finally do Something good at school. And I started to I said to him, “You know, I think All have a point inside which contains all the Points and endless points and all that. »Mother Looked desperate air; The air of an Italian mother Desperate. There is a power in this air which has not Calculated. So she understood in a certain way, but she Knew that these considerations had nothing to do with My itinerary for the school and she pointed it out to me. She said, “If you answer something like that to your Review, you’re definitely not going to have a good note. Anyway, I just worked for Eight hours and I do not feel infinite mood. ” When she told me that, I nearly tilted: after all, she Was not wrong; She had raised an argument of strength Major. I calmed down, because I had to think about it. The First, if it is true that the infinite is compactified or Compacted at each point, how to explain the Presence of finite borders? Why things do not Do they not fall into each other infinitely? How Does it even happen that things exist? How does 12
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On these borders? Why is there a delimited space that Confines an infinite potential? How can these things, Do they work together? I did not know The time, but I had in fact raised a problem Fundamental theory of theoretical physics: the difficulty Consists in treating the infinite and the singularities was the node Of the theory of unification at that time. It caught me short, I had to think about it. I took the Decision to return to the blackboard, convincing me To think about it before talking about it again. And then, one day, I including. It took a lot of time, I was Older when I finally figured out. But at the During my childhood, certain things appeared to me, Which have strengthened my conviction that I have put my finger on a Crucial point. Was I the first to arrive at these Conclusions? Had these ideas already been mentioned? Absolutely. Other people had thought of it; Even our good Old big bang theory advocates that everything comes from a Point, the Planck scale (the distance from Planck), Extremely small: billions of times smaller than atom. At the heart of the Great Unification theory These ideas had been raised, but Understood? Maybe not. In my opinion, great masters And some exceptional beings who have trampled our Have understood. In advanced science, Whose physics, it was thought of, without replying however The issues raised. Our understanding of these 13
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Concepts is not precise enough to apply them to our Physics and current mathematics. But why Would we like that? It’s not in vain, believe me. If you wish to Understanding of the basic structure of creation, Structure that takes account of the infinite and the Finished at the same time, one must be able to find the means Reconcile these two concepts and understand their Interactions, to understand how it works. And If we succeed, we will then have the key to the theory of Universal forces, that is to say the key to the powers of the creation. It would be hyper powerful, either for Philosophical reasons or for applications in which Science and technology. It took me a while before seeing a link Direct, but complex, between infinity and finitude and the Understand and highlight it. I ended up finding That the key resided in geometry; In the elements My reasoning, at the time of my first Lesson in geometry. In simple terms I will now show you in very That can be generated from the infinite confined between Boundaries; That these concepts, far from being Opposed, are in fact complementary. There are infinites That generate finitude and finitude that generates The infinite. In order to illustrate this, I will first Very simple graphic. Although it is very simple, it makes 14
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The geometry we are going to study. It’s anything but anecdotal, believe me. We will first draw a Boundary line, if you prefer, We will call the circle. Right here. This circle In fact represents a 3D sphere, which Contains a well defined volume. In this Sphere, or this circle, we will put a triangle equilateral. The Universe is polarized, and this Polarization of things is due to their cinematic moment. Things in The Universe are polarized, because they Have a kinetic moment. Those are The axes of rotation resulting from these kinetic moments which Generate polarity. If you have polarity, then You can draw the inverse triangle in this sphere Or in this circle. One obtains even one of the oldest Symbols present all around the world, That is, the Star of David, the seal of Salomon, the star hexagram or The six-pointed star. One can always Add triangles. We then have Little stars, babies star of David, babies Six-pointed stars. We can continue to do more Smaller ones by adding triangles, smaller ones Stars of David. 15
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Each time, a boundary is defined Very characteristic. This is very important. We find a second, then A third frontier, contained in An increasingly smaller sphere. We Can continue to provide this geometry with Resolution more and more fine. Yes, I can. Dictate to my computer, using an algorithm, to To draw at five smaller scales, then zoom in, and Redraw to five smaller scales before re-zooming And to continue the process. It could continue indefinitely. Both The computer is receiving power and Rest of the memory, it could continue To work, to draw borders For thousands of years. However, He would never go out of the first Which I drew at the very beginning. I You have shown that within a finite system, Could generate an infinity of divisions, a number Infinity of data. Within a border, the Possibility of an infinite division. Infinity and structures Are complementary. Why is it so important? If you apply these Principles to yourselves, you can start To visualize, to imagine, to experience that perhaps the Structure that you are contains the possibility of a Division, that it contains the possibility of a Infinite amount of information. Philosophically, this Has a considerable impact on the awareness of no one. And it sounds strangely like the language of 16
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Masters have trampled our earth: in us there is God, the Paradise, infinite boundaries … or the infinite potential. And This obviously has consequences in science. Why? Well, I’ll give you an example. When the biological cells were discovered, Microscopes whose amplification power, Resolution, were the maximum that could be obtained the time. So we said, “These things are so small That they must be the smallest particles produced By the universe. And then, we discovered the atom. There are Billion atoms in each cell. And once The more we said, “Oh! This thing must be the smallest An object produced by the universe. And then we discovered the Protons and neutrons, in the center of the atom. We have Discovered the nucleus of an atom always by thinking: “It’s so small, it’s the smallest thing in the universe. ” Then the quarks, the antiquarks, the gluons, and so on. The potential What I mean is that every time we fall On a smaller object, one thinks: “That’s it! We found The structure, the fundamental brick of creation! The universe stops at this size. Below, there is no longer nothing. Its good! I’m finished! I will not go any further. ” We did The same thing in the other direction, right? Initially, Thought the Earth was the biggest thing The universe, then it was the solar system, and then we Discovered the galaxies: “Oh! It is immense! It is Inevitably the biggest thing! ” OK? And then we Discovered superclusters. Now we are at The scale of the universe and one says to himself: “OK, it’s good, that 17
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Stops there. ” No? And if not? what This means for the physicist? This leads us to The manufacture of particle accelerators so as to Divide into smaller pieces. We are Now at scales of billions of times Smaller than that of the atom. And we call these Accelerator machines; I mean that they are Of large machinery. The particle accelerator In Switzerland at present Operation on 10 September 2008], the LHC, or Grand Collider of hadrons, cost $ 300 billion. It took five countries to pay the bill. We are Now in search of traces of missing bosons and Couples white hole / black hole. And we look for the place where The vacuum is divided. As for me, instead of seeking Fundamental particle – and I am not the first to Recognized physicists such as Jeff Chu in the 70 years have preceded me – we should The fundamental principle of division. So I was saying to myself that instead of Fundamental particle, it would be better to The search for a fundamental motif of creation. Because if The motive is known, then it is not important to To know on what scale an observation is made. We Understanding of the principle governing individuality and We have the key to creation. This will change the To understand physics and to understand the universe, its Its subdivisions. I was very motivated. I have Began to really study physics and to search Everywhere to understand how things Functioning and how physics was made 18
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Standard at the time. Where were we going? What we did Inaccurate? What should we change to transform Our model into something that would Basic structure of creation? I was determined To discover it before my death. It was a mission Important, you see? So I took the bull by the Horns and I began to study thoroughly. We will now take a leap forward and To Georgia Tech. I am in the Department of With research directors and others. Physicists. We are in the middle of a discussion Private and impromptu. In fact, my sponsors Sent me so that I could begin to compete with Physicists and the most respected. At least Some of them in the field of physics theoretical. And so I am there, and there are plenty of written equations Everywhere, we talk about things and others; It is a meeting In a small committee, there are a few students, some Physicists, and myself. About Gravity I only brought the book called Gravitation. It is A sort of Bible of general relativity. In the Weighing, we can really realize the action Of gravity over things: hence its title. I resolved the Equations with them, and we were talking about Solutions, but I could see that I Began to annoy them and to make them lose patience. Indeed, I was asking fundamental questions and 19
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As they explored the theory in depth some ropes. I was coming back all the time to the BA-Ba and Question: “But what is this Guy done here? After a while, I took out my book On gravitation and I said, “OK, according to all these Equations, which are finally the trifle of some Thousands of equations on the geometric structure of The space that has been applied to the Universe, which models The Universe at the moment, it is a balloon of Swells. Correct me if I’m wrong. »I opened my book At page 719, I circulated it and added: “This is what represents the Universe now. It’s a Balloon that is swollen, on which are Small pieces of coins, which represent the Galaxies in this standard model. The galaxies move away While the balloon inflates. ” All the World is there: “Yes, Nassim, where do you come from? If you Do not know that, you can return to work and study, and Come back in a few years. ” 20
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I find myself explaining: “Okay, OK, I understand that principle. However, I have a question. Among these Equations, the one I want to know is The person who informs me about the person Inflates the ball. ” The whole room became very Silent, I could see in the Students and others Physicists of despair and stress, They were sweating a bit, and I Could read their concern, such as: “This guy, he’ll start talking about God and here in the Department of Physics, you can not afford it. ” I have them Reassured rather quickly by throwing them: “Let’s draw Present the rest of the type in question. ” However, I am trying to point out that with a ball, the Lung of the person swelling it should contract. For each action, there is a reaction in the opposite direction and 21
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Of equal standard. It is one of the first laws of the physical. So, if our Universe is expanding, it must There is a compression that takes place, some Something that contracts. There has to be feedback Between expansion and contraction. This was the First index that I had to describe the relationship between Between the gravitational field and the radiation electromagnetic. This also applied to my Personal experience: at the age of 11, I began meditate. My family met a young Meditation that was then 14 years old. He taught me to meditate. And when I meditated, it was as if I was turning my Inward direction of myself in order to direct myself to the Center of my existence. I was going towards the middle of my Being and when I came out, I understood the logic Encompassed the existence of an internal universe and a universe External, the existence of an incoming flow and an outgoing flow, And the creation of boundaries and boundaries which Are what we experience of reality. The problem in our society is that we A lot of time to analyze what is outside, and very Little to analyze within. Not only in one Social paradigm, but also in our vision of And how we do things. We Explode: this is how we make technology. Our idea of ​​advanced technology is To put together a little gasoline in a cylinder, Some people – volunteers – above all, Then turn on the wick placed underneath and see if it Survivors at the end of the experiment. Everything is based On expansion, on explosion, on radiation. Little 22
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Base on the contraction, go towards the center, and the implosion. For me, there must be a direct relationship between two. It was really what I was pointing at. The external and the internal Now we will come back to the days of my youth. And when I imagined that this report would generate A kind of field equations, a kind of space Metric that I could describe in mathematical terms. Physical, and which would more closely resemble Feedback generated by the creation. Well, it appears that Fractal structures that I mentioned when Space were based on equations of Feedback. I went to my first chemistry course and My first question was: “I would like to know That is an atom. My chemistry teacher Replied that it was not on the program. And he added: “Anyway, it would be a matter of physics; in More, we do not know exactly what an atom is. “This Seemed to me rather disappointing. He knew Something about atoms. He said : “This is what we know about atoms: they are constituted Of vacuum to 99.99999%. And it made me shock, I Am said, “One moment! So what is meant by Creation, all the things that we see are Mainly consisting of vacuum? But that does not seem to Not particularly empty. In the sense that it is enough solid. But the trick is that there are always these fields Which interact and which are not necessarily Perfectly in phase and which consequently generate Of the borders … And so it seems 23
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Solid, whereas it is mainly vacuum. So we have Affair to a field that divides the void. I thought, “Ah, So that’s it! Everything was beginning to Satisfactory way, it was my first lesson in chemistry and It all began to make sense. Perhaps it was necessary To take an interest in emptiness. Maybe it was the vacuum, what we Space, which was the key Of creation. And emptiness divides itself and is Perceives as finite boundaries. The vacuum is perhaps The infinite, and the boundaries, its finite structure. The fields Constitute the finite structure of the Universe. I began So to imagine all that and it excited me. More Later, I studied the structure of the vacuum, and you know, To understand quantum physics, I have Understood something – I noticed a very Important for the evolution of my reasoning. I have “The quantum theory of the fields, Day, gets rid of through a process of Renormalization, an energy density that would be Formally infinite if it were not excluded from calculations Thanks to this renormalization. “(Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne and John Archibald Wheeler, Gravitation, London, WH Freeman, Physics Series, 1973, 1215 p.) Renormalization is what they tried to do to me. The school. It did not work very well. But this extract (Freely translated) means above all that the use of tools Of quantum physics, with a view to Subatomic particles and the interactions between Allows physicists to see that it is necessary to That the density of the quantum vacuum reaches a quantity Of infinite energy so that everything happens as we see it. 23
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It was the result of the equations. Except the equations Which lead to infinite results, in physics, Do not like it too much. There are two technical terms in Physics to describe the infinite. There is one that deals with Infinite “normal”, acceptable, that are used in general: Infinitesimal, for infinitely small. Now the infinitely small is easily abstracted. The Residue does not really matter: zero zero point, zero, zero, zero, zero, and a figure somewhere at the bottom of scale – who cares. It is one of two types of infinity. And then there is a very technical term that you can find literature in physics: bad infinity. The vacuum is it infinity? The bad infinite is an infinitely large infinity, which we bothers mathematics in our equations, theoretical physics. And it is thought bad because may, when it appears, pretending not to see. This is an infinitely large quantity: it can not be hide under the carpet and ignore its existence. Well, we really did a good job to ignore this one, but in general, it is not valid if a theory it provides infinite amounts. So instead of forgetting the concept, the scientists carried out the renorma- lisation. They took the infinite potential of the vacuum and then in Basically, the time or distance Planck, and then 10 exposing … Actually 1.616 times 10 to the minus 33 centimeters, which makes it all off, small point. Note however that the 1,616 is very close golden number: 1.618. 25
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They took this away, this tiny point is the billion times smaller than the nucleus of an atom, and said, “OK, this is fundamental to the creation; if Taking the number of dots per centimeter cube space, vacuum, a finite value is obtained for the Vacuum density fluctuation for the density of the vacuum, for the energy contained in one cubic centimeter of empty.” So we are: they took a cubic centimeter empty, have divided into tiny points of size consistent with the Planck scale, and then they calculated the density that were to have those points to we arrive at finite quantities. The result 1094 grams per cubic centimeter: 1094 g cm3. That is, ie 10 with 94 zeros which follow: it is an extremely large number. When I come across such a large number coming renormalization, I tend to think that this is actually infinite. you me follow? So you want to get an idea what is this density? 26
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imagine Imagine that you have a centimeter cube of space which contains all the stars in the universe condensed. Let all the stars that can observed with the Hubble Space Telescope. All galaxies, everything we see, we put them right in a huge waste compactor and the contracts in a volume of one cubic centimeter. Imagine how it must shine in a meaning. Oh, whatever. Well, it still does not make the density of the vacuum. In fact, you will not be too far from the energy density the quantum vacuum. What is very energetic. How this infinite amount of energy, she divides and she creates subatomic particles and atoms? It was there question. It seemed that the vacuum energy possessed a certain structure. The vacuum energy perhaps was not just a random fluctuation, but it had a structure finite fractal, a certain geometrical structure. I do not not know why at the time I did not yet know how I could prove it, or how I was going to model. But I wanted to continue on this path. I began to perceive that maybe, but only maybe, just 27
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that in the Universe we observe simply the result of dividing this vacuum energy at different scales. I began to glimpse the logic of it all. Short, This led me to meet Elizabeth A. Rauscher and collaborate. Elizabeth is a very physicist respected which received several medals honoring his work on the physics of black holes in the 70, who worked with John Wheeler, and many others well-known physicists. So Elizabeth and I are met. She had worked on mathematics and very advanced calculations for unified field theory in the 60s and 70s, but she had never really been able to all end to end. We talked for almost three days. I could fill many empty, but it was not satisfied, and we had to talk about it long, do some calculations and what not; in all case, it was clearly skeptical. But we started to put our ideas in writing and we thought, “If this is true and that we place a high scale in the universe, then we can begin to see very specific divisions. We could see the emergence of a structure. If the vacuum is divided into a very specific structure, then one should be able to see, by predicting the calculations from observations. “So we decided to draw a graph arithmetic scale. 28
