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Traditional Tibetan Astrology

Traditional Tibetan Astrology
Elemental Astrology or Jungtsi, is the oldest field of knowledge originating in Tibet. It mainly uses three Astrology kinds of symbols: the 8 parka or trigrams, the 9 mewa or numbers and the 12 animal signs. The various combinations of these three symbols with the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, is the framework for astrological calculations. The parka are the oldest astrological symbols, while the mewa, the numbers and the animal signs are based on the trigrams.

The origin of the trigrams or parka is linked to the ancient culture of the Bön, the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet. Nowadays, astrological calculations based on the parka are common practice in all the new schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Information concerning the mythological origin of the trigrams as well as the mewa or numbers can only be found in the Bön texts; one does not find similar explanation in the astrological treatises of China or other countries. In fact, when Chinese astrological experts are asked about the origin of the parka or trigrams they do not have a very clear explanation and sometimes refer to a particular race of people called Yi who lived on the border between China and who were originally Tibetans with customs and beliefs closely linked to the Bön culture. – Translated by Elio Guarisco

Geshe YongDong uses the traditional Tibetan Astrology which is a mixture of three systems: an indigenous Tibetan method of “Calculation to uncover what is unseen” (Kap Tsi), that originated with the Bön tradition more than 2,000 years ago, combined with “White Calculation” (Kar Tsi) from India and “Black Calculation” (Nak Tsi) from China, which both came into Tibet with the spread of buddhism and Chinese culture.

Traditional Tibetan Astrology is concerned with balance. Generally, we have five aspects of our lives that concern us and into which traditional Tibetan Astrology can give us insight. These five concerns are: Life Energy (Sok), Physical Health (Lu), Finances (Wang Tang), Social Success (Lung Ta), and Mental Confidence (La). These are connected to the five elements of the phenomenal universe: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These concerns and the five elements change over time, from year to month to day to time of day. Different types of elemental connection are more beneficial or harmful to any of one’s five concerns of life, health, finances and so on. There are also many calculations that can be made concerning balance between the Nine Numbers (Mewa), the eight Directions (Parks), and the Twelve Year Animals (Lo Dak). By the connections of all of these factors, many different calculations can be made and insight can be gained into the state of balance of all aspects of one’s life.

The astrological calculation of Life (Che Tsi): explains about one’s nature in past, present and future lives, and in particular about one’s personality in this present life, your life span and obstacles in this life. The calculation will suggest rituals, and practices that you may perform to help eliminate the obstacles. It will also tell you the number of children you will have in this life. The calculation will advise you of the Protectors and Deities that you have a karmic connection with.

The calculation for Marriage (Bak Tsi): explains if the two romantic partners are karmicaly connected and if the union will be a balanced one. Gives the most favorable time for the marriage to take place. Explains rituals, practices, protectors, deities to help smooth the marriage and eliminate obstacles. Please provide name and birthdate of proposed partner.

The calculation for Yearly/Annual Chart (Gak Tsi): tells about yearly changes in the balance between the Five Concerns and the Five Elements, and also about effects on business, real estate deals and many traditional concerns.

Although the calculation for Death (Shin Tsi): cannot predict when someone will die, it can determine the spiritual cause of death for someone who has died and suggest many details for spiritual practices that are of great benefit for both the person who has died and for the surviving family. Recommendations on the cremation type and suggest practices for a improved re-birth. Please provide name, relationship and birthdate of deceased.

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