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Thomas Valone, PhD Implications of Extraterrestrial Technology CHD 5-03

Implications of Extraterrestrial Technology
Thomas Valone, PhD, PE IntegrityResearchInstitute.org April 29, 2013
This is my personal viewpoint only and does not relate in any way to the Federal Government. Nothing that I am stating here reflects any government policy but simply my original thoughts as a private citizen.
This is a presentation of what I’m familiar with as possible extraterrestrial (ET) technology. (See Valone 1 video – 90 sec.) The first video of mine explains the scope of my interest. I started my journey into the search for a new energy generator back in 1980 after reading the book, Sunburst: Return of the Ancients by Norman Paulsen which included a lot of material due to George Van Tassel from Giant Rock, California (see Valone 2 jpeg), which as you can see in this side-by-side photo set, also had some very convincing daytime UFO events. So I arranged to visit Paulsen’s Sunburst Community and subsequently tested what was reported to be the homopolar magnetic energy and propulsion “Mu Disc” (see Valone 3 jpg) of the UFO for my Master’s degree project at the Physics Dept. of SUNY at Buffalo a few years later and explained the complete story in a book (see Valone 4 jpg). However, my concern years later was that I didn’t test what Paulsen really told me what he saw was a nonconducting disk with twelve magnets on the outer edge which was almost as big as the ship itself. Then I started to investigate the Searl disk (due to John R.R. Searl) which has “roller magnets” suspended on a magnetic ring (see Valone 5 jpg) and then facilitated a Russian replication of the energy portion of the device by connecting Godin and Roschin with an investor (see Valone 6 jpg). The implication of these possible extraterrestrial technologies is that the energy AND propulsion sources are designed to be integrated into one device, which seems to be a primary advantage that properly lends itself to portability for space travel. As an adjunct, it is worth mentioning that Van Tassel built a circular “healing chamber” with a high voltage Tesla coil design called the “Integratron” near Giant Rock, that upon my personal investigation (see Valone 7 jpg), I have compared to other bioelectromagnetic devices and believe it has some merit though it was never completed. So another implication of ET technology is a rejuvenation potential for the human body.
The second part to this summary is concerning ET use of zero point energy, inertial mass shielding and electrogravitics. The fast take-off and right angle turns of UFOs (see Valone 8 wmv – 30 sec.) is a well-known hallmark that implies a shield of the Lorentz force mass interaction with the quantum vacuum zero point field. The scientific conclusion is that UFOs use inertial shielding besides an onboard quantum vacuum energy converter and an electrogravitics propeller to function effortlessly in air and space (see Valone 9 jpg). Without explaining too much about why inertial mass is not gravitational mass, suffice it to say that the Einsteinian “equivalence principle” is about to be overturned in the laboratory with some of my proposed experiments. Once a retired black project engineer convinced me a couple of years ago that this shield is an integral and vital part of the hull of UFOs, I just needed to know what part electrogravitics played. With inertial mass brought to near zero, a weak propulsive force like the high voltage gravity-like electrogravitics or electrokinetics can create a big acceleration and

sharp angle turns (see Valone 10 jpg), which S-4 black projects have already back engineered from ET technology. The implication for this technology is the discovery that an electrokinetic equation explains pulsed electrokinetic propulsion. There is also evidence that the B-2 bomber uses such an auxiliary propulsion system for a stealth mode and thanks to Mark McCandlish who testified at Dr. Greer’s 2001 Disclosure Project in DC, we also know that once in a while, such electrokinetics-powered craft are put on display as in 1988 at Norton AFB which is shown on half of my Electrogravitics II book (see Valone 11 jpg), which also includes Mark’s entire testimony. Mark called this flat- bottom hovercraft an “alien reproduction vehicle” or ARV.

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