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It is a still unpublished paper. I am in the process of publish more articles in scientific journals right now, where I explain the basis for changes I made to equation (field) Einstein; and this one will follow. A scaling law We presented these data at the American Physical Society in Albuquerque. We have also presented to certain guiding the telescope on the Big Island (Hawaii) and many other astrophysicists and physicists. In general, we were treated to quite good reactions, the kind of jaw that wins. We 29
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took the radius of the objects. So-axis abscissa there is the radius and it is the frequency resonance objects – the resonant frequency hertz fundamental of these objects. In fact, the energy level of an object is fairly well described by that frequency, so you can also think of it as a function of energy. Taking into account the Universe expansion speed, one can extrapolate, deduce its size and considering all the matter it contains, when placed on the graph density, placing the entire in Einstein’s equation, the universe is too dense to that light escapes. In other words, we live in a black hole. I myself expecting, I was already thinking, and when I realized that the Also deducted from my calculations, I said it made sense. In fact, initially I thought each expansion corresponded to an opposite contraction the same power, so that all – which is divided by infinity – had infinite density in the center. I thought so that all the objects were black hole size different ; short, I was not surprised. We placed the corresponding point in the universe; we based our calculations on the 10-17 universal frequency and the radius 1029. Then we placed the corresponding point to quasar (size and average frequency); It’s about a scale very large, therefore acceptable. We have therefore placed this point. It was still surprising: we get a pretty good linear progression since the size of the universe. And then we added thirty
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data at the center of galaxies. So we diminuions the size scale and, once again, in placing the data point to the frequency oscillation and the average radius of the center of a galaxy is obtains a linear progression. And then we continued with the dynamics of the solar system, dynamics of star systems, and it was part the same linear progression. This was especially surprising in our theories standard, nothing can predict such a thing, except my empty theory which divides itself into a very specific finished structure. And we went down down to the atomic level, taking the radius of a atom and, for a fundamental approximation, the ray emission frequency X, and we got a point which is still inscribed in the same progression linear; but this time we had crossed the border between the quantum and relativistic worlds to level atomic. We had passed the cosmological objects objects of quantum physics. But the boundary between these worlds is a fundamental divide our physical current. Quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity do not agree, they work not one for the other. So it was really exciting, and was continued until the distance Planck and placed point 10-33; certainly, the increase was perfect. We may abound in enthusiasm. That accomplishment was supportive without dispute what I was trying to explain to Elizabeth and discussion we had, and we began to run our theoretical machinery. It was 31
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really exciting to witness the implementation of all that. We thought about publishing, but I wanted first publish the most basic things in physics able to explain, not only the present phenomenon. We also noticed that systematically approach the isoelectric report (PHi), if we take the distance between the points of graph – which is quite nice, it’s cute – and we look at their report. The golden ratio, 1.618, which can be added decimals to infinity. This is typical, we found everywhere in nature. It is found in the flowers, shells, pine cones, in the way trees to divide … It is also found in the human body: there is a connection with the golden between the top of your finger and that the first to the second phalanx, and with your palm over your fingers of your hand against your forearm. Your whole body is built like that. And it is found everywhere in nature. But the fact to find such a large scale was very motivating, because it supported the fact that it was inherent in the nature, the space or void divides naturally agree with these very mathematical specific and fundamental, because we observed everywhere in nature. Also, we considered it as a confirmation of our theory. Hence his presentation in Albuquerque. And now I will add a small point graphic at your convenience. I did not at the time because it annoys them 32
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physicists. So I talk to physicists readers this item. At the biological level In fact, we will add the data to the scale biological, ie the size and level of frequency of our cells. Currently available Studies have shown that the proteins on the membrane cells resonate at a frequency of the order of 1011 Hz. This means that the membrane of cells, cell surface biologically oscillates to 1011 Hz. This is a very fast swing. And it’s funny because when you think biology, we imagine the mush globes species that move very slowly. Or, if one focuses on the oscillations at the surface of these cells is very intense, there is a lot of energy. And he appears if you take 1011 Hz and the radius of a cell, and solving the equations of relativity General data for taking the energy in this radius, the cell follows the metric (Karl) Schwarzschild, that is to say that the cell behaves like a black hole … do not worry, it’s cool. what I mean, is that we always end up with same fundamental dynamics, even at cellular. Obviously there is no biological concept in the Einstein equation. No not in biology quantum physics. Yet we sought this link for a long time. We were pleased to see when we place this on our graph, this the divided into two parts approximately in the middle. 33
Page 34
In other words, the biological scale is the link between the Great and Little. in terms waves, you’re the horizon events. And you are the border the link between the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Is not that what you are? You gather the information you you transfer to your interior that, from our point of view, has an infinite potential. You transfer these information in your own limits at infinity the universe is within you. And while you begin to see yourself in this light, your way to exist in the universe, your way of being, how you act, all changes dramatically. Because you begin to see the importance of your point of view, the importance of your own interpretation the field and that you return to the universe. Instead to consider you as an insignificant point that alter the scale of the universe, you start see you as the center of creation. We could think it is presumptuous. But I thought I heard a similar message from the new pope. Do I need to clarify that if you arrive at this conclusion, you also perceived that all other individuals are the center of the universe? So we are equal. And US are one. But beyond philosophical considerations, the fact the biological scale is inscribed in this graph, and one begins to see the information flow between the part that radiates and which 34
Page 35
contracts, opens up a whole new field of research in physics. I spoke for 20 years, I said that information is not only absorbed by the holes black, but it also escapes. This did caused a lot of trouble. And it was nice to see Stephen W. Hawking recently speak publicly belief (after 15 years, even double, in refute this fact) that black holes emitted a consistent information. Before, it was thought that they limited to transmit the said information Hawking, considered generic and inconsistent. this requires now at the forefront. And it’s really great because I finally feel that people support me. These public announcements are very recent, but for me it was clear he long ago that if this was so black holes would form the center of galaxies. I therefore had predicted and scientists have finally decide that it was true, despite the many setbacks which I have had to face for having said too soon. And I started to see the infinite potential of all in each. Now we have the divisions of the void, but what governs? What is the structure of this empty? If the vacuum is divided in a very particular way (it must have a very specific method), so it has a structure. How is this possible and what is it? I wanted to get the key equations that govern division of the void. I wanted the key to creating these borders to create precisely. Now, go back to the days of high school. I do not débrouillais me well, because I’ve always had trouble with 35
Page 36
educational system. My father worked with John yet Piaget and was a highly respected child psychologist, but I gave him a lot of trouble. So at 16, I decided to experience something different. I decided to become ski instructor, saw my talent in this sport. I was in Canada, Alberta at that time, and soon after British Columbia, and I got tired of the cold daily: it’s freezing, there! I wanted to release me Diaper an icy chairlift. at the end of a season, I So say, “Listen, you are a good diver, maybe you could teach scuba diving in the summer instead of dying of cold throughout the year. ” I look at a map and I point the index: it landed in Isla Mujeres, an island not far from Cancun, Mexico. I take my dictionary English- Spanish and I translate the name “Island of Women”. I go and I began teaching diving. I amuses me. Then I have a few days holiday. ” Yes I was going to visit ancient sites? “I take the bus, among the pigs and chickens, I cross the jungle I arrive at the Pyramids of the archaeological site called Chichen Itza in the middle of the jungle, there are these pyramids coming out of nowhere. 36
Page 37
Disturbing! I visit. I take pictures, I climbs the stairs and at the top, it is in the shade my delight. I sit in the shade, I meditate a bit and try to build. Then I hear a guide arrives with tourists; a little off, I listen it tells. It explains how the stones were moved from the Career kilometers away, beyond the mountains, and how they used copper tools for trimming. I listen, but it drives me crazy because I remember my school lessons on ancient, the Egyptian pyramids, and these stories myself seemed so improbable! But I listen, and he speaks to carve stones with copper tools. I know that copper does not cut Pierre. And I really hate to admit. I’m watching the jungle so dense around me, and I think admiringly: ” Wow! How we could bring these rocks here? ” And the guide explains that this pyramid is very accurate, it is aligned with the solstice in such a way the shadow that covers the pyramid today particular take the form of a snake body runs down the steps … to the snake head carved in stone. 37
Page 38
I have pretty good engineering concepts and Astronomy because I have studied these matters so independent. And I say, “It’s not that simple. ” No, you can not just build the pyramid and, on the fateful day, tell Joe to lift for realign. “A little more to the left, Joe. ” It’s impossible. We can not do that. So I listen, though puzzled, but it interests me and I start thinking, “Well, I interested in the fundamental structure of the universe and are these buildings, these pyramids all around the world. ” And I say, “Why do they build all pyramids? Egyptians, Mayans and Incas built all the pyramids. What’s the deal with the pyramids? ” 38
Page 39
The microcosm to the macrocosm: unifying the fields Observing Nature I had reached my own conclusion. In quality of ski instructor and climbing maniac, I was always time in contact with nature. I thought: “If I want to know the emptiness of the structure of space-time vacuum level, and if Nature is directly related to this structure, I should emerge from my observations. “So I spent my time observing flakes snow or when I climbed, the crystals on the rock. I was constantly trying to scrutinize, for example, division of a tree branches. I deduced that universal forces, vacuum division seemed always generate a very specific geometry, nevertheless fundamental, that is, of the sphere. The Nature produces spheres, small and large, the assembles and makes a lot of things. I tempérais right even my passions, “Wait a minute. The sphere would be that we see from the outside, it would be the event horizon: it would be the border where irradiate objects. I want to know what it contains. I want to know the geometry that maintains its integrity. How suddenly appears in the void? ” The 39
Page 40
answer was not obvious. I started to study the geometry and I realized that the sphere was the subject most unstable geometric. It has the largest area and does not have its own structure, making it the most unstable geometry. How she keeps? I thought that the empty structure should be stable at least at its center, that the structure which stabilize the sphere and which divided the vacuum should achieve a balance perfect because we were able to observe as the void. That is to say, if I have infinite density, at the end of the day, when all the density and all vector geometry will contract, geometry result will reflect a state of perfect equilibrium of so that one may believe in the presence of an empty space, which it takes for the vacuum. All this was logical walked in my head, and I began to study what could be the smallest, the most balanced of geometries. But I found the exact opposite of a sphere, FIG geometric largest and the most unstable: the tetrahedron. If we take a tetrahedron, one sees that it is the smallest possible volume whose sides have the same length and faces the same surface. It is composed of three faces on top and one at the base; therefore, to four faces that constitute based pyramid triangular. In fact, it is the fundamental figure most stable as found in nature or by geometry. So I say that it has certainly to do with me tetrahedron within a sphere. I reach this conclusion. I do not know why all these Ancient civilizations built pyramids. But I thought to seek and study texts 40
Page 41
old, once back at home. So I get home. I who live in Whistler, I go to the corner of the library; this is not great, because we are in a ski resort, but I look around me and this book appears a shot: Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, Peter Tompkins (HarperCollins, 1987 [1976], 444 p.). I find its appropriate title because I feel a part of mystery in this story. So grab hold of the book, I opened to a random page – if the chance exists – and I get to page 280, which contains a scheme: a tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere. This is the first time I study of ancient texts and I falls on the spot on a picture of my logical and geometrical conclusions and my own mathematical constructions. I undertake reading I gives me the original document. I take that then this scheme comes from 20 years of study on structures squares (plazas) and pyramids of northern Mexico. In particular, we see the Pyramid of the Moon, that of 41
Page 42
Sun, and the author has conducted this study for the American Physical Society. His name is Hugh Harleston Jr. is arrived at really surprising conclusions. All First, when he mapped the entire town of Teotihuacan, he discovered that the Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun and all other buildings seemed placed with each other so as to reproduce a map of the solar system, including Pluto and Neptune, planets that have not been discovered in modern times before the start of the twentieth century. So that this civilization has possessed this knowledge has puzzled: it was fascinating. He devoted 20 years to his cause. He began to show a report very particularly between the method of construction of buildings and their positions around the city. And he has imagined that had used some kind of basic code to build everything, concealing a message fundamental. After 20 years of research, he submitted his texts to the American Physical Society, where he mentions that from the underlying mathematics plans he designed, everything points in the direction of something not to be missed, the mathematics used seem to converge towards the face of a tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere. His deduction is great; I’m return. I think I could have paid royalties exploiting this idea, which has been brought to light few thousand years before my discovery. It was in this book and it really made me want to continue the study of ancient texts. More importantly yet at that time, there was a comment in this book. The fundamental equation that Hugh Harleston Jr. 42
Page 43
used to map corresponded to very specific mathematical Richard Buckminster Fuller in connection with a current vector isotope. The vector matrix isotopic This isotopic vector matrix consists of 20 tetrahedra: There 10 to the base 6 at the second level, 3 above and one at the top. It’s in effect a matrix with four frequencies. This fundamental geometry apparent raissait already in Bucky, as well as the design of a universe having a mathematical imprint, geo- cudgel. This closely resembles my theories. Said recess takes the form of this very specific matrix. The overjoyed, I leaned on the issue more thoroughly. I got it observed from different angles and I started to say, “If I have process more than one tetrahedron, interactions will certainly appeal to different geometries. ” Since I studied the structure actually vacuum, negative space between tetrahedra interpellait me. I deleted tetrahedra in space and I extrapolated to know what was between them. 43
Page 44
I watched the space delimited between the tetrahedra: he formed octahedral. An octahedron is a double pyramid. I emphasize the word pyramid. It’s that which constitutes the cavities between the tetrahedra our isotopic matrix. One of the vertices of the pyramid above, the other behind, and this form an angle. So here they are, these pyramids! I was happy: it linking all the old concepts. I virtually every route vectors of the pyramid in my and figures in my head (I had not computer at the time). 44
Page 45
I saw strange negative cavities within the matrix. There are 20, and if one lingers in the space separates, one sees an octahedron. But one notices a second set of tetrahedra in advanced medium inwardly or down, and it had a angle relative to the initial matrix. All amazed at my discovery, I thought I had to deal with a isotopic matrix, which must be the same everywhere; he should not be asymmetric. In addition, I was looking the geometry of the vacuum, so balanced and symmetrical. I was really surprised. I did not know how to dispose cavities in the middle. They were part nor octahedra or tetrahedra that pointed upwards. I I said to myself with conviction that if the universe is polarized, the geometry of space can not only have a polarity in equation level. This equation should have two facets, inverting the matrix, I should to find the polarity, the male / female duality more / less, white / black, etc. 45
Page 46
So I added a matrix in the first, but if I the superposais at the base, another problem arose: I was not getting more sphere; I now had a figure egg-shaped, while I was looking for a sphere. We returns nothing less than the problem of the chicken and egg: I was really confused, I consecrated a lot time. I tell you the events that took years, since I had to survive. One day I resigned, I sold all my Ski equipment to live in my van and finance my own research, at the lowest cost possible. So I was in my van to think about it, no computer to help me. I had these matrices in mind, that ran on themselves, and I was doing stuff, but I did not want to distort the geometry of my matrix. I did not want to send them into one other. I resisted this idea, and I tried to imagine How it would work; and then, finally, I cracked, I pushed one into the other, which took me short time (because I had to keep in mind all these vectors). And then I realized that putting them in perfect relationship with each other, one was obtained perfect sphere. I was overjoyed when I establish the harmony between two dies in the turning angle. The central space drawn in red, which I knew not the reason, was in the right position to accept the inverse matrix without me having to distort the geometry or withdrawal of tetrahedrons. In this way, the polarized matrix would actually be incomplete without its other half. But when one inserts the second die, this 46
Page 47
creates exactly the right space and the right symmetry its center. I was happy because I was looking for perfect symmetry of balance. I started arranging in my head geometry of these tetrahedra in the center, and I thus realized that these two matrices that intersect to create the perfect sphere, generated by their an octahedron center “cubic”, eight placed octahedra in “vector equilibrium” after Richard Buckminster Fuller. This is the only geometry in which all vectors have equal proportions and generate a perfect balance. I found the geometry of balance Perfect emerging from two isotropic matrices superimposed. Why is this geometry that reaches the perfect balance? I just looked at it. In fact, if we have the vectors forces we want balance, necessarily the vector which represents a spring force an intensity corresponding to the vector length. Over the vector, the greater the force is intense. The more is small, the strength is low. drops 47
Page 48
If you want balance, you add a vector opposite direction of the same length, and you get it, but there is a precarious balance. Nature does not allow not such a balance, because the slightest disturbance would collapse the whole, the less force in any steering upset the balance. The Universe is not satisfied certainly not of this type of balance. What would before this instability? If you tried to find balance, you probably think: “Well, I’ll continue to add vectors. “If you add vectors that form a right angle to the first, you still going to find the balance; Indeed, at present, vectors on the sides are larger than those of center, so stronger, and you implosez. It only works not. No balance. So, what are you doing? You will no probably add vectors and certainly place them an angle of 45 degrees from the initial vector. 48
Page 49
And you come up against another problem: the vectors the sides are shorter than those of the center. Now the geometry explodes, the balance remains achieve. Logically, you arrange for the geometry vectors on the sides as the center help meet the standard. And the only figure satisfactory geometric hexagon is formed as snow crystals, the long sides as the distance highs in the center. The construction of a hexagon three-dimensional (3D) produces a figure of balance containing 12 vectors which start from the center and 12 which, on the sides, bound the figure and hold the perfectly balanced structure: it can be seen as 8 tetrahedra as joining to create a balance vector. 49
Page 50
I was really happy. I seized the relationship with my questions. Even if you think from the point of view fundamental physics, structure of space, you can imagine the state of the empty converges in a point; then it must be reduced to the minimum required (12) vectors to remain stable. It is the geometry fundamental basis for balance, however it does works not quite. Indeed, I always points sharp at the edges of my matrix and vortex with holes, so some asymmetry. This structure medium with the two isotopic matrices was filled, but not the edges. I always had an asymmetry without balanced. I got a little scratched his head and I have racked their brains more. And I thought, “My One solution is to continue adding tetrahedrons to achieve balance on all levels. ” I therefore continues to add tetrahedrons. I covers free spaces at the edges of my matrix. I must add 3 tetrahedra of each edge (there are 8), for a total of 24. I remember that 20 tetrahedra isotopic matrix So 40 in all, to which I add the new 24. So it occurred to me: 64, everything made sense. Why? By at the time of placing such 24 tetrahedra in more 50
Page 51
my head, I visualized and I realized what I had done. I have saw that I had generated an equilibrium structure in the center, but also a fractal structure to better balance on the coast. Now I was preparing a matrix extended an equilibrium structure to another, then yet to another. And, interestingly, these structures have a scale ratio equal to half the radius. The harmonic scales, octaves or if you prefer. This is a three-dimensional fractal. This is actually one of 3D fractal rare that exists. And it grows so radial, what I need in terms of radiation. And then, I understood a phenomenon more significant: the growth of this fractal can be generated from 8 stars tetrahedral. A star tetrahedral consists of 8 tetrahedra which form in their center an octahedron. Taking 8 stars as these, forming an equilibrium structure. When I before that, I saw that the stars were tetrahedral 8 tetrahedra pointing outwards and that the structure balance was 8 pointing inwards. Now, I understood the two facets of the horizon events, the radiating side and the contractor side, the all contained in a mathematical matrix produced both for generating the principle of feedback of the universe. There I was really happy. My van bounced off his shock and was not because I had a girlfriend. after my finding, it was as if the stars 8 tetrahedral are joined to create an equilibrium structure their center. Once fully assembled, it generated the balance in the center and the next level on the fractal edge. 51
Page 52
So it was a radial growth which generated relations of scale in the empty. I exulted because I had made a really significant discovery. Then I tried to solve the problem by physics and its applications. What do you mean he emerged in physics? I even began to think as described physical and had to have a moment kinetics and dynamics. It is not static. It fluctuates, so how to calculate these fluctuations? I was doing research in fundamental physics. the crop circles I came across the Internet on a graph from a crop circle phenomenon called (crop circle in English). And this graph was a perfect representation fractal structure of space I had just discover and develop in my van jumping all over. Of course, I know there are bad jokes and incorrigible pranksters everywhere some of which make the crop circles night with their rubber boots s’abreuvant the moonlight or something else. But there are also a bunch of unexplained phenomena that accompanied gnent these “crop circles”. And it is difficult assign them to people who trace the jumping with their rubber boots, or Doug and Dave who want have a good time. What challenged me is that a croppies group – people who photograph these 52
Page 53
figures, measure and analyze – has said that if we trying to communicate with them, maybe they would good answer. They therefore their boots, are went out and trampled by forming the field huge letters saying, “What shall we know? “And the crop circle that appeared just after was one. It really hit me. A close look allows understand that cultures are lying in order to create a game of shadows and light, where you can distinguish vectors that tetrahedron create our matrix in 3D. No, it’s not so easy to how in a field in the middle of the night. It’s a great thing, though made with a high precision. In this figure, there was an additional level of fractal division in the middle. And when I looked near, I saw that this information corresponded exactly the very principle of division, the division of space delta or tetrahedra, but this time they were pointing in the opposite direction inwardly towards the infinitely small. Needless to say that the covering octahedral part of the grid of 64 tetrahedra, it the periphery of the crop circle, a correspondence is obtained perfect. This encouraged me to continue my research. I studied basic physics and I kept improve my theories when I found that there was 53
Page 54
as crop circles representing my face 64 tetrahedra in England. equilibrium vectors etched in English countryside, with singularities in the center including data About the border generated by tetrahedra. Since each tetrahedron generates its own border, they can be grouped and produce the new figure popularized as “Seed of Life “. [ In Google, type “seed of live” view image ].Thus we get a crop circle confirming we the decoded message. In short, we were provided a code. I was very happy and I continued to study the phenomenon. Many data about crop circles concerned the fractals, how any border divides is of tetrahedron. Here we can see the figure in another agroglyphe, wherein the central portion of the dividing spheres present these growing suggesting a rotation, angular momentum. This division of space was represented as a fractal on the field, and 54
Page 55
even some similar structures showed spheres dividing according to a rotating pattern. This crop circle is located just off a freeway very crowded and, on the other side, there is Stonehenge, a huge crop circle (a megalithic monument whose name means “hanging stones”); but more Wholesale appeared, who presented this division Space spiral, this dynamic. So I thought I found the basic structure of the vacuum state. I must now understand the dynamics that fundamental structure engendered at The field equation – its dynamics, as opposed to static point of view. The dynamic, therefore, the time kinetics, its rotary part, the field in equation emerged. Indeed, for the state of the vacuum, its geometry would have a structure from the very small, with collapse (Gravitational) at a singularity. There is a another side to this equation: the return that is the part irradiating that has all these energy levels and any this dynamic, and must match the geometry from space. How is the field generated by this tiny seed? I was holding it static model the vacuum structure, but it was only Conditions 55
Page 56
vacuum deploying to infinity; I was missing status vacuum that generated the electromagnetic radiation From this division of space. I deduced that had to be a momentum, a spin involved in the variety space-time to generate this border, so that the vacuum generates a border. There had to be a shear model which divide the space, that break very specific range structure. I studied again and again, when at last I had a revelation. The gyroscopic dynamics This revelation took many faces. I understood that there must gyroscopic causes, at least one Gyro dynamic momentum of matrix of space, and I began to study the effects gyroscopic, angular momentum, the Coriolis force (Inertial force) and the knowledge associated with them. I have studied physics with growing fervor in especially Einstein’s equation, just to get by with the rotation and angular or angular momentum. I have found that in general, avoided speaking of spin and cinematic moment. It strives to make static things, simplify and facilitate modeling, but you lose certainly an important component. I am then reported the use of an element very fundamental and I began to study the method adopted by Einstein to reach the equation field, and to solve the equations. That’s what Albert Einstein did. He modeled that in relativity 56
Page 57
General, at the base, gravity is not a force internally, but how this force applied to a object, changes the structure of space-time. How the simply describe? Imagine the surface of a trampoline; there is a huge ball very heavy on this trampoline. The surface of the trampoline around the ball will bend. This is called the curvature of space- time. If you take another bullet to put on trampoline, it will tend to turn, to roll or describe an orbit around the first because of the curvature around it. This is the typical image of the curvature of space-time. When Einstein wrote this idea of ​​a matrix generating the curvature radius of the space-time, it has not solved his equation, he just launched the idea, so say, and published it; and he thought that would be the time before solving the problem, because it was really complicated. However, while a German physicist on Russian front put his hand on his paper. His name was Karl Schwarzschild and he said, “If I tried to solve this thing? “So when he machine-gunned, he was sick and other warlike drawback, it has solved the equation Einstein. To achieve this, it has simplified the equations, simplified model so as to obtain a first 57
Page 58
approximation easier. And he did it assuming that objects do not possess angular momentum were not rotating. So he solved the equation Einstein for objects without first spin approximation. He sent his results to engineering. Celui- one, impressed by such rapid resolution was immediately sent to the Prussian Academy of Arts and has published. It was the first exact solution to Einstein equations, called Schwarzschild solution, or radius Schwarzschild. The problem is that the result was no less than black hole at the time of the discovery of the radius Scwarzschild, so when Einstein’s equation was resolved. In other words, trying to solve the equation and calculate the amount of gravity generated by the solution gives an infinite potential at the center. In other words, this creates a non-linear infinite potential in its center. This equation predicts black holes. It is why was immediately held conferences about the predictability of objects like black holes from this equation. But at the time, it was still high theoretical, and no one imagined that such objects really existed in the universe. So people ignored this part of the equation. low can be used curvature to predict the path of the light around the Sun, the rotational speed of galaxies and how they fit together. The large scale curvatures were never really considered, and it is interesting, because if you approach downtown the equation governing the curvature of the space-time, 58
Page 59
Einstein equation results in a singularity. But remember, I argued that everything was black hole because everything is divided infinitely. Well, now, the equation Einstein also told you. In fact, you even need this singularity at the center to calculate low curvatures. And, basically, we stuck use the weak part and dropped the other part, represents black holes. I mean, this first approximation without spin, predicted black holes. Yes well we ended up writing a text with Elizabeth Rauscher: “The origin of the spin: the inclusion of torque and Coriolis force in the Einstein equation and the theory of Grand Unification. “Our peers are examining this document, the result of what I just shared. This is a new solution Einstein’s equation. We found a solution to this equation after Karl Schwarzschild. It took very long time it has not found before 1965. In 1965, the Kerr solution Newman was to give back to objects spin and charge. So, we had a spin – a time kinetic – and filler. And it taken all this time to Einstein 1965, before we can find such a solution. So, you can imagine the complexity. It’s this solution that has been mainly used to interpret what one sees around stars, black holes, galaxies, etc. There is a problem though. When you Take this solution and attempt the charge by example, a galaxy or a part of the universe, the result of this equation does not match what 59
Page 60
observed. The result of the equation provides only 4% of that we observe. That is to say, to explain observation that is made of the universe or a galaxy, Considering the amount of mass that we see in this galaxy or in the Universe and inserted in equation Einstein, but it does not work. What to do, and they did – and I think it’s great anything – is to add the 98 or 96% of the Missing mass and energy and call material black or dark energy. It’s very, very convenient. Instead revise the equation, it is assumed that there is an object up there or element that can be neither measured nor observe. So, it’s very convenient for this reason can refute this? Since then, we tried to observe the terms and dark energy. This has resulted in 10 years financing, detectors, and all kinds of experiences to detect dark matter, dark energy. Now I think scientists will detect something, but I doubt that they find what they expect. I think there is an error in the equation and if it is correct, it will describe something, but not dark matter or dark energy. Only a force that allows the existence of this dynamic, and this force, as I’ve noticed, was omitted. I go explain how I got there. I studied Kerr-Newman solution that finally took into account the rotation in space-time, so we might also calculating a rotating object. When done, we want also get rid of complexity. Because of the extreme complexity of the angular momentum and effects gyro, researchers proceed in a very strange. They decided to eliminate the gyroscopic effects 60
Page 61
rotation, as couples and the force is removed from Coriolis, and effects such as precession. How Does that work? They tied the reference framework for rotation matrix, so that there is more strength. It’s a little trick of physics, but it changes really the results. Since all this is buried in huge maze of complexity that very few people on this planet are able to understand, nobody has yet seen. they have did this. You have a rod that rotates, maybe this round here, or maybe a V8 engine puts this rod rotation. It carries 5,000 rpm and you before this thing, and in a moment of enlightenment or extreme stupidity, you catch this rod of all your strengths. Will you feel some effects? these effects are related to shearing, as if you dépeciez on place and heat production, as the smoke out of your fingers. Any effect of this type is certainly and unpleasant due to this twisting force applied to your hands, which requires the shaft to rotate, the power of the V8 engine which rotates the rod. Well, if I catch your hands just when you going to catch the stem, if I take your center of gravity and I make you run at the same speed, you feel no force, no effect in your hands: it 61
page 62
would be stationary in your repository. However, I like account of angular momentum because I can count laps. Then I would dispose of a frequency for the angular momentum as scientists had calculated. Why have they been this way? at Because of the initial fundamental assumption: the objects rotate in their frictionless environment and forever. Considering the spin If you ask a physicist why Earth running, he will say that it belongs to a system solar rotation. If you add: “What makes turn the solar system? “He will say:” It is part a galaxy itself in rotation. – Okay. Qu’est- what makes the galaxy? – It belongs to a Supercluster. – And what turns this supergalaxie? – You see, small, it all started with the big Bang. “Sorry, I’m teasing mood. “He had the will big bang and then the energy has all the matter in rotation, and it turns into an environment free of since friction. So there is no need to hold account rotations because it is inherent in the big- bang. “First of all, it does not tell us where does all this energy charge of the pulse. But it is probably a very big generalization because we are not in an environment free of friction. It’s the same at the atomic level. You are told that the electrons are in constant rotation because they operate in a frictionless environment. they have began to turn when the big bang and they always rotate at 99.9% of the speed of 62
page 63
light. That’s a lot of laps so great time interval. If you go out the model’s head, you will see that this would be true if there was only one atom in the universe. But as soon as there are two, they produce fields of interaction, there is friction, collisions, it happens stuff – fields gravity acting on each other. In addition, to validate the starting assumption should be that all objects are absolutely and perfectly solid and homogeneous. But they are not. For example, the spherical layers which constitute the Sun have different rotational speeds, produce a lot of friction. Think Inside Earth: is that the various earth strata rotate in a frictionless environment? I do not do not think so. That the surface rotates at a speed already different, otherwise there would be no field resulting from magnetic dynamo effect. So what which turns the earth’s core against the mantle? We speaks of molten lava; there is not fluid at all, there friction. The solar wind in our system star, the gravitational pull of the Earth? I Take two eggs: hard, homogeneous density first approximation, and a fresh, raw, having high viscosity levels in the middle. Let’s roll egg cooked hard on the floor. Now imagine it in a non-environmental viscous or with very little friction: it could constantly rotate at constant speed. He slowed, mainly because of the friction on the floor. Now imagine a frictionless environment: 63
page 64
you can conceive. Let’s try the same thing with egg to highly viscous center. It stops soon. A Much of the momentum is absorbed by the viscosity of the central core of the egg. Galaxies are all as this raw egg; they have several types of plasma of different density, several factors friction, several viscosity grades, and this is also the case the center of the Earth. There is as yet no geological description appropriate how the kernel moment of inertia Internal the planet was formed, how we meet with a magnetic field which rotates this dynamo at the center of the Earth. Did you bike when you were small, with this little dynamo on the wheel producing enough current to power a small lighthouse Front ? That way, you could see at night. Well, to rotate the dynamo, you were pedaling. So there must be someone who pedal, something forcing things to turn. The new solution we have written separated the framework of the rotation matrix so as to obtain a description suitable for physical implementation. We get the torque and Coriolis force applied to the system directly from the variety 64
page 65
space-time. Coming back to Einstein and his equation trampoline analogy bowing to generate gravity. In principle, Einstein said that gravity results from the curvature of space-time seen as the surface of the trampoline. In principle, we say in this paper spacetime is indeed curve, in fact, but it also bends, like water flows through the hole in the tub, and that generates the spin, an angular momentum. And that is the source of all spin thing. It’s a fitting way to describe factually physics of momentum the universe. So, adding the couple twisting space-time produces a very different picture a perfect sphere. This induces a torus structure, that is to say, a sphere with two holes in the middle, at the pole north and south pole. And we added the Coriolis force – inertial and fictitious, additional component to the centrifugal force in a dynamic rotation from the perspective of 65
page 66
the observer. She turns the water in one direction in the northern hemisphere and the other in the hemisphere South; it induces hurricanes to rotate in the direction opposed, allows the rotation of the plasma dynamics Solar in opposite directions. This involved add a term for couples forces and strength Coriolis which is a second order tensor. The result is a double torus, a variety double torus, whose dynamic view from the top is a sign of yin and yang in rotation. This is a different face and a different vision the universe because space-time is now source of the spin, the Coriolis force and fields magnetic. And we can use all these equations creation based on the link between the couple and space-time, which even generate gravity and electromagnetic radiation, since it has to This is an equation that balance. This will appear in our next issue, that we write now. There is an inherent balance this equation shows that the balance between the amount couples in space-time, the force applied to system and shear it generates, as well as radiation that the system produces. We are now in the presence of a feedback from the field gravitational forces and torque, and it was the Dynamic I wanted. Looking at the torus above, does one observed by the middle? Space, vacuum: the middle of the donut has a hole. This is where to find singularity at the center of a black hole. 66
page 67
In the center So the center of the range representing space-time, where it is expected to discover a law singularity distance Planck found polarization the vacuum state. That is why the vacuum is polarized and structured: because space-time has a time kinetics and rotates, which induces axes rotation that involve a structure within the variety space-time. So, approaching the center of the torus, we are reduced to ever closer scales Planck distance, then uses models of group theory to see more clearly and represent that point subatomic particles. We are able identify all the subatomic particles we observed at this point. They were now linked, in our mathematics, the elastic fabric of space- time described by Einstein’s equation for the objects to large scale ; and when we arrived at this point, the solution allowed us to regain balance vector. The branch of mathematics which this solution has nothing to do with the instinctive and logical ideas which led me to think that this would be the geometry of the vacuum, the geometry of singularity. 67
page 68
Yet, mathematics came to support my thought. All this sets up magnificently and creates a complete unified theory of fields, wherein the dynamic space-time is a feedback between the gravitational field that goes to within the electromagnetic field and outwardly, and center the vacuum structure, singularity, Figure fractal space-time that defines this equation field. Putting it all together, you get all subatomic particles and all math you need to get the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field and weak and strong interactions. All this remains very complex. I believe this will lessen complexity when we have really all inclusive; in fact, I think we can forget interactions (weak or strong). This is without artifacts with reality: they have nothing to do with the atom. Here’s what happened: it was discovered the nucleus of atoms and protons that formed it. these protons are heavily loaded: they are charged particles positively. If we compare two pole magnets positive, they repel. Now, when we calculate the 68
page 69
force to be applied to confine the particles within the nucleus of an atom, these protons tight against each others, we realize that this force must be extraordinary. And it was concluded that it could not be gravity. “OK, we’ll just invent a new strength. It will be called the strong interaction. Because it is strong. And what do we do now? We’ll say it is transmitted by gluons. Because it is like glue. “Okay, it’s a certain approach of physics. We can also say: “We know that this is because it has been calculated. “But you never realized really experiment measures the never, we think simply that this force exists because you can not imagine other way of sticking protons together. And then we discovered quarks. It was said that the quarks were inside the protons, so they were confined in an even smaller space and had need to interact with even greater force. But we did not add interaction. It would have been silly, right? We stuck to assert that This was the colorful interaction and the strong interaction is a residue of this interaction which is colored Central. If you redo the calculations by considering the atom as a black hole and calculate the amount of gravity at the nuclear level to a black hole that size, you’ll find exactly the strength you need to maintain the atom in balance to prevent the core to explode. You do not have need strong interaction. You gravity near a singularity. So now you can forget this force; and it also changes your perspective on the weak interaction. I’d like to open a 69
page 70
parenthesis to reveal some technical details to my most informed public. Here, I describe a mini black hole. Many will say that the atom does not have the mass required to be described as a mini black hole. However, for this presentation and in my research I came to the conclusion that the atom interacts with a very finely structured dynamic vacuum, which feeds into potential energy and density. Now we have seen, the vacuum density is extremely important. I think the gap is an energy coherent and finely structured that feeds the atom and which produces the dynamics that are currently described thanks to particles and electrons. From this point of view, the strong force is translated by gravitational force the vicinity of a mini-black hole induced by the structure emptiness. The electron rotates at a speed close to that of light, because it is near the horizon events of this minimum black hole. This gives us a new idea of ​​the physical creation. But back to our presentation. I come to this option: modifying Einstein’s equation, we might be able to solve all these mysteries, without make us dependent on quantum physics, which changes radically still the paradigm. It’s that which Einstein was convinced his life. It is why he did not like quantum physics. one claims he dropped everything after writing his equation because of it. He had not really wanted to participate. With his equation, he thought resolve all ladders to subatomic particles. And I think there is almost succeeded once. 70
page 71
A French mathematician had contacted to provide it with a solution his equation which included the torsion (as when a wrong object). If you apply a couple on an object, imagine you have February 1 x 4 and you to remember the bottom turning up: the object will twist. This is called torsion. And the French mathematician Elie Cartan thought that in describing the torsion or how Universe twists, we could solve the equation Einstein. And he resolved. The problem is that it is reached the same solution with the equations Einstein. Everyone therefore said, “It does us learns not much and it is even more complicated. ” All have therefore dropped that option. Nevertheless to twist an object, it must first have a couple – and they did not understand. They never considered the Couple in variety geometrically describing spacetime. If you are missing 98% of the mass the Universe, you see the strength that creates mass without knowing the source. I think this source is the torque density of space-time, the force that puts galaxies rotation. Imagine having built an engine, what power do you need to rotate a galaxy of 300 billion stars? In a very important power. Imagine the amount of Missing forces without this engine. 71
page 72
Can we analyze the wheels of your car and dynamic, their mass, angular momentum, in forgetting that a V8 engine turns the whole? same when you observe Nature, you can see this dynamic. Thus galaxies galactic halos: very large spheres barely visible around them. Galactic halos Imagine the torque density required to produce such a thing. Is not it obvious that this is a water illustration flowing through a siphon? Now you will say, “Wait a second: when these vortices can be seen and that follows these particles, they are ejected. If the water goes down the drain, that means the air comes out to make room for it. It’s a exchange. “One sees only the outside of the horizon events. We see only the portion of the horizon events rayon. We do not see the density torque spacetime which enters the vortex for provide momentum to the system. This results we live in a black hole. That’s why it’s all black in the sky at night. What we see in 72
page 73
inside the black hole, it is the black scale holes less we are outside. what Are they like? These are the stars that shine, the objects that radiate. Because we see them from the outside. Seen plasmas due to the dynamics of Coriolis force from an external point of view. We see the side that shines, but we do not know the party contracted; and most of our physical theories are based radiation because of this. But these Both parties communicate and it is this exchange we have calculated. There are very large objects, including blazars and quasars. All those photographed had huge vortex. They are immense. We sees all scales. The vortex of a quasar might measure six million or al al. A vortex of a million light years in length: at the speed of light, is placed a million years to go from end to end each other, and these objects are rotated at a nearly the speed of light when they arrive on the horizon events of the black hole. There is therefore a torque very, very intense (the torsion is realized by a biasing body subjected to the action of a pair of opposing forces acting in planes parallel): These are large motors up there, which is not not calculated. 73
page 74
Now there are other scales, called micro-quasar. They are found even within our Galaxy. In their case, the vortex is just along three al. You begin to understand the dynamic scale, change scale, the fractal nature of the division from space. Quasars, micro-quasars, star clouds and supernovae all have the same dynamic, the same vortex. Look at the dynamics of the vortex in the product pulsar by the explosion of a supenova. Have you ever read an article in a magazine physics outreach entitled “The death of a star: a star explodes and into supernova “? OK, we will never, ever observed the death of anything is. We never saw that. Really never. Everything we see, they are objects that change state. People struggle with no end the continuation of life after death of eternity, without giving in esotericism. Consider just what you and extrapolate from there. There are a lot of cells, hundred trillion cells in the human body, and 74
page 75
they are arranged in a certain way. And then, Suddenly, their organization collapses. However, all these atoms continue to turn. You do have not lost one. In fact, you are perhaps composed of atoms your neighbor, and he yours. he there is no evidence that things stop. If the density torque spacetime is singular in each point, then there is time for all kinetic scales and things continue to run no matter what is happening. The existing friction is compensated by the torque density of space-time and the environment seems devoid of cause of friction. We do not see the death, we see things changing level organization, that change of scale. And when we see a star explode, it’s called the death of a star, but when one observes his neighborhood afterwards that do we see? We see a pulsar. It’s cute, we just changed its name to Star pulsar. So the star is dead and the pulsar was born. Let me give you an example. If you were a camera in the womb of a pregnant woman, you would life develop there and, after nine months, you’d certainly in very good terms with the life of this uterus. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, the waters disappear and a passage opens into a small hole black at the end of the hip joint; and this being with whom you are on good terms with it disappears hole. You experience death. You think that this being is dead. The person on the other side is the experience of life on the other side of the horizon events. In short, our policy and our 75
page 76
theories have shown that the explosion of pulsars and supernovae result in fact of a containment density couple of space-time in a certain radius, the level stars. This creates matter and the Big Bang Only one of the events that created the atoms of our universe, these atoms being crafted singularity of each black hole; and there’s an exchange with these atoms releasing vortex while the torsion spacetime affects black holes. And when these particles come out, they are held by the field gravitational this black hole on the surface of the horizon Events, like all other atoms has created this black hole as he travels in space-time. When too much material has been created, the balance is upset. There is too much radiation to be compensated by the forces Contracting couple at the center of the system. The system slows too much and causes instability explosion. Awesome. In fact, a layer of material is released so regain stability. And when that happens, the radius becomes much smaller, the dancer brought her arm on his body, and rotates more quickly, such pulsar. When the system reaches a speed sufficient important, it’s called a black hole and said: “Look, the star was a black hole! “I intend to me that the black hole has always been there. We are simply closer to the event horizon and can now distinguish the dynamics of the hole black. ray emissions seen X and all that stuff we could not see before. Moreover, all these 76
page 77
things emit X-rays from atoms to galaxies. You see that the model is different? Cycles in the cosmos Now we are beginning to see the universe as a series of cycles rather than a beginning and an end. And you start to see that it might be like this it was created: there was a huge black hole, become unstable, which regurgitated some of his ergosphere which it has become all that we can observe today. And these cycles will most certainly renew indefinitely. Even dynamics the terrestrial plasma, stratosphere, how to move around the globe own hurricanes and systems Weather meet these Conditions. The current weather go north pole to the equator then back, and the South Pole to the equator then they descend. They do not cross. 77
page 78
These plasma dynamics are visible at all levels. In solar dynamics, we observes a double torus pattern in the plasma around the sun. And we see in this dynamic Coriolis force and the center of these Vortex is a black spot called sunspot. I was reiterated that the spots Solar were events to surface and I debated for 15 years before we make account ultimately it’s not not: they are vortex middle of the sun. Indeed, what you see on a spot Solar is a vortex, it is the Coriolis force which plunges in a singularity, and this is why we associate it in generally at a second spot on the opposite side, they meet in the center of the sun. One can see the presence on all levels (even biological) of these movements between the dynamic spherical and the geometry of the space between the dynamic fields that represent the circumscribed spheres each tetrahedron and the vacuum structure that generates, 78
page 79
which holds. We even got through This dynamic vector arrays in womb of our mothers. I point all time. You want proof of the fractal nature of space? You have not noticed that people take for granted that people literally out other individuals? It’s an amazing thing. But it’s true. I have pictures of my mother with her mother and his grandmother, cousins, the whole family, and the link fractal among all mothers through space-time clearly visible. It’s weird! People come from other people. Obviously, the structure is fractal. inside of the uterus, the first cell is divided into two, then four, four cells are placed so tetrahedral. Then they divide into two to form eight cells, that are placed forming a star tetrahedron. In any case, this basic geometry governs our how come the world. We went through this structure to emerge, and through interactions between the water molecules. And if one is interested in what engendered the location of molecules in our cells, we see that there is a code inside the cell nucleus, which we call DNA. The DNA is really an interesting thing, because 79
page 80
that examination of the dynamics puts Propeller day that reminds us of the notion torque forces. If these levels energy for the cells are viable, and we can actually describe cells as mini-black holes interact, can be seen in the center this structure helically. Our body has a great need for this code remain. Its complexity is almost unimaginable. Yes you pull down the DNA in a cell, every cell in your body, you will get a thread of length of 1,80 m. Put all these DNA strands end to end, and you will make the circle the Earth four to five million times. four to five million times around the Earth! This is what in your body at the same time. You have some needs to function, so that all your cells know what others are doing, how they are organized and how they communicate. And because of all this lies in the interactions fundamental of the encoded proteins. And guess what on This code is based. The DNA codons consist of three nucleotides; it goes with the affine connection Einstein used the metric space for its equation; with the space-time variety (the concept of space-time like variety). It’s called the affine connection, and that’s a matrix having 64 independent components that describes the structure of space-time. 80
page 81
So there is a direct link between the torque density of space-time and DNA structure. It is as if DNA was the transmitter that gathered information in spacetime and the revealed world. You are a kind of probe for space-time, which is observed from Outside, accumulating information about its existence. For pity’s sake, do not go see your psychiatrist to tell him that you are a spatiotemporal probe. You risk into trouble. But this is a very perspective satisfactory as we begin to emerge the report between the structure of space-time and biology, and discern how the biology of this makes its way side. 81
page 82
Everything is a “whole” black Beginning We saw that biology seemed to fit into this theory and tended to confirm much; so we can address this issue by the different viewpoints. One of those I have used is Of course the geometric point of view. I played with the interaction of the spheres. If you put a sphere around each tetrahedron that is located on the matrix vector equilibrium, they intersect. If you put a sphere around each of a star tetrahedron tetrahedral, these spheres intersect. The pattern formed by the intersections like petals or lobes. Fact Interestingly, the tops of the lobes correspond to the top of the cavity octahedral within the matrix. They do not form odd angles, they fit together directly on the vertices of the geometry. What a curved space interacting with space linear geometric? I first asked this question: “What these species lobe structures? ” I was still in my van, about four years later, I was studying and I still read many physical about different waveforms. It was 82
page 83
really fascinating, but it gave me a lot of headache. I had with looking waves, that is generally represented as waves sinusoidal, right? We have, in general, the frequency of the wave, its amplitude and length. It is essentially the parameters we describe in the wave dynamics. And I had quite a headache, I not understand it. L was unable to view these waves. I tried to make account my perception the universe and how the wave dynamics stuck there, how it interacts and could match. I did not quite understand what a wave was. I have tried to read about it and it became increasingly confuses. Eventually I decided to return to the essential. So I drove my van to a Alpine lake in Canada. It was a water mountain lake turquoise confined within a chain of mountains, so a very quiet place. I caught a lot of pebbles and sitting on a branch next to the lake, I threw 83
page 84
stones, observing the operation of the oven. I watching the rings were formed on the surface. With this simple approach, I was giving them form. And I could see that if I took the waveform on the surface of the water and I sectionnais or divisais, it generates this reason, this waveform. Well Well, I thought it was a very artificial way see things: the stone runs, it creates a break in the surface tension of water, it pushes the molecules of water and then the wave occurs. The stone must flow to that the wave appears. But how can I take this into account? L was confused, I do not understand the whole. And then I thought that if the rock flows and this produces a wave, it is more like a vortex. When I had this idea, so I finally realized: “Oh! But I think in two dimensions. ” You see how the two dimensions of the plane obsess you, this flat Euclidean space? This is how we feel the waves, like traces on an oscilloscope. But in fact a wave is a three dimensional vortex. In 3D, it must be a vortex along an axis rotation. The waves are in 3D, we live in a 3D world. 84
page 85
This is not a flat thing; the plan does not exist. It is a conception of man, not a structure fundamental nature. The space is Euclidean 2D irrelevant to nature. I understood everything. I do not know how many times I’ve thought of a waveform from the Sun and coming towards me, making this up and down movement. Nothing in the Universe rises and down: it runs, it runs a rotation. So, a waveform from the Sun is a vortex that me key, entering my eyes. I understood that it was fundamental. A physicist will tell you it is a vortex 3D. If he is strong, he will know that. But we do not think like that, it is too complex; then we flatten. But if we flatten, we lose time angular, the rotational dynamics of the geometry of space, that generates the first vortex. I think of all this and happy, I lie down by the lake, and I watching the sun set behind the mountains, which arrives early enough in Canada and … Moving in space I noticed that the sun was behind the mountains and I reflected aloud, “it’s cool, our perception of things we always have the distinct impression that the sun behind, when in fact the Earth continues its rotation. ” When I stopped, one aspect me 85
page 86
hit: wave motion dynamics have a link with the movement in space. Things not move up and down. And I thought the system Solar and another flash (engineering) hit me. We teach our children to school, the system Solar looks like this: the Sun is in the middle, and planets orbiting in an elliptical path; in function of the interaction of the planets, the orbit is elongated or rounder. The planets are well presented but This is absolutely wrong: this presentation back to think the earth is flat, but the solar system not behave like that at all. The sun moves in space and planets evolve around him in generating this enormous vortex and following the Sun’s equator. 86
page 87
It’s a completely different picture. We go from shot to space the movement in space. And that makes a big difference. Suddenly you start see that planetary movements (solar motion, Galactic movement superclusters) have this form elliptical vortex, and you then consider the dynamics of space, because they have all this torque distributing forces through space. And if you observe in this vortex of the Earth, then you might say that here it is 2000, for example, and then 2001, then it 2002. These are distances between the extremes millions millions of kilometers. The planets do not come back not in their footsteps. Otherwise, we probably always the same set of information, such as on a broken record. We probably would end up us bored, because it would be a repetition of Groundhog Day (Think of Groundhog Day, American film of Harold Ramis with Bill Murray in the role of Phil Connors). In a flash, this question struck me: what makes each second (or second billionth), or each 86
page 88
dividing portion of the space-time, different from other? Why does it change the information? Because we will never return back on the same coordinates of space-time. We move through space-time collection of information in this retransmitting the system and so we change structure of space-time that we are experiencing. It really was an important discovery. She had physical implications for which I attached myself, in addition to influencing theories psychological that I was interested and I experienced since. If I give this modeling someone to whom I ask to view the Earth repositioning on the vortex at the instant the event traumatic happened in his life, I am able to get him back on that time so much more lively and intense. And then I asked him to change his view of that experience, to amend its point of view by a 180 degrees, and to adopt the the person who assaulted (or caused another disadvantage); She then obtained a new series Information. I believe that a new series information is coded at this place in space- time. So the rest of our knowledge is changed from there. And this is the effect that psychology product by asking you to back to an event. The psychology could benefit from this theory, but if you do not know not the true dynamics, 88
page 89
basic mechanisms of this movement in space, you try to do something that will return in time on the same broken record, and then you will be blocked. Nevertheless I saw capable people to do and instantly resolve issues very important. And they are there in the present. So all geometry overtaking the now opens new set of geometries for the future. I was on the lake shore, and I thought, “This is great! I want to do an experiment to show that. How can I show the image of a wave in 3D instead of a wave plane? And if a rotary engine gave me the couple of [ twist] space-time and I attached him rope? Let’s see what results. ” I returned to my van, looking for a electric motor. I could still not use the V8 engine of my car. I found one in my electric razor. I removed the shaving head and I dislodged engine. After my razor being stuck by long experience, I let my beard grow. I had So a razor default beard. I took a small wire fishing and a little lead with a pin and I tied the all, then I put the shaver. The result was awesome. As soon as I turned on the engine, the thread took the form a coherent wave. And I used in my Physics conferences, to use my razor and my Small fishing line by showing people the waveform 3D. It was pretty funny. What happens when he applies the theorem of angular momentum and that there voltage wire? A small motor turns and as coherent wave emerges. 89
page 90
And with strobe I can stop the waveform in 3D, and it becomes a sine wave in 2D. We visualize the way, but it’s actually a 3D vortex) in space, which looks like a sine wave. In reality it is the result of the action of a vortex, a system rotation. Here’s a beautiful waveform stationary interference (illustrative tion left). In addition, and it gets interesting when the central part we look of these waveforms, it see structures that like structures fractals Benoit Mandelbrot (right picture). And you can get much more complex. A wave two bellies is simple, but I like particularly the three. he are also the sine wave to a time (sensed by oscilloscope). Similarly, there is the very complex interference in the wave dynamics. 90
page 91
One may be stationary (left figure), the other is a pulse (periodic signal emitted by a pulsar, which can result in impulse) (from right). Now a complex waveform (Figure from left): my famous string theory (illustration of right). It’s a toy, but this toy is very well how things work and physical. Just like a string theory string brings out great theoretical difficulties, but it is only a rope. I want to clarify that I am describing the rope not as esoteric theory 26 dimensions (bosonic string theory), but as a structure of the torque applied to the spacing 91
page 92
time itself, so that we see the field electromagnetic emerging from the contraction System torque / space-time, which was imposed a angular moment given to obtain a feedback keep on going. These lobe structures generated when the rope made of stable harmonics, like many structures obtained when the spheres intersect in this geometry. I continued to explore these dynamic and then I found that crop circles looked like that. Supernovae in the atomic structure I think it was the first photographed supernova, SN 1987A. The photo was taken when the explosion occurred, resulting in amazement among astrophysicists whole world. When you expect to the explosion of a star, you do not expect to see as a still generated highly structured. It created a lot of noise in the physics community and was really happy. I thought, “Wow! They captured an image of the space geometry. My God! “I thought he was sufficient energy to the plasma dynamics brightens space dynamics and shows what happening. I called my local astronomer, he called me crazy and added that this phone luck does not happen again. Then, 92
page 93
a few years later, it was captured on film, Hourglass Nebula, and of course it happened again. And recently scientists have developed new models to see how it could produce, and why it happens as well. They discovered that 3D is actually a dual core or two cores, since the stars explode from above and below; and ensued vortex. This is the easiest exit point and all matter goes that way. And this developing in a double torus. It was encouraging. L was very enthusiastic. These dynamic supernovae, carefully considered, are very interesting because you get this eye in the middle and it looks right toward you. When you look closely, it makes you even a wink, and wink is probably the result of the presence of different densities of gas, which organize themselves in the middle. On examination of a structure fractal, we see that the first is orange hoop reproduced in a smaller version at the heart fractal system and so on. then starts really see the fractal nature of the field in various densities as a function of the different gases. 93
page 94
When solves Einstein’s equation with the addition of torque, people ask: “You add couple, but what creates it? “And I say that these equations are based on the first of equations Laplace and Poisson, who are density equations. This means that the field density animates the moment couple of spacetime. This is because there are different densities of the void of the infinitely dense not the infinitely dense, but never absolute vacuum, as high pressure, low gas pressures in the atmosphere that generate a hurricane; so you get a galaxy or a star or a planet and thus on, because a change in density leads all of infinitely dense system passing state vacuum in extremely large. You can see this change occur in the dynamics of supernovae: it looks a lot like what we visualize the String strobe. 94
page 95
the same kind of dynamic is found in a hurricane off the Florida coast (illustration left). In a galaxy, to totally scales different, the same dynamic is observed. What trouvez- to the center of the hurricane? His eye, immobility, which is the geometry of the vacuum state, the coldest place. The center of the Galaxy, there is a black hole, and beyond the event horizon, thermodynamics is absorbed; And leave the geometry of the vacuum state. The same dynamic on a scale completely different should lead to revelations about this force, about the density changes. Imagine the change in density between the galaxies, in fact, correspond to separate molecules of a few centimeters, and density within the Galaxy, much higher and the density of the solar system, 94
page 96
much higher than the surface of the Sun, yet higher – and the cycle continues. Things are not homogeneous, they have viscosities and densities different, inducing torque on the space-time. Let’s go to this photo, taken at the University of Sydney, the dynamics of the energy around the atom molecules atoms. We see the effect of the torque on vorticular space- time according to my point of view. And we go enter very high levels of scale. It’s about of investigations into superclusters of galaxies extremely large; when observed these supercluster 96
page 97
so far, it was expected that they are rather chaotic and poorly organized. In fact, we found all the opposite. These large-scale structures are organized in octahedra and tetrahedrons and published documents of authors given to these structures or the fractal universe name in “egg carton” (so convoluted). That’s what they see there. With the nose in a rug Persian, there is no way to see it is made with a reason: you’ll think everything is chaotic. But if you step back if you change your scale relationship, all of a sudden you start to see the show pattern. And that is what we are beginning to see – this is the 97
page 98
structure of spacetime and how to organize matter. Even in the periodic table elements, we went to the atomic structures extremely broad, and now we are moving towards extremely small atomic structures. Indeed, the periodic table has been reviewed by Dr. Moon University of Chicago, to resolve all protons and neutrons interactions using five Platonic solids, a very specific geometry, and he even used all solid Archimedes and the matrix isotope for the interaction of électrons.Voici a statement late Dr. Robert James Moon, at the end of his life: “We are entitled to seek geometry of space – in other words, we are no longer in able to talk about the vacuum of space. “Accordingly, thought that geometry of space should dictate particle interactions. If you get more and you get to the electron cloud and orbits you find that these orbitals corresponding probabilities 98
page 99
to very specific geometries, which are related tetrahedra and octahedra. The theory models groups that predict subatomic particles based on geometry. They are from the crystallography. This is where these Models come, except that Physicists generally made abstract geometry. They say, “No, it is only the way to solve the equation. ” I think the equation is solved by geometry, so fundamental the interaction of these particles. You must have this geometry to solve the equations. We notice that the symmetry group corresponds to the matrix isotopic vectors, the vector equilibrium and so after. Now, we are extremely small. 99
page 100
pyramids Well, how we he brings to this structure geometric? If you study the Egyptians, Mayans, Incas and Indians, all these people have done things to senseless geometries and they spoke of various Ways. But most impressive is that they we left very concrete things related to geometry. And if we made small models, a meter high, things they have left a legacy, easy to build, you would say, “You know, they have have instinctively understood that. “But they left behind something like this entails new questions. So, how were able to notice? I know you’ve heard many stories about how we built the pyramids. And they emphasized their construction very particular, it is an established fact. According to the theory, between 20,000 and 100,000 slaves or farmers, during the Nile flood every year, would 100
Page 101
build pyramids. And they built them, always according to different theories, for a period between 20 and 40 years. It’s fine, but they teach it as fact. For example, we read in books as “pyramids were “Built by” not “may be constructed by.” It is described as a fact. And you think it should be it. But when you think about it, these people who have written these facts are neither engineers nor physicists, they not necessarily understand what it takes to build, they do not necessarily understand the degree of difficulty to achieve high accuracy builds when using stones. They include not necessarily that copper does not cut stone. And until now we did not find how to harden Copper for cutting stone. So they just threw this stuff and, because they have a PhD, and that is in the nineteenth century they can not imagine anything else, then everything world agrees with their opinion. And I assure you, if you are preparing a PhD in Egyptology or the study of antiquity in ancient civilizations and you write a thesis describing another construction method, you are not going probably not get your doctorate. I was really surprised when I started to study these things because, in my opinion, I solved a big many of these issues, but there was something which continued to tickle me. Perhaps the history of Earth, maybe the history of our civilization 101
Page 102
quite different from what we believe. And if it is True, I want to know why. Because then I could change my perspective on the evolution to do reflect the true reality of what happened in Giza. That could greatly alter my perception me of my ancestors, of the genesis of things and my place in the universe. So I leaned on these phenomena. When you begin to study these things just even a little bit – and I’m contact with many physicists; if I can not solve the math, I can ask people their view- right away, you are faced with data amazing. For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza – we have more right now – which was 137 meters in height, was built with 2.3 million stones about, and its base measuring 53,056 meters carrés77 when they placed the last stone on the above. Indeed, the stones of the Great Pyramid Giza were torn. There’s a blanket over stones, the entire pyramid, which has been operating for Cairo built in the 1900s and at the end of XIXth century. 102
Page 103
These stones were perfect in the highest degree, the pyramid was much better arranged before. But, to this day, when you look at the vastness of the building and obtained the satellite mapping of the apex of the pyramid, the summit is out of phase by a quarter center of the thumb of a base of 53,056 square meters square. I can guarantee that even with all the money world and modern technology we have to Nowadays, no engineering company is able to replicate this success after placing 2300 000 stones. Today, I assure you, we do can not do that, we can not reproduce that. You must divide a quarter inch by 2.3 million stones for accuracy in available stones. It’s amazing. By the time it was over, the orientation of the pyramid to the stellar cluster was extremely precise, as many of our current buildings, including telescopes. Size the building is huge beyond comprehension. There is 103
Page 104
Another issue that is of great. In the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, 100 blocks granite were raised to a maximum of 40 meters altitude, and placed with perfect accuracy for create a pressure relief of the top stones with an astonishing genius, so that everything stays in place inconsistently with terrestrial technologies current. There is another archaeological problem. Archeology is really the art of decoding the text, decrypt remnants of a civilization, and extrapolate these decoding manners, behavior and life daily. If you follow this path, you expect after placing thousands of hieroglyphs in all the temples and tombs and throughout Egypt, the Types tell us all about their food, how they went to the toilet, what they did and how they made love. Somewhere in this country, someone surely would have written: “By the way, we also built the pyramids. ” 104
Page 105
You do not think? I mean we expected. But not a wall reveals only that. Nothing in Egypt is saying we have built the pyramids. Nothing in the Maya area either, nor in the Inca traditions. You know we are told that the pyramids were built to make the tombs, and the tombs were there for the pharaoh buried there, is not it? You’ve all heard of it. We would expect that’s why they say it is that they found the mummies of the pharaohs in the pyramids. And the books or reports on Egypt show generally the tombs of the pharaohs, and they spend on the pyramid and show the entire way 105
Page 106
you thought the tomb of the Pharaoh and you visualize in this pyramid. Well, however, not one mummy was found in a pyramid. No only in Egypt but around the world. In Egypt, in particular, the mummies were all found in underground vaults that had nothing to do with the pyramids. So do you think that the pharaoh who built this huge monument to be buried, would at less on the front of an epitaph with her name, revealing that in such a year in such a year, “we built this pyramid to make my grave “or something like that? Some pyramids of Egypt were fully closed when they were found, including Great Pyramid of Giza. And archaeologists of the time, almost hunters treasures, had to use dynamite to clear a way in most of these pyramids. they could not find the entrance. We were all clogged with huge blocks of 20 tons be harmonized so well with the rest of the pyramid they by camouflaging the entrance. So they fought their passage dynamite, and in the case of large pyramid, they fell into a tunnel and then they are raised to the entrance and were able to identify blocks which closed entry. And it is claimed that, in some of these pyramids, they came up sarcophagus, which was still sealed. A granite slab on top weighed more than 20 tons, 106
Page 107
they raised with great difficulty, removed sealed the supposed tomb they found empty, completely empty. What was their conclusion? The grave robbers arrived before them. They have some found the entrance in one way or another, have withdrawn blocks obstructing the passage, entered, taken all treasures, removed the mummified, raised the lid, swiped the remaining bothered to clean before replace the cover, to seal the tomb, out of and close the tunnel accurately and continue their way, with their booty. I do not think so. The Sphinx So these theories are facing enormous difficulties. This are theories, not facts. And the examination can discern major gaps, which involve Thousands of tons of material and equipment. 107
Page 108
I give the example of the Sphinx, which is just across the Pyramid of Giza. Contrary to belief popular, it is not a built model, but statue carved directly on the Giza Plateau. If you had been in charge of building the Sphinx, what would you do? You have this immense plateau this great rock to the size you want and sculpt. So you have to cut the enclosure around the sphinx body to be able to sculpt body. They did it on the spot, instead of out of the enclosure the small blocks. If the task you were assigned, you would probably removed blocks of 50, if not 100 or 250 kg; if you have a good crane, perhaps up 500 kg or 1 ton. Why would you move a more imposing mass? You move things match your level of technology, you avoid to complicate your task. The Egyptians are managed, it is said, to move these blocks to the enclosure. It is recognized that these blocks are out of the enclosure because sedimentary layering on this block exactly match the sedimentary layers associated to that origin; and you can actually will establish where each block. 108
Page 109
And they weigh more than 200 tons. People there 4000 years, have moved blocks of 200 tons. Born Rather than just moving them, they have piled to create the valley temple (or Temple of the Sphinx) located opposite the Sphinx. This information snippets are cause for concern. We can not handle easily or slip them under the carpet. The sphinx has several traces of erosion influence our idea of ​​the period it was built or carved. 109
Page 110
New evidence has shown that erosion afflicting the body and the chamber of the Sphinx – the one from which were removed the blocks of 200 tons – the result of significant rainfall over long periods. We know, historically and geologically, the amount of rain needed to create such erosion could not switch to another time it was 10 000 years after last ice age. This would mean that the Sphinx was not carved 4000 years ago, but perhaps there are 10 000 to 12 000 ans91. This places us before a problem Archaeological even worse: people, there are 10 000 years, walked with blocks of 200 tons. To stage of my research, this is a serious problem. 110
Page 111
The Temple of Osirion There is another important temple of ancient Egypt, relatively little known and studied, but very well kept this time, which is an exception in constructions Egyptian. It is the temple of Osirion, located near Abydos (Abidjou). It is made of pink granite blocks more 100 to 200 tons, polite, stacked and organized for form this incredible building. Look at the block size above the character’s head (illustration right). There are tongue and groove. It’s very sophisticated. We speak of the Egyptians before the invention the wheel without pulley or crane to enter 111
Page 112
as great things and stacking. This temple is usually the subject of controversy because there of the water in the bottom. It is flooded every year, almost seamless because it is based on the level of Nile. The temple was dug in the ground, so that the first archaeologists having found claimed that Egyptians had dug, and had built from there. But there is no other example in Egypt of similar construction. When geologists have interested in the size of the temple, they noticed that geological strata on the side shows that it is in fact reverse. The temple was there, and then sedimentation Nile has conveyed the contents of all these layers, which finally buried the temple. And an archaeologist has found and dug. We deduce that this temple is much older than its approximate dating 4000 years. It was probably there that is 10 000 to 12 000 years. And finally, I came across these figures, popularized under the English name of “Flower of Life” (Flower of Life). he This is still recent images, it is very difficult to find. I went up to study the documents original published on this temple and I have not been able to get one of these photos. There I am really happy to have them. The amazing aspect of this graph identified in the top of the pillars, is that the printed geometry 112
page 113
on the granite was not engraved, but burned in the Atomic structure of granite. It is printed as it if it had been burned by laser on granite. It’s all even very confusing to think that there are 10 000 years, the People were walking by burning things with lasers. Interestingly, when you take this geometry and you extrapolate 3D structures, each circle which is becoming a sphere; petals, lobes appear; and if you place a tetrahedron in each field, you get the grid of 64 tetrahedra. This provides evidence that the people of this world been able to do things so completely different modern applications, to exceed our current capacity despite technology of modern times. Maybe our technologies are based on the reaction and the explosion rather than contraction and curvature of space-time, which we would control gravitational fields. These Egyptians also had hieroglyphs representing the highest level of initiation in connection with the gods Sun. The elevation in the initiation symbols were generally associated with the eye of Horus, and when they these hieroglyphics used in their writings, every part of 113
page 114
the eye corresponds to a particular fraction of mathematics. Each fraction is 1/64, the dynamic of the division in the space of the table tetrahedra. It is also clear that these blocks of 200 tons were not their only accomplishment. We found a statue in the middle of the desert, a few hundred kilometers from the quarry where he had been cut. We think it could representing Ramses II. It’s about a statue of granite, highly polished, made in one piece weighing more than 1000 tons! When we found this statue, we wanted to move, and there was quantity engineers, who said: “To move up there, we will have to cut it into small pieces, because that we can not move like that. ” I just reveal significant abnormalities do do you not? The submerged pyramid The pyramids are not all in Egypt. It is found in in many Latin American countries and Mexico. Many people do not know, but it was discovered 114
page 115
pyramids remains in several other countries, including Japan, under the water near the island of Okinawa (Japan). These pyramids remnants remained submerged very long time. Upon immersion of these pyramids, a organic outgrowth begins to cover them. The carbon dating 14 is a method which can apply to anything that contains carbon, that is to say organic matter. For example, when they dated in Carbon 14 pyramids in South America, they said: “We dated 14C this guy buried beside the pyramid, a campfire, all that was found here “; and they extrapolate considering that these people were builders of the pyramid. But when this monument disappears under water corals grow, and it is of organic matter; so that you can be dated with carbon 14, at least to date her immersion. When it has been dated 14C was found that this pyramid was already under water there is 10 000 to 12 000 years, the last ice age. it’s about the date of immersion, not necessarily its construction. 115
page 116
A driver found a pyramid to following a mistake during the World War II, while flying over China. Lost, he falls this pyramid he photographed in black and white. The photo was published and many people cried hoax. I never showed because of the controversy it arouses. There are over 100 Pyramids in China. In general, people do not. They are immense. They present Typical features of this region. They very similar to American pyramids South and Mexico. And he is Interestingly, when look closely image satellite pyramids of realize that they are much like what we are at Giza. Here China, there Giza, and there website Columbian Teotihuacan, north of Mexico City. Same same angles and alignments, 116
page 117
that are consistent with that of the stars of the belt Orion. The most interesting is that many of these civilizations speak of advanced beings from the Orion and the star Sirius. Perhaps we Have they left traces of their passage. To visit the sacred sites dedicated to the knowledge of Sun gods in the tradition Chinese, ailez you to Cite prohibited; the entry you can admire the Sphinx. The Sphinx, Egypt and China, and other traditions, is considered the guardian of the knowledge. It is generally placed at the input of a Shrine to keep knowledge. In the case of the Sphinx, it is assumed that knowledge is kept under his legs. Moreover, Edgar Cayce had announced that we would find out parts the legs of the Sphinx of Giza, and Now, with seismological equipment was able to find these pieces. Apparently there are many 117
page 118
B under the legs of the Sphinx. But what he has carved under the legs of the keeper? You see a sphere with the lobes of the geometry of space inlaid. But it keeps the knowledge in his paws. Again Once again, we find that this pattern spreads by world in those places where the buildings are located extraordinary and an incredible amount of know. Of course, the Chinese tradition involves knowledge of the Yi Jing (or I Ching), yin and yang. However, the yin and yang correspond to torus from above. As for Yi Jing it is 64 symbols, each compound 6 sticks. How the differentiate depends sticks: if are broken or not. And generally, they are arranged in a circle, where 1 is diametrically opposed to 64.2 to 63.3 to 62, etc. Two opposing symbols have the same number of sticks full and the same number of severed sticks, but they are arranged differently between the two elements of the pair. I looked at the figures, and I thought: “If I take six poles of the same length and I put them together in a geometry, then the only Figure Geometric I build is tetrahedron. “In a way, it works; then maybe the symbolic code of the Yi Jing involves tetrahedra. That said, what match the herringbone? What do you get them? The smaller tetrahedra? I have come to understand that in the Yi Jing code symbols are paired: 1 to 64 are in opposition. So if you associate 1 and 64, the 118
page 119
branches must cross. This is why we have desultory they intersect when they meet. And here is the structure of the star tetrahedron. You can continue to build Yi Jing, continue decoding and continue to erect the structure star tetrahedron with positive and negative. By the time you have finished you will have a grid of 512 tetrahedra which is the fractal level following 64 tetrahedra. So you have all the fractal progression. These are very strong beliefs culturally in the world are very important traditions, reflecting a major amount information, enlightening us on structure and dynamics of spacetime. coded messages In 1972, the American astronomer Carl Sagan and a group of astrophysicists said, “Well, the radio telescope 119
page 120
Arecibo [on the island of Puerto Rico] is in place now, so let’s go, encode and send a message signal, the strongest ever sent into space, to achieve further beings in the galaxy. Perhaps can they read the code, and then send us a reply. “It will certainly hundreds of years to get this answer, but it was worth it. They met and reflected in a simple code they could write. They chose a binary code. And if you craft a perforated card from this code, it look like this: It says that we are made of carbon, and contains our periodic table of elements; this part represents our DNA structure, we see that we have a small head and large body, we live on the third planet in our solar system, and the technology by which we send this message designated by the symbol of a radio telescope. In the beginning, nothing happens, of course: it would take hundreds years for the signal to come back to us, assuming These beings live far away. If they were close to us, 120
page 121
orbiting our solar system, they would have had messages very quickly. It was not until 2001 that a response was received. Did you know that spoke to us directly? Nearby a radio telescope generally used by the SETI Institute for listening to alien signals, crop circle appeared in the middle of the night in front of a doing extremely well monitored by guards and infrared cameras. This crop circle (or Harvest) appeared, and the answer, punch card, has constructed as photo identification. 121
page 122
They thought they were going to give us a bit more a binary code. This structure is very agroglyphe complex: too much for a mere hoax. It would be very difficult to reproduce the how was trampled hay in this field, in order to obtain this structure face, top view. More, person, including service Security has seen anything during the night. This response message is quite simple binary code. When the code was deciphered, we got some something significantly different from that we sent. The response informs us that they are compounds of carbon and silica. Well, this is interesting: some people talked of becoming Crystal beings. I talk all the man’s time as being cristallo-organic. Since then, some data show that this is not quite accurate to consider us Carbon entities, as fluids inside the cells and the cell nucleus are compounds posteriori over silica which previously believed, many plus111. In fact, we rather composed of an alloy silica and carbon. Then maybe 122
page 123
that these beings were more accurate than us. And here they evoke their table of elements, very similar cheers. And then their DNA seems to have a bit more that we. They have a large head, small body. They live three planets in their solar system, and third four moons. And here we find the technology with which they sent the message. it should have been the one of the 20 hours, but no. note the harsh comments of the SETI Institute on this: we fact slyly noted that the telescope was next door and that “foreigners” should, logically, transmitting a radio signal. I tell them perhaps they wanted everyone to access their message. If they had transmitted a signal Radio, I assure you it would not have even made the news on local radio. They therefore sought an contact first hand with the population. They we meet all. But do we listen? More interesting again, the lower part of their message me intrigued. I wanted to learn about their technology up there because it certainly had to do with my work. But you can not do anything with this drawing, because the resolution is too low, the code is too simple. I was therefore very limited. But a year ago, still in the same field in England, but on the opposite side radio telescope, they had us already given the key to decipher what is stated in the bottom of the punched card. 123
page 124
And it’s always the same geometry. They had us given the key even before we questionnions. AT side of the same radio telescope with his security guards. And we have not seen anything. This is once again a beautiful fractal division space-based tetrahedral sets. Again Once again, we see the singularity, borders, training and duplication of limits with radial expansion in a set of tetrahedrons. Learning from the past So sometimes we find large stones to hundreds of kilometers from the quarry where we cut them. Buildings constructed with precision in the world entire, ancient societies, oral traditions and written that speak of gods Sun came from the stars. And even today, thousands and thousands of evidence highlight the existence of flying objects not 124
page 125
identified. One wonders why these beings communicate more directly with us. It’s not much- perhaps because our society has become very violent. However, could we not benefit from the knowledge they we have communicated ago thousands of years? What evidence relevant passage of these beings and legacy information they left us until we likely to évoluions a level of knowledge they would contact us again? These are the skulls Tutankhamun and his brother (At left). It’s the bust of Nefertiti (illustration right) .All show heads elongated. Generally, in the ancient Egyptian tradition, the Sun gods had their heads very elongated and demigods Sun human ancestors, who had Children with the gods Sun had no head if extended. We also found a skull South America, in a temple. It is huge and can result a compression of the box Cranial. Indeed, when you bandage child’s head to 125
page 126
deforming the structure of the skull, this compression head distorts the features of the skull, but does not increase the volume of the cranial cavity. Here, the volume of the cranial cavity is almost double that of a human being today. If only one of these skulls had been found, you say that this was perhaps an abnormality, or a disease. But many factors show that this is not the case. The bones of the jaw, the characteristics of the cheeks are not those of a Homo sapiens. They are more like those of Neanderthal man or a crossing different branches in the chain of evolution supposedly straight man, which however can not all appear in the same skull. Now this is not a single skull that was found, but several, in temples like South America and Mexico. This one is a little different, it is not as sharp. Still huge, it also has some characteristics inhabitu- them in the face and shape of the jaw. other have been found in Mexico: melon-shaped heads, with a greater volume capacity at the skull, as well as very large orbits, and a structure very strange to the skull. This is not the largest ever found skull, but contains most cranial cavity. It sounds like a shaped skull M, whose hemispheres seem have developed independently of each other. It is very big. The front part missing. The skull bones resisted and they indicate a large volume. It’s here Physical concrete evidence of the presence of these beings 126
page 127
Antiquity. The found stories about these beings everywhere. They are found in the Mayan tradition and the Inca tradition: both call the Sun gods, like traditions Egyptian and Chinese. This is also the case in Japanese tradition and worldwide. In the Mayan tradition also found grids as celle- there containing mathematical clues, you took for very precise timetables focus on changes in our solar system. And those interesting symbols have vortex interacting. When you decrypt these codes you find that they match the growing structure 64 tetrahedra spacetime. Ancient traditions Very ancient writings testify: this relates in particular a plate creation myth where Sun God came to Earth and gave man a black sun. This is a translation from others. In other cultures, it was black sun resulting in black stone, as in the Quran. And he is described as a radiant sun, like a sun 127
page 128
in a box. different beliefs Traditional talk about gods Sun reaching the top of a mountain, where the man went to meet them, and a gift given to humains120. More still, we discover, in the tradition Sumerian, they certainly built very complex structures and sophisticated (that we bomb to Currently, Iraq and Iran) pyramidal order. The Ziggurat of Babylon (called “House of Foundation of Heaven and Earth “) and other buildings were very sophisticated, very large structures. Here is a top view of one of them. Many of them are destroyed Just when we speak. Several productions reflecting these traditions disappear in museums of these areas right now. Around these parts, you will find 128
page 129
Other notable anomalies. Here is one of the most amazing on earth. These stones are the foundation of a ancient temple over which the Roman Empire had built a newer temple. They used old stones as a foundation. Let me you show their relative size. The stone measuring just about 7 meters high and was placed above more small stones, still very large; However, this are smaller stones that support. Only Three of these stones are still there. huge, they weigh more than 800 tons. One of them, located in a career with almost a kilometer of the temple, weighs over 1000 tons and the area of ​​its base measuring 1,300 meters square. These extremely large stones appear to have displaced easily in antiquity. But this is not easy. Other objects are around those locations. Here, a small pot with a copper rod and a small rod: when you operate by filling them grape juice, you get a battery. Moreover, we have the evidence of the use of these cells to animate small electric toys. Thus, these batteries found date back to some 2,000 years. Except we found objects on where there was an electrolysis, including an old battery 4000 years, and electrolysis had come from the same latest techniques. This proves that people used electricity that time. Here is a reproduction in a series of such batteries. They enable a voltage of about 1.1 volts and you 129
page 130
can use them in small toys and make various uses. This is a very old technology. One of these plates has a set of structures geometric combined with advanced mathematics. Of course, the geometric structures on these tablets, which are fractal progression correspond perfectly to the gate of tetrahedrons 64 on the side. And Here correspondence. It’s amazing, we even the little lines that go towards the center: it is a perfect match. This tablet describes a geometric progression of the separation space- time. This is the Kaaba in the middle of the Mecca. My tradition. My grandfather was a guide who brought people Iran to Mecca and he also carried the prayers of those who could not go, because Muslims all must go to Mecca once in their life. Those who can not afford it are allowed to send someone else. My grandfather was the person taking the prayers of the people and the brought to Mecca. It was a Bedouin. It amounted to camel. He put six months to go, and six months to return; so it was a long journey, and it guided the people there. He went there very often, it was his job. Sure he was often there than most Muslims close to our family. My father read a tarine article in the press showing a picture of my grandfather with a small text. I think it was just 130
page 131
after his death. This article told that my grandfather had lived until the age of 128 years. Eh yes! It is directly related to my tradition. In the Koran it is written in the Kaaba there, in the middle cube in the middle This beautiful temple around which thousands and Thousands flock to turn, just create a torque on the field around them, stone black or black sun. In the Qur’an, it is said that it is a gift of the ange Gabriel to Abraham, which ultimately landed in the center of Mecca. Walking forward Let’s step back to do two before. Given hearsay abnormalities, including movements of extremely large and heavy objects disconcerting ease, suppose there was a time before our written history and serious cataclysms, of which there are stories in the world whole, in over 500 different traditions. If a technology, a power source, allowed objects to rise, move, and information and energy to circulate, why civilizations advanced, having visited our planet thousands of years before our first written, would they have transmitted humans to Earth this energy source? that would you do in space traveler passing our Galaxy, if you found a planet far behind the technology? If Earthlings were not too belligerent at the time (and we did not really have the possibility of being, in my opinion), you would have been easy of your presence; you have some 131
page 132
likely considered a sun god, or a god, and you would have them provided the technology helping in their journey. But if the technology was too advanced for their evolution? Finally, individuals who have benefited from extranéenne technology (alien) have not been able to control it, because they knew too little about their evolution. You should have recover this knowledge one way or another, and wait until the population grows and reaches a level Ethics inducing a matching responsibility to advanced technology. And I am convinced that this is the case. 132
page 133
Unlocking the Mystery The future is in our hands Back home in Whistler, I was researching the Star of David. I knew I’d end up having go to the local church; I picked up a Bible and I began to study it. And I had several very amazing experiences together time. I began to scrutinize different translations the Bible and I deepened the text. Suddenly, I alight. Kid, I studied the New Testament, because it is Christian text. I started to read the Old Testament that store for me big surprises. He is seemed that the Catholic Church did not interpret properly the concept of the Hebrew God. Indeed, I remembered a guy on a throne with binoculars and a stick waiting for me to fault. And that to me stressed out tremendously. But in the Old Testament, everything became different: we are not describing God in this way; he seemed much closer to my tracks of research. Thus one can find in the Bible a description of God which corresponds to a triangle equilateral on a throne: it is related to the geometry. 133
page 134
I was amazed at my discovery. He was more of an old issue considering myself a sinner but geometry description of throne God, from the point of interaction between man and God. And allusions in specific Bible passages accumulated. Finally, I saw they described as angels who shone in this tetrahedron, they likened to a crystal sea and a lot of things that made me think of more technologies, geometry and physics as an old bearded man sitting on a throne. I was very surprised not to find it in my memories. I continued my study, noting that the Old Testament is ambiguous because it does not describe God as a being installed some hand in the sky. 134
page 135
He describes it as an object; it speaks of a link or type of communication through an object, they called the Ark of the Covenant. And the people do not laugh at this subject. In reading the Bible, archaeologists approve: we had actually built one of the most great temples in the world, the Temple of Solomon, in order to put this object in the middle. This very large temple with huge stones was to house the arch against the lusts of the world. He was locked up in the Holy of Saints, the center of the Temple Solomon, surrounded by walls concentric and very thick. The Insiders had to pass through mazes, after a level very special initiation 135
page 136
to get from one wall to the other, and only some insiders reached the Holy of Holies. And we have describes the fate that awaited people who entered without required levels of initiation. Apparently, it was not a pretty sight when you go out in. All of this intrigued me. I watched many diagrams in the arch, this set of acacia wood box gold (Surmounted by two golden cherubim facing each other on the lid); and immediately I realized that this must be a capacitor. In this respect, two of the founders of the Planet magazine (1961), Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels, process science and ancient techniques in The Morning of the Magicians (Paris, Gallimard, coll. ” Folio “, 1960, 640 p.). They mention this: “The Egyptian priests jealously guarded the laws of plane geometry. Recent research has established the presence in Baghdad of a company holding the secret of electric battery and monopoly electroplating here two thousand years. “Of course, if you make a box like this, you can generate large capacities. The Capacitors, like batteries, hold energy. They will maintain their charge. On the contrary 136
page 137
a battery, the capacitor can be discharged very quickly. Today we use the capacitors in electronic equipment. Basically it are electrical and dielectric plates that create a energy receiver. We have described this great arch, this large capacitor with a sphere deploying a high radiation amplitude. It was clarified that it was necessary to protect themselves and one had to dress up very specific clothes are enter. Without these precautions, people came out in the burned face, burn due to sun. Then I have started thinking in God’s name. the Tetragrammaton Okay, they call it the ark of the covenant of God. But God mean? I sought an answer and I had a lot of research. And I could not find exactly. There was YHWH, but what to do? Ultimately, inadvertently, I opened the preface my Bible, I found the answer. It says that the divine name YHWH is commonly translated or Greek terminology for the Tetragrammaton. The ideas are running through the head of a guy like me, addresses one of the most sacred books of the world which describes God, whose name is Tetragrammaton. 137
page 138
You know where I’m going. I was stunned. Imagine that every time you read the word God in the Bible, you can translate the Tetragrammaton. So, you could replace all the “gods” and “Lords” of the Bible by the Tetragrammaton. You would get a very different kind of reading, “Oh, My Tetragrammaton! “So I searched the etymology of this word and thought “the word is generally tétragramme the four faces of a tetrahedron “; tetra root means four, and Grammaton is normally associated with grammar. And we can change grammar letters, where the letters of God YHWH. Since the word Grammaton intrigued me, I dug some more and I said have found a deeper root, which evokes the weight an object: gravity and gram. So you could have a different interpretation of what word gravity of the tetrahedron, or formula similar. I went a bit much, do you think, but it was my starting point. And I really wanted deepen my knowledge: my search seemed promising. One spoke tetrahedra or triangles the seat of God and was described as tetragrams God’s strength. And I was beginning to be less inspired. Eager to learn more about the word Tetragrammaton, I searched. But many sacred societies have much information. And certainly a oral tradition is transmitted between rabbis through ages without authorization to leave a paper trail. he was very clear in the Bible that God’s name, his source, which it is, could be debated public. It was very sacred and it must be passed 138
page 139
between insiders very sacred and secret way. Also we passed this information in tradition Kabbalistic. the vortex So I started to study kabbalah, symbols and Kabbalistic tradition for their teachings on Tetragrammaton. I got my hands éso- on various manuscripts tériques. I remained toute- times even if perplexed in many cases tetra gram and the Ark of the Covenant were presented in evoking the power of God or the Tetragrammaton, with vortex of fire or a cloud vortex above it. And the Bible tells him repeatedly. It says that God’s power manifested so to man. The figure refers to the 40 years of crossing desert by the Hebrews. They welcomed the Ark of the Covenant amid a temporary tent system, they called the tabernacle. See the cloud vortex amounting above the Ark of the Covenant that is behind the tabernacle. The fire of sacrifice is at the front and one sees the smoke disperses. In this case, it is a smoke vortex or extremely organized clouds which revolves above the object. My studies and physical concepts helping, I deduced that the god of Sun could give humans the black sun or black crystal described by other civilizations. It would be 139
page 140
a very avant-garde technology as a little sun in a box, a singularity created artificially within a stone or a crystal containing the dynamics of the rotating plasma at a rate high angle, generating a torque in space-time to produce effects gravitation and energy. If true, you might expect the appearance in top and bottom of this structure, vortices or vortex columns of clouds or light, because of the high speed of the space-time (angular momentum). the north and south poles, it should produce great vortices. A section of scripture, the Book Numbers, calls this phenomenon a cloud over the tent and described what vortex cloud. Some chapters recount the death of Aaron’s son stricken Ark of the Covenant. And Moses called the tabernacle, there ordered to never let anyone enter there without authorization. Why? Because the vortex of the Ark alliance can kill if they are approached so inappropriate. Full of amazing elements of this type are listed in the Bible. I began to understand through her that Ark of the Covenant, the actual box would constructed at the foot of Mt. Sinai after crossing the Red Sea by Moses. Indeed, this scripture relates to the crossing at the time of the flight from Egypt: “The day the Lord went to meet them in a column clouds to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so they can travel by day or night. Neither the clouds of the column 140
page 141
day nor the pillar of fire by night have left these people. “(Exodus 13: 21-22) Fort previous lighting, one can easily extrapolate Moses followed this vortex clouds, night, lit like a vortex of fire crossing the desert, to go towards the Red Sea. The same action and this vortex clouds return in description of the Ark of the Covenant. Energy source I thought that the word God, know that God was silent, could cover the energy source of the ark instead of the box. We built it later in order to accommodate this energy source and traveling 40 in the desert. I began to think it was perhaps two different objects. Moses followed a energy source, or something that created a vortex in space, from Egypt. And then I realized that Moses son of Pharaoh for 40 , had suffered the highest level of initiation of Egyptians before discovering his Hebrew origin and starting with the tribe of Israel. So if there was a source power if Egyptian pyramids were not built only to bury the pharaohs (and I believe they were not built for it), if they were actually a shielding device or resonance cages, amplifying the resonance space-time through a 141
page 142
very special geometric structure … they lacked the power source in the center. Then, I noticed the dimensions of Ark of the Covenant in the Bible. It is very accurate. it measured “Two and a half cubits long by a bent and a half wide and as high “(Exodus 37: 1); what exactly in restoring the value of the former bend, a length 1.143 m by 0.685 m in width and height. And I have found the dimensions of the sarcophagus of the Pyramid of Giza. And it stuck to reality. If you Ark of the Covenant had, you would be able to introduce this box in the sarcophagus of the great Pyramid of Giza, and would fit perfectly on the sides and along the length; well, you might introducing supporting sticks by its sides, and push these sticks inside, since they are telescopic. And then I found that the volume of Inside the sarcophagus is the exact half of the volume outside. And the dimensions of the arch leading to the exact half the volume of the sarcophagus. 142
page 143
And taking interior dimensions, you get half of the exterior dimensions. So you get frequencies of resonance chambers spaced apart by a octave within the sarcophagus. So I started think that this object was perhaps not Hebrew. Maybe in fact Moses had given when he left Egypt with the Israelis. That’s what could explain the change of opinion of the pharaoh of Egypt after Moses allowed to leave, he would suddenly realized that left with the power source. He would therefore pursued. It’s very interesting, I’m getting a better idea of ​​what happened. I tried extrapolate and got some data to support me. I undertook the study of Egyptian texts old to unearth evidence. Separation Water And I found aplenty, but a story about a king of Egypt was particularly fascinated. A Pharaoh is on the lake with his wife, who lost in 143
page 144
water a beautiful bracelet, very precious. The woman is relatively moved and Pharaoh wants to remedy. They call the high priest of Egypt, who arrives and opens the lake to find the bracelet and submit it to the Queen. As if this guy, hundreds of years before Moses could do similar wonders. Now imagine that you control the power of gravitation. You could stop the flow of water and open channels. You could make a difference. So I started thinking about it, but extracts Exodus on the crossing of the Red Sea in me gave no clue. It relates that Moses began by the sea, raised his stick and open arms, then passage is opened. I would now turn to more serious things. I am then came across a much passing description, omitted by scientists and scholars from the Book of Joshua. Joshua comes well after Moses. They crossed the desert, Moses is now dead. And Joshua responsible of the Israelites. They arrive at the Jordan, a 144
page 145
great river, especially during floods (gold, they actually state). They need to cross it, but ignore how make. At the time, there were no bridges. The Israelites the Reuben and Gad, and the half tribe Manasseh, with no boats, they seem at an impasse. Joshua is responsible the ark that carry the priests who walk head, in the Jordan. Gold the waters diverge. The very precise description, once the bushing accomplished, what has surprise: “And when the priests came out of the river carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord, just avaient- they put their feet on the dry ground than the waters of the Jordan resumed their course and as flood level before. “(Joshua 4:18) We were told bluntly using the ark and 12 stones, one for each tribe, to commemorate this crossing. And as soon as they are out there, the field gravitational or whatever, allows water to resumed. It has yet entrenched verse 23 of that chapter in some versions, and here it is: “For the Lord your God dried up before you the the Jordan, until you have crossed. “Now the Lord is the Tetragrammaton described as the Ark alliance. Remember: “This is what the Lord, your God had done to the Red Sea which he dried before us until we passed fussions. “This verse 145
page 146
23 (which was the result) explains very precisely the light of the concept that I defend, that the Red Sea could be crossed and opened through the use of the Ark alliance. This passage is sometimes removed because the experts and scholars believe that the box containing the ark was built after crossing the sea Red, at the foot of Mount Sinai. But the power source of this arch box could have come directly from Egypt. And it could be After a power source of technology much more advanced than anything we can dream today. I was now able to assert we had used the arch to open the Red Sea and Jordan; and then, later, to destroy the walls Jericho; then was finally placed in the Temple Solomon in the Holy of Holies. And is now the center of worship for the Jewish community. Today, the once rock in the middle of Temple Solomon, and on which the ark, is under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and controlled by Guardians of the Law in Islam. 146
page 147
In fact, it is the Islamic tradition that control now, and considers this place as holy. In Indeed, it is said that Muhammad directed his ascension From this central square of the Temple of Solomon. Thus, the Islamic tradition and the Hebrew tradition meet about the Ark of the Covenant. Yet people the two sides are fighting for so long. So I have continued to study and something eventually emerge. Quantity of doors opened. Here quelques- each. The ambition of power This makes us spend Egyptians to the Hebrews, the Hebrews to Muslims, Muslims to the Templars, the Templar in the Middle Ages and Middle Ages to modern times in America, and then straight to one dollar bill. and this body of knowledge is the thread, and 147
page 148
source of power in our government for a very long time. I think there are many more aspects of our history associated with this research can we do imagine. Finally, I stumbled on the rollers or manuscripts of copper. Edgar Cayce told in one of his books esoteric, researchers and scholars find the twentieth century, along the Dead Sea rolls or papyrus manuscripts from a corporation secret. Nobody really believed. Scholars and researchers asserted know the area; according to them, there was no reason to believe you would find there papyrus scrolls, manuscripts or parchments. However, it was found near the manuscripts Dead Sea shortly after World War II (in 1948). They do not harbored a limited series Information. Instead, there were more than 3000, hidden in caves near Qumran. The society of priests, self-sufficient in all likelihood, had managed to hide in the greatest secrecy. Some manuscripts from the Dead Sea found in these caves stand out from the crowd. We wrote them on copper, not on papyrus or on skin. 148
page 149
But the analysis of this copper attests that it was the most pure ever found on Earth. How to write the scrolls (writing upside down or bottom-up) commanded that surrounds the clay before the place to finally have the clay tablet in the right meaning. But when we opened them, we damaged a lot because we did not know. Was when even decoded. The text on the reels describes the Ark Alliance en route to the Essene community of Qumran area. The Essenes who wrote the scrolls said possess the Ark of the Covenant. They described 64 components to mate with the arch, including a variety related with the oil for anointing the people called to enter the room of the ark. This included incense to very specific herbs to purify before entering the antrum of the arch, and various components of the Ark of the Covenant. Not only Essenians they describe these elements 64, but they mention where they hid them in mountains near Qumran. After their discovery, these made public manuscripts have frightened many Scholars (and probably more who have an interest in hiding truths), who probably thought: “It’s like 149
page 150
a treasure hunt. People will come and dig all over. “An advertising propaganda claimed that these rolls, although they dated from the time of the First Temple (built by King Solomon in the tenth century BC. J.- C., according to the Bible, and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II in 587 BC. BC) and they had found with others, were probably fake from a bygone era. We wanted to keep them away curious. Moreover, for many experts, any this was unlikely. Basically, we tried to dissuade people go digging there. But a person has been authorized digging, digging, and this person Vendyl Jones, through the channels. this archaeologist excavated area Qumran, but withdrew his special permission 1992. He nevertheless found in 1988, Joseph Patrich (companion Israeli archaeologist to whom he owed this permission), one of the first objects in the list: a vial of oil anointing was said old 2000 years for increasing conductivity of the body and allowing to go into the room where the Ark was. Mr. Jones also found in this region a second object, relying on the description he had read in these manuscripts. So let’s take a look. 150
page 151
Discoveries Jones, died on 27 December 2010, was recognized as theologian; he was a respected teacher of Torah. He has lectured in synagogues Orthodox, and he represented for two years Foreign Ministry of Israel forum college education on discussions with representatives of the Liberation Organization Palestine (PLO). The archaeologist was under contract with the government Israeli university courses for writing and information brochures at the Hebrew University Jerusalem. In 1952, he came across a story news that would change his life: the story of the discovery of copper rollers. The discovery of numerous anti-Semitic allusions in the Gospels, some of which were absent more ancient manuscripts (according to notes in the margin) The strike. “I did not want to give in to the temptation to be a preacher. I wanted to have an approach Science of the Bible. “He ran the oil source holy anointing of Psalm 133 of the Bible (the dew Hermon on Mount Zion), called Shemen Afarshimon, was to be the first found object (in April 1988) dating from the time of Solomon’s Temple. When the pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem, they felt its fragrance before seeing the sacred temple. The pilgrims knew they would soon see the Temple of splendor Jerusalem (the Beit Hamikdash) in the holiest 151
page 152
holy cities of Jerusalem, in the land of Judea. “Jones has traveled the ancient caves of Qumran during […] “The news of this discovery spread like wildfire, with television coverage offered by the chains CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC. The following year, the number October (Vol. 176, No. 4) National Geographic treated discovery followed the publication in December of Omni science magazine; finally, countless sources of information spread history worldwide. In spring 1992, the discovery by the team Research Institute Vendyl Jones, a silo in rock containing reddish material nature organic, supported the authenticity of the copper coil. The Weizmann Institute of Science and two departments Hebrew University of Jerusalem (including school pharmacy) were analyzed. The tests indicated that the material was a red composed of 11 ingredients (herbs and spices which preparation would have been commanded Moses by God) found in Ketoret. “I have absolutely no doubt this material comes from the Ketoret “said Jones. It was the incense of the holy temple. ” If we continue to find the items listed in copper manuscript and to situate them in the order described in Torah, we should then find the ashes of red heifer. All these objects will be restored, and even Torah that Moïse brisa. Remember that it has called into the pieces in the Ark, and God repaired them. Moses wrote the Torah in the same way that the stones 152
page 153
the Ark. Christian art represented the Torah as two tombstones, but that does not correspond at all how they had described. In the book Exodus 32, 15, we read: “And Moses came down from the mountain with the two tablets of the Law. “In Hebrew it luchot bed, so no shelves, but sapphires. This are di-hexagonal structures as the molecule sapphire. “This last part is really important. It reveals information that is not quite correspond to the Christian interpretation Torah. We do not speak of Moses who came down from the mountain with the stone tablets of 10 commandments, but in fact a type of sapphire crystal structure, hexagonal in nature. when a guy like me heard or read things like that … The Vendyl that Jones could find and locate these objects in the mountains of the Qumran region strengthens the idea that the Ark existed, it is not a mad confined in an old history book. The Ark of the Covenant was one of the myths of civilizations and 153
page 154
communities of Qumran. How was that possible? Well, imagine that you have an object of a extreme power, the center of a temple, helping you understand below wars raging since so long in this part of the world. Imagine that you have this tremendous power, this amazing object the center of your temple. But your region, your town and your defense system are not infallible, and that precious treasure could fall into the hands of foreign civilizations which would not necessarily know to use it. You would have a exit plan, a plan B. I think their plan B was a community large enough priests away temple. These high priests were training permanently host the Ark of the Covenant. So if something goes wrong at Temple, one quickly displace the ark through the underground tunnels (one found in many), the out of town to keep it safe. It is probably explains that for very long, researchers and scholars have not found written about this community. Nobody knew where his members were hiding. And a Bedouin who launched a stone in a cave heard a noise and broken pot it is risky to, finding the manuscripts of the Dead Sea. Suddenly it was clear: I had a better picture of what who had been. New evidence came of themselves, and they were all welcome the most manuscripts of the Dead Sea are struck forbidden: it prohibits public disclosure. I believe 154
page 155
only a hundred manuscripts were accessible to the public, the rest are not known at all. I wondered why. Certainly, there is written evidence that Joseph and Mary, Parents of Immanuel in the Bible, were the Essenes from the Essene community. The name of Jesus came later. But in the Bible, we Emmanuel mentions the name. So imagine this child within the scope of this object extremely powerful and growing in this space. Imagine object resembling an associated transducer to the power of space-time, all colligeant information of the Universe. 155
page 156
When you get close, many information and transduction happening in your DNA could afford achievements out of the reach of ordinary people. It is as a small torque on your reality space-time. Certainly, the fact of walking on water is the result of gravitational effects. The grave of Emmanuel At a recent press conference, the famous graphic designer James Cameron (production) and director Simcha Jacobovici presented a controversial documentary: The Tomb of Jesus. 156
page 157
These research reports on the grave of a ancient family found in a construction site and documented by archaeologists in 1980. The controversy comes from the discovery of a group of names engraved on part of charnel. One can read on one of the inscriptions prominently: Joshua son of Joseph, or Jesus son of Joseph. 157
page 158
It was also the inscription “Marya” or the modern Maria. And on another, it Marianne Mara reads in Greek, which can correspond to Mary Magdalene, since Marianne his name found in the Gnostic Gospel of Philip (Said probably go back to the late fourth century). Although the names found some ossuaries are common, it is significant to find – with Biblical references – gathered at the tomb of the same family. It even seems that many of the first ossuaries century Jewish Christians have a configuration very specific geometric. For example, the ossuaries to Marianne Mara inscriptions include decorations geometric very special, extremely scope as part of our research. Once again, we find the structure of an octahedron cube or Balance Vector engraved on an ancient artifact. He even carved so that the structures of lobes or petals of the matrix displayed in 3D. This geometry is typical ossuaries. 158
page 159
On one of them was written “Judah, son of Joshua.” Good Sure, the claim that Mary Magdalene and Joshua have conceived a child is disputed. Nevertheless the symbols found on the ossuaries, and other I century AD. AD has a significant meaning. It is even important to note that Joshua and Emmanuel and Mary Magdalene are both considered in some traditions as a representation the living Ark. As we have seen, these symbols are found in many different traditions and especially among the Egyptians in the temple of Osirion. 159
page 160
This temple, associated with the resurrection Osiris with the help of his wife Isis, could designate the structure spacetime and some of the most powerful knowledge and deep at the time. There were, of Significantly, a single facade above the entrance of the grave. A chevron and circle Carefully drawn impressed archaeologists. According to Professor Shimon Gibson, one of the archaeologists present at the opening of the tomb, “There is no doubt, these symbols have meaning. There is little likely that the family or the person coming sculpt tomb has just done these things to chance. they were symbolize something. What they symbolize? I do not know. But it is rare to find this kind of ornamentation on a simple grave. “Interestingly, it is mentioned in ancient Egyptian traditions the existence of a mysterious conical stone, known for its cosmic origins. It was thousands of years ago, early in the time of the pyramids. The Binbin stone, located in the within the Phoenix temple, was associated with the regeneration, renaissance and cycles heavenly; even we thought she was the divine seed. Now this stone had disappeared long before the visit to Egypt of Herodotus, a historian of early civilization Ancient Greek. But not before he gave his name to the cornerstone at the top pyramids and 160
page 161
obelisks. One of these stones found on the pyramid of Amenhotep III, is in the Egyptian Museum Cairo. Y is inscribed “King Amenhotep III sees the beauty of the sun. ” He sees the Lord of the horizon sailing the sky in his boat. Could it Lord of the horizon driving events in the sky since his boat? Interestingly, this sacred object perfectly matches the alleged chevron located at the entrance of which could be one of the most Important archaeological discoveries of our time. The chevron and circle are typical examples of symbolic of the ancient Egyptian seeing eye. Again Once again, this symbol is of importance paramount in the Egyptian tradition was used to describe a series of fractions ranging from the half to the structure magic fractions 1/64. We also find it symbol representing the ultimate power over the altars Top of Mayan temples and is represented on the walls of different ancient communities of the Americas. Pushing a little further my analysis, I found that Kabbalistic tradition generally describes 161
page 162
tétragramme as a triangle structure on which are inscribed the letters of God. And if one is interested in the arrangement of the letters of God, it looks like an isotopic vector matrix; so 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are four layers on the vector matrix Isotope. If you check out the first layer, you have 4 on the bottom 3 in the middle, two here, and 1 on the top, as these letters are arranged. And tradition Kabbalah is very clear about this: you do not need not take the letters to what is written, but each is associated with a mathematical number; however, these numbers also have meaning. The sum of the digits tétragramme (10, 5, 10, 6, 5, 10 and 5, 6, 5 and 10) is the number 72. The Bible and various texts indicate that the many of God’s 72, or number of faces, or his great name. So it all works, it’s really great. But he is a male god. He lacks his better half, remember. It lacks its polarity. So imagine you want to leave a code on a little planet advanced, so that it allocates power 162
page 163
monumental at a crucial time in history. You should make sure that does not decode the good before moment. How would you do? One way would be to give the code to include the concept of polarity, so that it is necessary to have a civilization balanced polarity before the decoding key; so, this society would most likely ready to operate this type power. So to match the Tetragrammaton male his female counterpart, or to pair with tétragramme positive negative version, you must construct a second matrix of isotopic vector. he The result is that you would have to double that number 72 times 2 to give 144. The figure 144 is given in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelations signed by John) as a number very important for changes in the New World. 144 faces When joining 64 tetrahedra and you get the picture vectors fractal relationship, you get 144 sides on its outer surface. So it is overwhelming. But the Kabbalists do not stop there. The Kabbalistic tradition says that if you really want to understand the power of Tetragrammaton, the power of God, the origin of the 163
page 164
Creation, you must decode this tree considered the tree of knowledge, identical to the tree in the center the Garden of Eden. It is considered the foundation Creation, and if someone could decode it hold the key to creation. Several writings of the Kabbalistic tradition warn us against the temptation to decode it. Because most people who tried went crazy. I took those warnings seriously and I thought I was already almost mad. I live in a van, I study all these crazy things. It should not bother me that much. So I have persevered. And I studied, studied and studied, but I could not understand. I blocked because it became so complex. I read as texts that subject so complex and philosophical – with all these levels, all these dimensions, I do not understand. And I decided to draw and I stuck to the ceiling of my van. Upon waking in the morning, I could look at him and try to understand it. One morning I in the van, and I look, and I realize pretty quickly that there is a tetrahedron below. That part is a tetrahedron if we project it in 3D. I looked, and I understood that 3D, although these lines generate a octahedron. You see, most people only see not this a 3D object. Deflated, it does not make much sense. But in 3D, it describes a very precise geometry. Given my 164
page 165
state of mind (I never really liked flatten things), I tried to visualize in 3D. But I could not include the presence of the cavity middle. I just could not understand, for weeks or months, stretching me my bed and watching this thing. One day, I realized that one of the middle of the cavities corresponds to the box the upper part of the octahedron. So I have slipped the cavity of the middle part in the upper area to see what it generated. I have therefore divided into two, then I slipped in the lower part upper part, and it was as a revelation or key. This followed suit, and generated all the necessary vectors to get a tetrahedron and a octahedron, one over the other. So I had all these summits that determined a geometric structure in 3D. It is the only necessary geometrical figure to produce a grid of 64 tetrahedra. So I knew I was close. So I was excited. I have continued to study intensely. I understood that Kabbalistic texts do not say there is a tree in basis of the universe or the origin of the universe. There are four truths to the origin of the universe. 165
page 166
It is said that the four trees were connected to the same root. I thought, “Wait a minute, maybe they give us only half of the code. Perhaps there are eight trees, and they give us that half the polarity of the code. “I looked again my structure, obtained by sliding the bottom upwards, and I picked up additional lines. And consistent with the lines used to generate the tetrahedron star. So if I have all branches the tree and I attach the 8 trees Overall, I will get 8 tetrahedra star that will unite to generate the grid 64 tetrahedra. 166
page 167
And what made me say that I had decoded accurately, is that I could ask the kabbalistic tree on above the grid of 64 tetrahedra and have all the tree rows directly from 2D geometry 3D. This worked well together, and it generates all intersections needed to build a network of 64 tetrahedra. ten areas And when I calculated it, I found it could be done in many ways. One thing is certain: the texts Kabbalistic say there 10 spheres actually called Sephiroth, whose name comes from the word sapphire. In fact, these crystals. It says that these Sephiroth are the joints between the ways of creation and that there were 10 Sephiroth for a tree (Tree of the Sephiroth, supposed to represent the structure man and the universe), all attached to the same center, at the root, called Sephira of the Crown, and described as a major point where God is going to 167
page 168
infinity. Basically, it described a singularity. When they say this, they say that only a not count. So you get Sephiroth 9 per tree. Well, if you have 8 and 9 trees Sephiroth per tree are 8 times 9 72, and now you’re back to the 72 powers of God and the Code brought you early in a loop back to the coding information. Then I have persevered, and the solution to this question became known itself. We made a small animation on how trees meet. Literally, the trees compress together create the fusion in the singularity, and generate the code. That’s enough wonder they generate all joints needed to producing the gate 64 tetrahedra. So I wrote about it in a old book containing my findings on civilizations old. I wrote a little physical la- above, but just physical to lay because I was not ready. The day I wrote this part of this booklet, I decided to hook me on the Net 168
page 169
and watch what was happening in the world of crop circles, and of course, that day, there were. It was delusional. An amazing journey It was really an amazing trip around these information from the Bible, and I added the code ancient civilizations. And I was really in full in. This corroborated everything. Each step of the process was a confirmation. In this short presentation several conferences, I can not go into all the details. I make presentations a week we could technically cover all the details, and Even then, I often lack time. So many amazing confirmations at each stage of this long course where I doubted, told me the way and helped me to persevere. This led me to a very different point of view on our opportunities, the future in the making, and our advance towards the next level. It also prepares me to change that many of us dread on the planet, a mutation occurring, and it will help me go through. Even today, I find data. It’s amazing material amount relating to this subject. It is as if there were nothing else. And in the case where that would be correct, there is not really anything else. There is this incredible void structure that generates reality as we see that generates our existence; and that basically sweat out of us, through 169
page 170
our civilization, our understanding, our physics, advanced our way of thinking. this will really brings a different way of relating with the world. And this is where I believe that the New Testament and the OT meet. Indeed, I believe that the Old Testament speaks of highly advanced technologies and the New Testament shows where to go, provided to control this advanced technology. When the Scriptures are met, then you have a complete being, a perfect control; you have a civilization that reached proficiency levels where there is a balance between the world outside and the world inside. Some have understood that they hold a singularity, they are in touch with the universe within their existence, even in their physical existence, made from subatomic mini-black holes connecting all things. And in this perspective, civilization could build a whole new set of technologies, completely new series of interactions each and other. There is material to achieve common goals, given the common aspirations. This model really tells us that the surface of a planet is like an event horizon from which each individual is a little ray of sunshine. And this ray sun has a very specific vector direction in space, where it covers a very particular set Information. All our feet are directed to the same singularity, to the same center, and we connect. And this singularity keeps us on the surface of this 170
page 171
planet, as gravitational field. If we coordinate our efforts and our energies, using this Key awaits our progress, we can develop a technology that will take us to the stars. I think we arrived at a crucial time: that of being able to transcend the way we do things to move towards a new way of doing so to survive the changes that occur in our solar system and move to the next level interaction. And maybe even get onto other civilizations that were in our galaxy, which we have seen that we waited the level necessary to enter in a big galactic community … and we move from there. 171   Haramein Nassim – L’Univers dÇcodÇ

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